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Some of our more noteable members
Famous Australian Masons not Members of The Army Lodge
Bro Lt Jardine Bro the Rev Clayton connection
Other Famous Masons

    Noteable past members include:

  • MWBro Major-General Sir Robert Risson, Past Grand Master
  • MWBro Lt-General Sir John Northcot, Past Grand Master-NSW (Initiated in Lodge Army and Navy after he was Commissioned as Governor of NSW)
  • MWBro Lt-General Sir John Lavarack, Past Grand Master-Qld
  • VWBro Chap Archdeacon GE Lambie, Past Grand Chaplain
  • Bro Lt-General Sir Stanley Savige
  • Bro Lt-Colonel Sir Harold Luxton, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne
  • Bro Brigadier Sir Bernard Evans
  • MWBro Chap-General Rev AT Holden, Past Grand Master
  • Bro Lt-General Sir Carl Jess
  • Bro Lt-General Sir Leslie Morshead
  • Bro Brigadier The Hon MWJ Bourchier
  • Bro Lt-General Sir Frank Berryman
  • Bro Lt-General R Bierwirth
  • WBro Major-General EJ Milford
  • WBro Major-General RE Jackson
  • Bro Major-General AG Wilson
  • Bro Major-General RE Wade
  • Bro Major-General R Kendall
  • Bro Lt-Colonel Sir Harold Stokes
  • WBro Major-General Sir Alan Ramsay
  • WBro Lt-General Sir Horace Robertson

Foundation Members of The Army Lodge
(Consecrated 5 December 1929)

  • WBro Colonel FJ Alderson
  • WBro Brigadier BJ Andrew
  • WBro Liuetenant-Colonel JLG Buckland
  • WBro BrigadierHC Bundock
  • WBro Lieutenant Sir Ewen Cameron
  • WBro Colonel FL Coldwell-Smith
  • Bro Major-General TH Dodds
  • WBro Brigadier EM Dollery
  • Bro Lieutenant JC Donohue
  • Bro Major-General HE "Pompey" Elliott
  • WBro Major C Finlayson
  • WBro HJ Gill
  • Bro Major F Haines
  • WBro Lieutenant-Colonel WR Hodgson
  • WBro Brigadier GEW Hurley
  • WBro GE James
  • WBro Colonel EA Kendall
  • WBro Brigadier HC Bundock
  • WBro Lieutenat-General Sir John Lavarack
  • WBro Chaplain Archdeacon GE Lamble
  • WBro Brigadier AM Martyn
  • WBro Lieutenant-General CGN Myles
  • WBro Colonel A Mitchell
  • Bro Brigadier PJ McFarlane
  • Bro Major JA Nicholl
  • WBro Lieutenant-General Sir John Northcott
  • WBro CaptainVA Russell
  • Bro Brigadier WH Scott
  • Bro Major-GeneralVPH Stanke
  • WBro Brigadier JC Stewart
  • Bro Major-GeneralTR Williams
  • Bro MajorEA Wilson

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Bro Lt Jardine Bro the Rev Clayton connection

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Famous Australian Freemasons NOT members of The Army Lodge include:

  • Edith Dircksey Cowan OBE, first woman member of an Australian parliament in 1921, the first woman to be appointed a justice of the Children's Court in 1915, and namesake of Edith Cowan University. Initiated in Co-Freemasonry 14 Oct 1916, founding member of St Cuthbert's Lodge 408, Perth

    • WBro Sir Harry Lawson, former Premier of Victoria, Scotch Collegians Lodge
    • WBro Smokey Dawson MBE AM, country music entertainer and community leader
    • MWBro Sir William Clarke, former Cheif Justice of Victoria, first GM of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria
    • Bro Sir Donald Bradman, World Famous Australian Cricketer
    • Bro Sir Hubert Opperman, World's Fastest Bicyclist in 1930s; Governement Minister; High Commissioner to Malta
    • Bro Col Dr Sir Weary Dunlop, Doctor in WWII Japanese POW Changi Railway - saved hundreds including Sir William Clavel (author of Shogun); Since WWII built links with Asia
    • Bro Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, aviator who was first to cross the Pacific from the US to Brisbane in about 1928. He was a MM of a Brisbane lodge, and, as a matter of interest, it is his MM apron which is perambulated in the memorial service each Anzac Day in the Brisbane Memorial Masonic Centre.
    • Bro Sir Robert Menzies, Australian Prime Minister
    • Bro Sir Thomas Playford, Former Premier of South Australia
    • Bro Air Commadore Rex Taylor CBE, John Knox Lodge
    • WBro Brigadier Sir William Hall KBE DSO ED
    • Bro Charles Karius Explorer initiated New Guinea Lodge (292 UGLQ) 29 Nov 26, passed 11 Feb 28, raised 9 Oct 35
    • Bro Daniel O'Connell, he resigned for political reasons - see the history of the St Stephens Green Club, Dublin
    • Bro Charles Goffage (Chips Rafferty)
    • Bro Nathan Phillips (Stiffy)
    • Bro Harry Van der Sluys (Mo aka Roy Rene)
    • WBro Hugh Webster, once Prof of Physics at Uni Qld and for a time Australia's Science Rep to the United Nations. Hugh worked with Rutherford and actually 'split the atom' shortly before him, Rutherford got into print while Hugh cautiously checked and rechecked his results. A member of University of Queensland Lodge 443, now defunct, and one of Nature's true gentlemen. He lived respected and died regretted in the mid 70's. Worked on ultra long wave radio waves for military purposes .

    ... please tell us about those we have missed on our list!

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    Other Famous Masons include

    Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) was initiated in 1801 into St David's Lodge (36 SC) in Edinburgh

    Robert Burns

    King Hussein of Jordan

    SIR WINSTON L. CHURCHILL was initiated in "Studholme Lodge" No. 1591 in London and raised to Master Mason in "Rosemary Lodge" No. 2851 on March 15, 1902.

    NORMAN VINCENT PEALE, probably the best known Protestant minister in America, received the 33rd degree on Sept. 23, 1959.

    MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE, who served under George Washington, was a hero of the American Revolution who served without pay. He was a 33rd Degree Freemason. He laid the cornerstone, in a Masonic ceremony, of the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston in 1825.

    SIR THOMAS J. LIPTON, born in Glasgow, Scotland where he opened a grocery store which expanded into a large chain of stores dealing in coffee and "Tea". An international sportsman who competed five times for the American Cup in Yachting. He was raised in "Lodge Scotia" No. 178 in Glasgow in 1870 and at the time of his death he was the oldest member of the lodge.

    JOHN HANCOCK, the first signer of the "Declaration of Independence", when asked why he wrote so boldly he replied "so that George III may read it without putting on his glasses". He was elected the first governor of the Commonwealth of Mass. and served 9 terms until his death in 1793. He was made a Mason while traveling in Quebec in "Merchant's Lodge" No. 1 in 1762. He was later affiliated with "St. Andrew's Lodge" in Boston and most likely held an active part in the "Boston Tea Party".

    JAMES HOBAN, the architect who designed and supervised the construction of "The White House" was a freemason. He was a devout Catholic. Under his leadership, a group of Irish Catholics and Scotch Presbyterians organized "Federal Lodge" No. 1 in Washington D.C. and he was the first Master.

    PAUL REVERE was raised in "St. Andrews Lodge" in Boston in 1760. His real name was Paul Rivoire de Romagneu, the son of a French Count.

    CHARLES A. LINDBERGH, on his history making flight across the Atlantic in the infamous "Spirit of St. Louis", wore a Square and Compass on his jacket and his plane bore a Masonic tag from his lodge. He received all his degrees in 1926 at Keystone Lodge #243 in St. Louis, MO.

    Admiral ROBERT E. PEARY, who discovered the North Pole was raised in "Kane Lodge No. 451" in NY in 1896.

    HAROLD LINCOLN GRAY, the creator of Little Orphan Annie, is a member of Lombard Lodge (1098 - Illinois). Daddy Warbucks, one of the characters in the carton strip, appears to be a member of the Craft; Little Orphan Annie said this in one of the pictures, "With all his mines an' oil wells in the orient -- Daddy's been out there hunnerts o' times -- but he says one time he travelled to the East, but didn't make a dime, meant more to him than all th' other trips he'll ever make -- I don't get it -- do you?"

    Bro the Most Reverend the Hon. Dr. Orlando Lindsay, Former Archbishop of The West Indies.  

    Bro His Excellency, The Most Honourable, Sir Howard Cooke, Governor General of Jamaica

    If you are not satisfied with this list, here is a bigger one.

    A Few Famous Freemasons, by Bro Gary Leazer 32 Atlanta Georgia ... Masonic critics would have a difficult time living in the world today if they tried to avoid anything with which Masons have had a part. For example, Ralph Bellamy, who wrote the 'Pledge of Allegiance', was a Mason, as was Francis Scott Key, who wrote the National Anthem of the USA. Frederick A. Bartholdi, a Mason, designed the Statue of Liberty, while father and son Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum, both Masons carved Mt. Rushmore. Aviator Charles Lindbergh was a Mason. Daniel Carter Beard, a Mason, founded the Boy Scouts of America. Melvin Jones, a Mason, founded the Lions International. All four founders of the Future Farmers of America were Masons. Dave Thomas, a Mason, founded Wendy's. Harland Sanders, a Mason, started Kentucky Fried Chicken. Drs. William and Charles Mayo, both Masons, began Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Alexander Fleming, developer of penicillin. was a Mason, Dr. Edward Jenner, a Mason, developed the small pox vaccine. Roy Rogers and John Wayne, America's favourite cowboy actors, were Masons. Gene Autry, also is a Mason. General Lewis Wallace, who wrote 'Ben Hur', and William Wyler, who directed the movie'Ben Hur', were both Masons. Maytag appliances are named after Frederick Maytag, a Mason. James C. Penny, founder of the department store chain, was a Mason. David Sarnoff, a Mason, was president of RCA and urged the formation of NBC, he also led in the development of colour television. A brand of vacuum cleaners is named after Frank Hoover, a Mason. Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler and Ramson Olds, all Masons, have cars named after them. The Gillette safety razor was named after King Gillette, a Mason. Sebastian S. Krespe, a Mason, founded S.S. Kresge (now K-Mart Corporation). He set up the Kresge Foundation with grants now totalling $640 million. Houston, Texas, where the 1993 Southern Baptist Convention met, is named after a Mason, Sam Houston. I doubt there are very many places we could visit, food we could eat, medicine we could take, places we could shop, or things we could do in which Masons have not been a significant part. Even basketball one of our most popular national pastimes, was invented by a Mason, James Naismith.

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