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Becoming a Translator - Douglas Robinson
At first sight, this discussion of the psychological and social aspects of translation might appear somewhat irrelevant to the kind of bitty, awkward, one-off, nuts-and-bolts problems that give translators most of their headaches. In fact, I found this book quite inspirational for homing in on, honing and developing the faculties and self-reliance required to deal with such problems. Some useful exercises to help the student to help herself.

About Translation - Peter Newmark
A competent run-down of the practical strategies and procedures involved, some pithy summaries of more abstruse theorists' ideas and some enjoyable aphoristic insights as well.

Paragraphs on Translation - Peter Newmark
A collection of 20 articles published as a series in The Linguist 1989-92, discussing a wide range of translation topics. Entertaining style. More on the way.

In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation - Mona Baker
Draws on modern linguistic theory to focus on key problematic areas of translation. I particularly recommend the sections on cohesion and coherence. Lots of fascinating examples from major world languages and some discussion of Czech too. Prescribed reading for the UMIST MSc. Translation Studies Course.

After Babel: Aspects of Language and Translation - George Steiner
"It may be that the agonistic functions of speech inside an economically and socially divided community outweigh the functions of genuine communication."
"A dictionary is an inventory of consensual, therefore eroded and often 'sub-significant' usages."
"The tensions between private and public meaning are an essential feature of all discourse."
"Mature speech begins in shared secrecy. In the beginning the word was largely a password."
"Human speech conceals far more than it confides; it blurs much more than it defines; it distances more than it connects."

Somewhat remote from your everyday translation problems perhaps, and yet somehow hauntingly relevant...

The following publishing houses have series of books in Translation Studies. You may wish to check their sites on a regular basis:

John Benjamins

St Jerome



Multilingual Matters



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