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Czech National Corpus project page

Dominik Lukes's Czech-English parallel corpus

Millennium Online

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Langsoft Online Dictionary

Collection of Czech Dictionaries

IT/commercial jargon

Herbs and spices



Biometric terminology

Webmaster's Glossary

Common Real-Estate Terms

Environmental Terminology


EU Telecoms Directives Glossary

Tomas Barendregt's law enforcement glossary

Tomas Barendregt's civil aviation glossary

Microstation Products Glossary

Medical Terms

Computer Abbreviations

Microsoft WinGED 2000 dictionary online

Czech-English Geometry




EU Administrative, Road Safety and Other Terms

Financial Services Terms



EU Legislative Compliance

Glossary of Languages



Mobile Telephony

Logos online dictionary

American slang with Czech translations

Czech slang dictionaries

Czech/English Glossary Collection

Films by internationally famous directors with Czech titles

David Short's biological dictionaries - follow the 'Dictionary' link

Organizations and resources

Bohemica.com Dominik Lukes's excellent articles on Czech language and culture

Jednota tlumočníků a překladatelů

Vilém Mathesius Centre Organizes linguistics seminars and lectures

Komora soudních tlumočníků a překladatelů ČR

ASKOT - Asociace konferenčních tlumočníků

North American Association of Teachers of Czech - some useful articles

Some online dissertations involving Czech-English comparative studies

International Czech Resources - a collection of cultural and news-related resources put together by the Glasgow Dept. of Slavonic Languages and Literatures

Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics -Charles University

Institute of Linguistics - Charles University

Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics - Charles University

Department of Slavonic Studies - Charles University

Department of Czech Language - Charles University

Institute of Czech Studies/Summer School of Slavonic Studies - Charles University

Institute of Translation Studies - Charles University

Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication - Czech Academy of Sciences

Center for Theoretical Studies - Charles University/Czech Academy of Sciences

Linguistica Pragensia A journal of linguistics which in 1991 replaced the journal Philologica Pragensia. It continues the tradition of the Prague linguistic school and develops methods of functional structuralism. The journal publishes contributions from throughout the world. Articles and reviews appear in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish with resumés in Czech.

Slovo a slovesnost A journal for questions of the theory and culture of language. Has appeared since 1935, when it was founded by the Prague linguistic school. It is the only journal in Czech publishing contributions dealing with general linguistics. The articles are followed by foreign-language resumés.

Lingvsci a linguistics discussion list of Prague. Subscribe at listserv@ff.cuni.cz . Contribute at lingvsci@ff.cuni.cz .

Recommended resources for translators

LANTRA-L - a forum for translators and interpreters. 200K of translators' chat every day. Archives going back over three years cover every aspect of translation, interpreting, life, the universe and everything several times over.

The Translator's Home Companion - a comprehensive list of resources

Specialist glossaries and other resources for translators - 300K - everything from chocolate-making to plasma fusion via a world cheese index.

English language links, monolingual glossaries etc

Worldwide Words - everything to do with the English language. Discussions on usage, history, curiosities and quirks plus an entertainingly written weekly newsletter exploring the ancient and postmodern highways and byways of English.

Xlation.com resources for translation professionals

BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources

1000 dictionaries.com links to over 2800 free online dictionaries and other means of reference

Dave Sperling's TESL Cafe. Make contact with students and teachers all over the world.

Language Supermarket - All online dictionaries under one roof (English <> Any language).

English (UK). Part of the Ethnologue Database with some basic information on the English language and where English is spoken worldwide

Linguistic Funland TESL Page. Maintained by Kristina Harris, U of Nevada, Reno, this site contains a host of sources for both teachers and students of ESL

Many TESL/TEFL/TESOL Links and its subpage Links To ESL/EFL Lessons & Lesson Plans, maintained by The Internet TESL Journal

The Applied Linguistics WWW Virtual Library. By Larry Selinker, Birkbeck College, University of London

The Human-Languages Page

The Internet TESL Journal

THE KING'S ENGLISH, by H. W. Fowler. Maintained by Columbia University's Bartleby Library  

The Virtual English Language Center

Mailing lists

Czechlist the mailing list for Czech-English translators.

Preklady "Vitejte v otevrene, nemoderovane skupine pro vsechny tlumocniky a prekladatele, kteri pouzivaji cestinu. Cilem skupiny je diskuse o vsech problemech, ktere mohou nasi profesi zajimat. Zalozil ji clen Jednoty tlumocniku a prekladatelu s cilem umoznit diskusi vsech tlumocnikum a prekladatelu, kteri o to projevi zajem."

CzechEd "A practical group rather than a discussion list - no issues, no hassles"

Lantra Digest mode recommended for all but the most dedicated -- do you really want 200 messages per day in your inbox?

GlossPost "GlossPost is a list for translators, interpreters, terminologists and technical writers. Here you can post the URL (links) of any interesting glossaries or dictionaries found on the Internet, whether monolingual, bilingual or multilingual. We welcome postings and requests for URLs of any industry-specific glossaries such as banking, biochemistry, pay-tv, housing, telecommunications."

financialtranslators "This e-group is aimed at translators specializing in financial, economic, legal and corporate texts, whatever their language pair. The only specialized on-line support organisation by financial translators for financial translators."

Transfree "helping translators do better business"

Payment practices list (for more info see http://pages.infinit.net/karining/mainlist.htm ) This list is specifically for queries about agencies' payment practices. If you get a job offer from a foreign agency and want to know whether or not you're likely to get paid, you can post a message on this list and other translators who have experience with the agency will tell you about it. The list is moderated.

Translation Client Review This list has a similar remit to the pp list above. However, it is unmoderated and you can say anything you like about your experiences with agencies (bearing in mind that "anything you say may be taken down and used in evidence against you...")

Business practices discussion group Discussion of anything related to the translation industry's business practices.

Translation job opportunities list This list has an average of 500 messages per month, and 99.9% of them are irrelevant to Czech translators. However, it may be useful for people wanting to see what kind of jobs are out there. Because of the volume of messages I'd recommend that you do not subscribe to it, but just read the archives online.

AWIL -- resources, jobs etc "A worldwide referrals network for translators and interpreters. This list is for AWIL members only. Its purpose is to disseminate leads to AWIL members and is not intended as a discussion list, so please DO NOT post any messages to the list or reply to the list. ALL comments and inquiries should be sent straight to the director at mmaloof@s.... Thank you! "

Technical Translators'Forum 'Technical Translator' Forum (TTF) is a specialized translators' newsgroup that allows its members to exchange ideas about terms, issues etc. applied in the Technical Translation Industry. TTF is sponsored by Translation Central.

Termxchange "TermXchange is used to make announcements of the availability of new glossaries, terminology materials, etc. to a select group of colleagues. These materials are used by translators in their own work. Materials made available through this mailing list should not be copyrighted or under restricted circulation. Any subscriber can place announcements of any materials available to him/her. "

Czech-english (Possibly useful for those who teach as well as translate...) "A non-commercial email discussion list specifically to support English teachers (ESL/TESL/EFL/TEFL) in Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic. Expanding rapidly. "

Translat2000 "TRANSLAT2000 is an open, international forum promoting free discussion, lively exchange of ideas, and the rapid dissemination of information relevant to translation and interpreting. This exciting, tolerant, and ever-evolving community of scholars and practitioners in translation engage in discussions about contemporary theory, critique of books and articles, film adaptations, ethical issues, professional issues, globalization, localization, etc"

Translation "This list is for professional translators of any languages working as literary and technical translators in various fields. Students are welcome as well as anyone who wants to learn the profession."

Medical_translation "This is a group for discussion on medical terminology & other subjects of interest for translators specializing in medical texts."

TW_users "A forum for users of Trados Workbench and other Trados products (MultiTerm, WinAlign, etc.). A place to discuss your experiences with TW and to request help with any problems you may encounter. This mailing list has no connection whatsoever with Trados GmbH. It is entirely unofficial."

Cafe-babel "You are interested in languages? Bi- or multilingual? You are a translator? You want to share information on language-learning sites on the web? You want to just chat in any language?"

Transit_termstar "Technical discussion and help group for issues concerning STAR Transit (translation memory tool) and TermStar (terminology management tool) with some discussion of other CAT tools."

Term "The TERM list hosts discussions regarding terminology and translation issues."

catmt "The CATMT list hosts discussions regarding Computer Aided Translation and Machine Translation software."


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sci.lang, sci.lang.translation