The Grigori

Most Pagan traditions have common to them the idea of Watchtowers, beings who guard the elemental quarters of the circle. The Streghe have a hierarchy of Beings who occupy these plains. First, there are the Elemental Lords, who equate to the traditional Watchtowers.

Above these are the Grigori, The Watchers. They serve as guardians to the portals between "the Worlds" - the physical world and what lies beyond. They are the Protectors of our Ways. The Grigori are called upon to preside over our rites, allowing magickal acts to establish themselves in the Astral Plane, or dispell them. They are a stellar race, gazing down from the skies, watching the Strega and assisting in their rites. They occupy the position of the 4 Royal Stars - Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. The Grigori are the original essance behind the four Archangels. It is believed that the the Grigori escore the Strega to the Realm of Luna after physical death.

They are called Alpeno, who is the Guardian of the Eastern Portal; Settrano, Guardian of the Southern Portal; Meana, Guardian of the Western Portal; Taga, Guardian of the Northern Portal.

When someone is first initiated, they are brought to the quarters where they are presented to the Grigori. From this moment on, the initiate is watched and aided by the Grigori. Every act of magick that is performed is observed and noted by the Grigori - nothing is ever hidden from their Watchful eyes.

I have not been initiated, and have not yet been able to celebrate a Veglione and call forth the Grigori, so I do not yet know what it feels like to have them watching over me. I can only imagine, based upon the impressions gathered from others that it will feel akin to parents keeping a loving ever-watchful eye on their child. Making sure that the child grows every onward, but does not stray. Watching to ensure their actions will not harm them or others, and curbing those things that may. Hopefully, next full moon, I shall feel ready (and be able!) to participate in the Veglione, and invite the Grigori into my life.

The knowledge on this page comes from my interpretations of information from various sources. First from Raven Grimassi's wonderful chapter on the Grigori in Ways of the Strega. It also comes from Amberlyn's group, as well as a short-lived group run by Gaia through Jaurora's Many Path's web site.

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