Lucy In The Classroom

Lucy in the Classroom

Welcome to my webpage. Take your time and look around. I have 'Lucy' classroom ideas, as well as other 'Lucy' related things to see. Listed below are ideas on using 'Lucy' or any of Lucille Ball's movies in your K-8 curriculum to add humor, teach, and have overall fun. Humor is very important in a classroom. Children can learn better in a happy environment. There are a lot of visual learners out there, so these shows will come in handy!!! Also, if you have the "Babalu Music" tape, it is an excellent way to get the wiggles out of the kids. My Kindergarten class loves to listen to it! There's nothing like dancing around and listening to Lucy! It's really fun to do a conga line around the room.

"A merry heart does good like medicine." --Proverbs 17:22.

"Let early education be a sort of amusement: you will then be better able to find out the natural bent." -- Plato

"What we learn with pleasure we never forget." -- Alfred Mercer

"What really makes a teacher is love for the human child." --Maria Montessori

"The more you do, the more you can do, and don't you forget it." --Lucille Ball (thanks, Terra)

Suggestions are to show only clips of the certain episodes as you are teaching. If time permits, enjoy the whole episode! You can get the shows off TV Land or Columbia House. Topics are listed by themes and subjects.

Animals Transportation Multicultural
Community Helpers Food Math
All About Me Unit Science/Health Reading and Writing

See what my class has to say about Lucy! Enjoy Comments from Kindergarten, as well as Our Class Article

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