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Apollo making a libation to Nyx


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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law


This is the World Wide Web page

of the

House of the Kabiri,

an Offspring of the Mother O.M.I. .

The Hellenic Thelemic Tradition is based onto

Thelema, a Hellenic word meaning 'Will'.

The Hellenic Tradition is therefore based onto

Individualism, meaning that every individual

must find his/her own personal Path towards perfection.

As it is said, "Every man and every woman is a star".


So, begin your journey into the Hellenic Spirit,

by finding your own personal link with the Roots of Humanity.


Poems Page A page dedicated to Mystical Poetry

Pantheon Page Information about Hellenic God/desses

Hellenic Gallery A gallery of beautiful ancient Hellenic images

Selected Books A page with selected books on Hellenism

Resources Some fine links to other places of interest



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You are seeker


Love is the law, Love under Will



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