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A Homeless Start Page

Homeless Resources & Humanitarian Causes

  • Is a Homeless Start Page
  • Is a Center for help/info on homelessness & human rights
  • WorldHome networks for increased Internet Access for all
  • WorldHome networks to raise public awareness about Internet's potential to both effectively co-ordinate help for the homeless, and to better enable the homeless to help themselves through improved communications with friends, family, prospective employers and national, state, and community resources.
  • WorldHome promotes Alternative Architectural Solutions for Affordable Housing

    Under "Navigational Links" (at bottom of page)WorldHome has compiled about 300 resource-links, including many of the best-known sites on homelessness on the Internet. (Most links will open in a new window.)

  • American Homeless Land Model

    "An underpaid worker that cannot afford housing is an industrial slave."
    p.22 American Homeless Land Model

    "Why keep the poor weak, then punish them for being weak, and glorify ourselves by handing them charity that they would not need if they were treated justly from the beginning?"
    p.24 American Homeless Land Model

    Welcome to the Universal Living Wage Campaign
    Someone is stealing your life
    Article by Michael Ventura-LA Weekly, Jan.26,1990
    Raymond Street-A Poem
    Stop Hate Crimes Against/Murders of Homeless People!!
    Homeless need more than handouts and shelters
    "When I hear of groups working and/or dealing with homeless people, I have to ask if their response is about the maintenance of homelessness or the mission to end people's homelessness."- Rob Justus
    "Rob Justus is executive director of JOIN, which works to move homeless people into permanent housing and helps them stay there."

    Useful Links
    Architects Links
    Media Links
    Reference Links
    dictionaries, atlases etc.
    Housing Links
    Low-cost, affordable housing, special needs housing, etc.
    Digital Divide Links
    Yahoo Notepad
  • Access your notes from home, work or anywhere anytime
  • Write down those thoughts that you have in your head and get to them later
  • Save those ideas and interesting facts in a cool place
  • It's free, fun, and fast to access
  • Yahoo Notepad available in many languages
  • Do Advanced Search on This Site
    Tedrico's Page: Homelessness, Hitchhiking, Panhandling, and Homeless Programs
    Searchable by State!
    Homeless Shelters & Soup Kitchens
    Find the Weather for any City, State, or ZIP Code, or Country
    A Gateway to your local newspaper
    Search by state, city, or newspaper name.
    Info on Time
    Enter a country or city:

    Time Zone Converter
    Has Time Zone Reference Card

    Area/Zip Codes & Maps
    US Area Codes & Zip Codes
    Canada Post-Postal Code Lookup
    UK Postal Codes Maps
    YourTown Australia Postcode Search
    USPS City State/ZIP Code Associations
    MapBlast!:Maps,Driving Directions,Yellow Pages and Traffic Reports

    Universal Currency Converter

    City search guides to major US, Canadian, and International cities., the only official U.S. Government portal to 47 million pages of government information, services, and online transactions.
    (Note: similiar links needed for other countries)

    Find the forms and government information you need right here-i.e. Social Security cards, (getting them and/or replacing them)
    Personal problems solved online,UK government sites:
    (Note: similiar links needed for other countries)

    "welcome to the site for solving your personal problems online. we have the links to all u.k. government, education, health related, social security departments. Plus links to many other help groups in the u.k.,no matter what the problem may be.All the university sites in the u.k. can be found on this site."
    ACLU Chapter Information by State
    (Note: similiar links needed for other countries)

    Use this link to report civil liberties violations.
    ACLU Freedom Network: Your Rights and the Police
    What to do if you're stopped by the police

    [ Yahoo! ] options
    Suggest an idea or resource:
    Submit your ideas on homeless solutions to the Global Ideas Bank,
    and read someone's idea to adopt volunteer homeless who live in their cars.
    Directory of Local Homeless Service Organizations
    Directory Of Homeless & Housing Advocacy Coalitions
    Cornerstone's Links page on Canadian shelters & hostels.
    Please check out their main page: they've done a lot of work.
    Homeless People's Network
    The HPN Archives
    Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco
    StreetRing Discus Board
    "Welcome to StreetRing's take on homeless dialogue. Here you may be creative, debate issues with other users, or talk back to the social service empire. We suggest you begin with the topic 'Dialogue.' Enjoy!"
    Homeless Forum for Colorado Springs
    "To promote communication, discussion and education among homeless service providers, homeless people and interested others; regarding the provision of avenues of escape from the unhealthy state of homelessness in the Pikes Peak Region."

    "Our mission is to provide jobs and prevent homelessness. Our idea has led to the housing of former street people and spawned a myriad of imitators worldwide. Street News is the world's oldest active motivational homeless newspaper with 56 pages. Street News is the Soul, Spirit 'n Voice of the streets."

    Free Email/Free Websites
    Internet Access
    Online Support Groups :PTSD & the Homeless|Formerly Homeless
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