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From This Day On Let's Let's Make Some Plans using Words On Power for a Sewer Pipe Dream under the Skyscrapers Over St. Miran. You're a Lovely Little Swan witha Violently Pretty Face. It is A Prophecy that we Got Apphrension with a Gunpowderkeg, which is a Knee Trembler that's Too Bloody Stupid! What Is There To Smile About? I have a Gut Ache and it is a Nature Thing! 
"Close lobster is / was a genius name. when they came out in the states all reviews speculated wether it was close lobster  (near lobster) or of course close lobster (shut the lobster). the only interview i ever read they explained that I twas "close lobster" and since the printed word  cannot convey the difference I still don't know."
Regards, David Lowery (of Camper Van Beethoven & Cracker)

"Close Lobsters A Scottish quartet, they released their first albumin 1987. Delivering snappy-sounding New Wave, the band features singer Andrew Burnett, guitarists Graeme Wilmington and Tom Donnelly, and therhythm section of Bob Burnett and Stewart McFayden." - All Music 
The time was the late 80's and I was a nervous, angst-ridden, anarchy-loving, non-conforming  middle school student. I used to watch 120 Minutes on MTV and I saw a happy pop video with a sad undertone.  "Let's Make Some Plans" was the video. The lead singer drinks from a cup in the middle of lip syncing! It was great. Then, I saw "Nature Thing"in 1988. It was so nervous, so tense, so incredibly wonderful! I had to get the album. Once I purchased the tape "Headache Rhetoric" it was all over! My first C.D. was "What Is There To Smile About?" I've got so many memories and emotions tied into this band. When I first made this site, I haven't read any articles and not many reviews either. So, this site is from the heart and is fueled by the music. -Todd E. Jones 

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July 7, 2006
! NEWS !
Close Lobsters now has a Myspace page!

We have a new URL for this page!!!  You can get here by typing in:

The wonderful Close Lobster himself, STEWART MCFAYDEN donated tons of pics and other stuff!
Because of space, I put them on the Photos section of the Close Lobsters -  Yahoo! Group.
Thank you Stewart!

Here is a new section
The Close Lobsters Experience: Memoirs by fans!
In this section, fans and friends tell the stories of seeing the Close Lobsters live or just hanging out with them.
If you have any stories you wish to add, email me at toddejones@yahoo.com

  Nick from the band Who's This Mary (who toured with Lobs), sent me in a setlist and a flyer.
I posted them up on the Close Lobsters Yahoo! Group. So join the group to see the pics!
 FLYER - Nov. 9, 1989 Bradley U.
SETLIST - Nov. 9, 1989 Bradley U.

Check out the Official Close Lobsters Group on Yahoo!

Since mp3.com is no longer, The Official CL Web Page (TOCLWP) will be using Soundclick.com!
Check out the new Close Lobsters section on Soundclick:

I added a new article and press release. Check it out.
"Ferocious Apaches" by Jim Kavanagh
and also, check out the press release

It's here! Read it!
An Interview With GRAEME WILMINGTON, guitarist for Close Lobsters

We've added a The NEW CLOSE LOBSTERS Message Board! The old one was not working well. So, check out the new one!

(non-profit! It is by the fans & for the fans)
The Close Lobsters Tribute Album
Inspired by a Severed Heads tribute LP called "I Can't Believe It's Not Lard" made by Sev Head fans, I want YOU to make cover versions of T21 songs. The best ones will be put on a CD! So... get to work! All entries must be in Mp3 form or on a CD. Email the MP3s to this email address:  endorph@optonline.net
So far...There are 2 entries for  CLOSE LOBSTERS Tribute Album !
"Let's Make Some Plans" covered by The Aborted. Check out his website
"Never Seen Before" covered by Knicker Boy. Check out his website .
"A Prophecy" covered by Phillip Eno. Check out the website .
Come on people! Get to work! Get your submissions in! Email me at toddejones@yahoo.com for info!

Fire Records is re-releasing
"Foxheads Stalk This Land"
at Amazon.co.uk.
Click on the title for the actual link!
ALSO.. check out their section on the Lobs.
The Fire Records Of London - section on Close Lobsters

CONGRATULATIONS to Tracey Burnett (Bob Burnett's wife)... They had a wondeful baby lobster!
"I thought I would let you know that Bob has also become a father. Amy was born on the 22nd May 2000 weighing 6lb 5oz! and we're both delighted.
- Tracey Burnett
Congratulations to Stuart McFayden!
He's a father of a bouncing baby lobster named Charlie!

"..Let me dive down deep and never, ever come back up.."

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Thank you to Andrew Burnett for creating Close Lobsters & just being a damn' cool guy, Howard Turner for info about recording Headache Rhetoric, Tom Donnelly for his letters and tons of stuff, Graeme Wilmington, Mr. Barr, Tyler Jacobson for album covers pictures, Jim Kavanagh, Tom Ellard of Severed Heads & Sevcom for Mp3 storage, Greg Whitten for scanned photos, Jim Kavanagh for the pics, Gonzalo for the MP3,
the artists who are contributing to the tribute LP, Nick from Who's This Mary,
& Rob 'Spanish' Fleay for updating the discography and for mp3's..

Contact Me, Todd E. Jones if you have any info, scanned pictures, or good stuff by email:

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