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Q: You spoke of only 2 or 3 god/desses, but I heard that pagans (namely wiccans) believe in the greek gods/goddesses. Am I totally misled or is wicca slightly different? I really am interested in what I can gain from the wiccan (or another)religion. I have decided to abandon christianity, which is probably a good idea considering that I never believed it anyway. P.S. How do you choose a craft name? (5/13/00)

A: There are countless pantheons which wiccans and pagans may work within. Greek/Roman, Egyptian, and Celtic are a few of the more common pantheons, but by no means are they the only ones. I, myself, look to the Hawai'ian deities and have incorporated Hawai'ian Huna into my practices. As discussed in the post below, most witches tend to believe that all the gods and goddesses are different aspects of the God and the Goddess, which in turn are the masculine and feminine aspects of the Divine. I commend you on your search to find what religion is right for you. Read as much as you can about various religions and talk to as many people as you can. Chances are you already have an idea about what you believe, but you haven't been able to find out where you fit yet. Most witches I've spoken with say that finding witchcraft was like coming home, that they'd held the beliefs already, but didn't know what to call them. As far as finding a craft name, there are many different ways to find one. You can meditate and oftentimes a name will be given to you or you can simply choose one which feels right. And remember, craft names can change as we change.

Q:  I am VERY attracted to the Goddesses Artemis and Bastet, however, I have read that it is not a good idea to "mix"  your deities, that it can mess up your workings. Can you give me some insite? I have always been attracted to Egypt sinse about the age of 5, confusing my Mother, as it was never mentioned to me. But I am drawn to Artemis due to her "nature" qualities.  (9/2/98)

A:  Certain traditions look to certain aspects of the God/dess, but most recognizeto that all aspects are different faces of the same God/dess.  Some traditions are "purists" in that they follow a very defined path and look specific deities.  Others, like myself, are ecclectic, in that we take hold of whatever we feel drawn toward.  I don't think you should have any qualms about looking to both Artemis and Bastet.  Both of them have called you and you do not need to give one up for the other.  They both have things to teach you or you wouldn't be drawn to them.  As you continue, you may feel the call of other deities; don't turn your back on them simply because they're different and don't fit into the mold you've created.  Apples and oranges do mix, BTW -- we call it fruit salad. :o)

Q:  Thanks for teaching me the grounding! I feel very secure now. Though I have a few questions about it.  Does this grounding mean I can't float off while going into Alpha? I have often done that and had to stop, because in the purple sphere I started floating and I was afraid if I once was out of my body I wouldn't come back. Is that over now (i.o.w: can I safely go further now?)  And is it actually possible to float now? (I do like the feeling it is just that I didn't want to get lost.)  (9/2/98)

A:  The cord will keep you attached to your body.  Just be sure you visualize the cord firmly attached to your spine, whether it's an extension of your spine or stapled, welded, or superglued, so it cannot come undone.  That silver cord will be your life line as you travel through the astral, so that you can always follow it back to your body.  Happy travelling!

Q:  When you form a circle with three other people, how do you decide who is in what corner (North, South, East, or West)?  (9/2/98)

A:  Many people already feel an affinity toward a certain corner (I work will with Fire or South).  Have everyone express their preference and see if that takes care of it.  If everyone seems to want the same corner, try rotating who calls which corner each time you do a Circle.  This way is almost preferable because everyone will learn how to call the quarters and thereby familiarize themselves with the different aspects.

Q:  I was wondering if you could help me out.  I wanted to know what kind of traditions or celebrations are there for each Sabbat.  Some of your descriptions tell of some things, but if I could have a more detailed description for each.  (9/2/98)

A:  I will simply supply you with a link:  The Witches' Sabbats

Q:  How do you become a witch? Like if you wanted to or have been trying for awhile to make things happen, what can you do to be successful?  (9/2/98)

A:  As to your first question, becoming a witch is a process which can span one or more lifetimes.  Many witches discover that they've always been a witch, but simply did not have the name to apply to their beliefs.  BTW, I am working on an addition to Whitch Way which will literally be a course on becoming a witch.  It will be set up like any other class and will include tests, exercises, discussion, and research, to give directed studies to those who are seriously interested in witchcraft .  I will give you two words to answer your second question:  practice and perseverence.  All successful people have failed many, many times but these folks learn from their mistakes, and rather than simply throwing their hands in the air and quit trying, they use their failures as stepping stones to success.  This concept  applies to both magickal as well as mundane practices.

Q:  Can you be a Witch and a Christian at the same time?  Can you just learn the magick and still have another religion?  (7/17/98)

A:  You'll probably be surprised to find that the answer to your first question is 'yes.'  I've met a few people who are Christian Witches.  They worship the Goddess as Mary -- the Virgin, the Mother, and the Death Crone who presided over Jesus' crucifixion.  The teachings of Jesus are very similar to what most Witches believe -- love God and love your neighbor as yourself.  There has actually been quite a bit done on the symbolism of Mary and how she corresponds to the God/dess (I recommend The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara Walker).  As far as magick goes, it is completely non-denominational.  You are utilizing the powers of magick every time you pray or even concentrate on something you deeply desire.  Anytime you tap into your Inner Self to create change, you are utilizing the powers of magick.  (By the way, you needn't be put off by what the Bible says about 'not allowing a witch to live.'  The original writings used a word more closely related to 'poisoner.')

Q:  I've been reading quite a fair bit about witchcraft and the interest is there. But I'm still not too sure how to get started. Please advise.  (7/17/98)

A:  You've taken the first step already.  Learn as much as you possibly can through books and online resources (and there are so many pagan resources online now!),  talking to people (online or in person), observing Nature, and listening to your own Inner Self.  The God/dess will open each door as you're ready to progress.  Remember that Witches see the Divine everywhere and that Nature and your own instincts are your best teachers.  If you're interested in talking with others and possibly hooking up with a coven, visit your local occult/psychic/New Age/Witch shop.  Chances are they offer classes and/or supply contacts of like-minded individuals who would like to share knowledge.  But it's always a good idea to educate yourself as much as possible first, so you'll have an idea of what feels right to you.

Q: This might sound strange, but why do witches choose to be witches?  (6/21/98)

A:  *L*  Of course, you can also ask, why do Christians choose to be Christians or why do Buddhists choose to be Buddhists, etc. and so forth.  Most Witches will tell you that they were a Witch long before they ever knew what a Witch was!  Sometime in our lives, we found a path that called to us, even though we might not have known its name, often having walked many other paths beforehand but not finding quite the right one.  Then, somehow, someway, we stumbled upon the term "Witchcraft," started reading or hearing about it, and a little bell went off.  We heard the song of the Divine in the form of the God/dess.  But you're right in that most Witches choose to be Witches.  Most of us were not raised as Witches and had to make a conscious choice to follow this path -- and a difficult path it can be in that the term "Witch" still carries a lot of misconceptions with it.  But as more and more Witches are "coming out of the broom closet," people are beginning to understand more of what Witchcraft is all about.

Q:  It seems that witches have a lot of views similar to those of Hinduism, Greek mythology, and astrology.  Am I right?  (6/12/98)

A:  Witchcraft shares many fundamental ideas found at the core of most religions.  We all seem to have found different ways to express the same great Truths.  Most people believe that the Greek god/desess are long gone, but there are many Witches today who look to the Greek deities as the faces of the Divine, while others look to Celtic or Egyptian or even Polynesian god/desses.  Astrology is a tool which many Witches use to help understand Life, the Universe, and Everything.  Although not all astrologists are Witches, most Witches believe in astrology.  As above, so below, is a saying among Witches which means that patterns seen in the cosmos may also be seen in a handful of sand, a growing flower, or a human life.  So insights into our own lives may be found by looking into the patterns of Nature and the Cosmos.

Q:  How do cats play a role in witchcraft?  What is a familiar?  (6/5/98)

A:  A familiar is an entity which assists a Witch in his/her magickal workings and can be one of three kinds:  1) the spirit of a deceased person; 2) a non-human spirit, or elemental; or 3) an animal.  Cats historically have been associated with the Mysteries since Ancient Egypt where the felines were associated with the moon and the goddess, Bast, and were held as sacred.  People once thought that black cats were Witches in feline form, hence the superstition of never letting a black cat cross your path.  Cats are common familiars for Witches as they just seem to be naturally psychic and receptive to magickal energies.  And as often as not, a cat will find their way to the Witch rather than vice versa.

Q:  How can you tell what sign you are (ex:  fire, water, earth, or air)?  (5/27/98)

A:  Your elemental sign is determined by your Sun Sign:

        FireAries, Leo, Sagittarius
        EarthTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
        AirGemini, Libra, Aquarius