It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Max World
Multi-media, pop-culture concepts of the End and the Post-Apocalypse

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  The mad, bad desire people have to believe that they are the ones living in the truly fin Fin de Siècle spans the centuries. Yet, at no other time in history has the pop passion for world destruction been so tantalizingly and graphically realized as it is today. No need to rely on dusty old tomes and numbingly dull church services to get your fix of End Times frenzy. Today, the modern media can deliver Doomsday with all the fire and brimstone, radiation and fall-out, murder and mayhem, CGI and mood music that any apocalypse fan could possibly want. (Well, shy of the genuine article, that is) You could definitely say that Armageddon has never looked so good. Or been so popular.

  Yet, it isn’t just wide screen SFX that’s piquing people’s pockets these days. Apocalypse aficionados are just as eager to tune in to TV shows or shell out for books, music, games, T-shirts, bumperstickers and collectible gum cards if they promise to deliver a taste of global doom.

  The following pages contain a listing of various movies, TV shows, books, etc. that have taken a stab at this ever-popular subject. Some revel in showing Armageddon play-by-play, some try to imagine a post-apocalyptic world, or a future Dystopia. At the moment, they’re little more than lists, with very scant useful, specific info. The exception is the Apocalyptic Program Guide, which contains detailed descriptions/reviews (admittedly subjective) of the on-topic offerings to be found around the dial. I try to keep the Guide updated on a monthly basis...And sorry, it's currently US-centric. If somebody wants to volunteer to comb through International TV schedules for me, that's great. But, I just don't have the time to do it, myself.

  I plan on adding reviews of the other items (movies, books, plays) later on, as time permits. Of course, if anyone reading this wants to submit a description/review (a brief one) of any of these, please email it on to me. If I use it, you’ll be fully credited. Also, you might notice that I don’t have a list of apocalyptic video games. Not really being into that, it’s a subject I’m afraid I know exactly zip about. So, anyone who wants to mail in any suggestions/ descriptions/reviews for that category, please feel free.

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