Golden Tara...

... Then, too, the ultimate evidence of Indian influence, transmitted through the neighboring Srivijaya empire, is the figurine of the so-called Golden Tara of Agusan found in 1917 at Esperanza, about 28 kilometers southeast of Butuan. Made of 21-carat gold and weighing nearly four pounds, the Hindu-Buddhist inspired icon is seated cross-legged. Based on its Indo-Javanese stylistic attributes, it had been dated as belonging to the ninth to tenth centuries, or more precisely to the Sailendra period (850-950 AD) of the Srivijaya Kingdom. Believed to have been crafted by local artisans, the figurine suggests availability of gold ore then, and demonstrates the artistic capability and technology of the people....

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  1. Patterns of the Past: The Ethno Archaeology of Butuan
                by Margarita R. Cembrano
  2. Picture Of Tara owned by Mr. Roland Victor C. Fortun
    All Rights Reserved

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