Czech-English Translation Problems

Some suggested translation solutions

A to, a sice

Sometimes to be translated by punctuation, i.e. a deftly placed colon, sometimes by omission. Sometimes by an -ing form.
Pro obdob� r. 1999 a d�le bude ro�n� v�e n�jemn�ho nov� stanovena (a to zejm�na s p�ihlednut�m k infla�n�mu v�voji).
The annual rent will be fixed again for 1999 and beyond, taking inflation into particular account

Administrativn� budova ALSO office building
administration block
AgendaALSO administration
Akordn� mzdapiece-work pay
Anglick�There is a long tradition of using this word to mean "British". I note in the old Ott�v slovn�k, Welsh place-names are usually described as being in e.g. "hrabstv� Carnarvonsk�ho v Anglii"
Are�lsite, area, complex
BabovkaEwald Osers translates it as "guggelhupf cake"!
Barevn� �e�en�colour scheme
Cenov� nab�dkaprice quote, quotation
Ceny za polo�kycost breakdown
Cestovn� n�hradyReimbursement of travel expenses
Civiln� slu�bacommunity service
batch (data)
Den pracovn�ho kliduSundays and official public holidays
Den pracovn�ho volnaSaturday
Deta�ovan� pracovi�t�separate location
separate unit
Dietydaily meal allowance
Diferencovan� rozd�lov�n� mzdov�ch prost�edk�pay differentials
Dislokovan� pracovi�t�remote/outlying unit/premises (see deta�ovan� pracovi�t�)
Doch�zkatime-sheet (record of entry to and exit from company premises)
DominantDominating feature, landmark
Ekonomika pr�ceplanning and control
Fluktuace zam�stnanc�staff turnover
Funk�n� po�itkyfringe benefits
GarantALSO expert adviser
Hlavn� pracovn� pom�rmain employment
Hmotn� zainteresovanostmaterial incentives
Hmotn� zabezpe�en� uchaze�e o zam�stn�n�unemployment benefit
Hromadn� dopravn� prost�edkypublic transport
CharakterSometimes there is a case for not translating this word:
Pozemek je rovinn�ho charakteru
The land is flat
Inspektor�t bezpe�nosti pr�cehealth and safety executive
In�en�rsk� s�underground/buried services/utilities
Jednor�zov� finan�n� ��stkalump sum
lump payment
Jednor�zov� ��elov� pr�kazka ke vstupusingle-entry badge
Kamerov� syst�mclosed-circuit television
Klasick�ALSO standard
Kolaudacebuilding acceptance procedures/proceedings
Kolauda�n� ��zen�official building acceptance procedure
Kompetentn� �tvarthe unit responsible
Konkretn� se jedn� oi.e.
Ku��rnasmoking area
Mechaniza�n� prost�edkymechanical facilities/equipment
M�stsk� in�en�rsk� s�municipal utilities
M�stsk� s�municipal network
M�stn� zastupitelsk� ��adylocal government offices/departments
Mzdov� agendawages administration
Nab�dkaALSO (in commercial context) range on offer
Normotvorn� �innoststandard setting
Normov�n� pr�cesetting work norms
Od�t�pn� z�vodbranch unit
Pau��llump sum
fixed (monthly) payment
fixed (monthly) rental
Platov� v�m�rsalary statement/rate
(often just) salary
Pod��zen�ALSO reporting to
Pojistn�insurance contribution (to state scheme)
insurance premium (to private scheme)
Pracnostlabour consumption
Pracovn� k�ze�work regulations
code of conduct
Pracovn� n�pl�workload
Pracovn� nasazen�deployment (in terms of employer's requirements)
commitment (in terms of employee's attitude)
Pracovn� �razoccupational injury
industrial injury
Pracovn� �vazekworking hours
Pracovn� volnotime off
leave of absence
Pracovn� v�kaztime sheet
work sheet
Pracovn� vztahALSO employment status
Pracovn� za�azen�job title
job classification
Preferenceallowance (e.g. Prague allowance)
ProdejnaALSO sales point, outlet, shop
Prostojestoppage(s), outage, idle time
Provozovnaoperations unit
OborALSO (in academic context) reading..., majoring in...
Person�ln� agendapersonnel administration
PodleALSO going by...
Pracovn� n�pl� employment terms
ProgramALSO (in commercial context) range
Referent(administrative) officer
�e�itelProject Manager, Project Director
Sborn�kALSO collection, anthology
SOUvocational secondary school
Skarta�n� ��drules for disposal of documents
Slu�ebn� vozidlocompany car
Slu�ebn� v�dajebusiness expenses
Soci�ln� sm�rgood working relations
avoidance of conflict
Soci�ln� za��zen�social facilities
sanitary facilities
Spisov� slu�badocumentary service
Spisov� ��drules for handling documents
Stravov�n� s finan�n�m p��sp�vkemsubsidized catering
Systemizovan� pracovi�t�established position

Some standard formulae used in titles
znovu k - revisiting
probl�m zvan� - the challenge of

Turnusov� re�imspecial shift system
Takzvan�"so-called" can sound rather pejoritive. It is often preferable to use:
"what is called...". On occasion I have rendered this with nothing more than inverted commas
��elov� p�j�kaspecial-purpose loan
U�ili�t�vocational school
�kolov� mzdapiece-work pay
UplatnitALSO invoke (clause in a contract)
�stav st�tn� pam�tkov� p��eState Conservation Authority
Uveden� v p�ehledu v�elisted above
V�etn�ALSO together with
Vstupn� kartov� syst�mcard-reader entrance system
V�m�rstatement, assessment, rate, ruling, action, notification
Vyt�en� zam�stnanc�employees' workload
Zad�vac� podkladbackground documentation
Z�kladn� v�m�r d�chodubasic pension assessment
Z�po�tov� listrecord/statement/certificate of employment
Zapsaldrafted/produced by
Zastupovatdeputize for, stand in for, replace
Zejm�na ALSO more importantly, most notably, (in contracts I have seen it taken as a good excuse to slip in an "including, but not limited to")
Zhotovitelcontractor, supplier
Zt�en� spole�ensk� uplatn�n�impaired social functioning
Loss of ability to play a full part in society
impaired social involvement