The Black Earth II
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In the name of Satan, The Ruler of The Earth and The King of The World!

Possessions / Haunts

Misanthropology / History

Our Lady of The Angels Cathedral
"When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place..." Matthew 24:15

"Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God." 2 Thessalonians 2:4

Upon this journey out into the mortal world, I see a spire arising from the skyscrapers, automobiles, and the rush of humans scurrying about with their mediocre concerns - a stark, almost industrial-looking tower of abstinence juts up above the smog and clamor a palace of self-righteous, hypocritical pride to regulate the peasants in their religions, that they deem to be told there is some sort of 'higher meaning' to their miserable and redundant existence. Even the word "religion" stems from "religio", meaning to 'regulate', control, dominate, that the herd may be kept in line.

The first interesting bit I noticed were pretentious enscriptions on the ground of the courtyard, which are designed in the various constellations , recording the positions the stars were in when the place was inaugerated. Funny coming from an institution for the righteously insane, whose history has proven to persecute iconoclastic thinkers and scientists such as Galileo, who was excommunicated for heresy because of his genius for Astronomy, which at the time was considered linked with Sorcery, as it is a Devil's Art to observe what actually IS, instead of fantasy-based mandates handed down from the Papacy; then proceeding with Logic, via The Scientific Method, which again, was considered heresy.

A fountain leaps and cascades as one makes their way to the front doors, which are two seven-ton bronzed giants enscribed and embossed with rather paganistic symbology said to describe elements in The Reformation when culturally indigenous customs were blended with Constantine's new Roman Catholic Dictatorship. However, what they fail to mention is the manner in which natives of foreign and even local peoples' were forced to convert, under threat of punishment, torture, and death. So many still worshipped their chosen deities, but bestowed them christianized costumings so as to not be persecuted. It seems that now The Catholic Church is attempting to make amends in various subtle, even insulting, and woefully inadequate manners.

When this edifice was first being constructed, there were several protests - some annoyed that such a billion-dollar edifice was being built in the midst of so much poverty and homelessness; there were also Amerinds who claimed that it was being built on sacred Indian grounds, yet the typical insensitivity and disrespect bade them to continue construction, for I suppose if it is not 'sanctioned' by the church, then other cultures must not hold validity or are to be taken seriously. The Amerinds warned that misfortune would come of it, and it was three months later when resident Cardinal Roger Mahony developed stomach cancer, which plagued him for the better part of three years.

The primary theme of this cathedral is ironically that of multi-cultural expression, for instead of "the stations of the cross", are the images of 'saints' and contemporarily dressed children of several races, facing the altar with an attitude of worship; and apparently, the underlying theme is also that of a unisex nature, considering the apparition of the "blessed mother" {Goddess} could have just as well been that of Father! The newest idol which stands on a pedistal above the massive doorway is an androgyne matriarch, looking more like a "St. Lesbiana" than a St. Mary!

Within the gloomy halls of the elaborate death-cult, the acrid scent of cheap burning wax and the faint smell of "church stink" permeates the cultivated starkness of the shadowy grey walls. There are still nooks which have not yet been filled with idoletry, and in one corner, an elaborately-framed Retablo structure containing a classic crucifix and spiral pillars from Spain, as well as chandeliers fashioned with a fluted trumpet-like appearence with speakers inside, from which proceeds the whining, begging, and whimpering hymns to the corpse-god. Speaking of which, the low-hanging crucifix in the main chapel resembles a 3rd-degree burn victim, blackened and charred as the icon of misery should be. Then there is The Altar, made from a six ton, thick slab of Turkish Rosso Laguna marble. I can hear it now..."Let them eat marble!" The "cathedra", which differentiates a regular church from a Cathedral, is the chair upon which the Archbishop presides - this one is designed with a framework of various intertwined crosses, each comprised with different woods from around the world. The tour guide mentioned that if anyone wished to sit in the chair, one could. So I did. The sacriligious implications were noted by several present.

Descending into the on-location Mausoleum, the atmosphere becomes much more somber. Within, it contains its own chapel, and intricately-hewn stained glass windows. Sixteen large stained glass windows and nine lunettes, originally placed in St. Vibiana's Cathedral, are installed in the Crypt Mausoleum, which itself emtombs several cardinals and bishops.

Ascending from the tombs to the outside, one passes by an olive garden plot, representing "The Garden of Gethseme" where the nazarene was said to have cried tears of blood before his suicide in christian folklore. As one passes by the garden, from this vantage point one may notice what appears to be two huge eyes staring down upon the courtyard from the tinted main chapel alabaster windows, under the arms of cross above. An optical illusion, perhaps, yet interesting nonetheless.

Beside the structure, a Bell Tower seperately stands with a supposed "call to worship" purpose, although another reason for bell towers in christian history was to ward off evil spirirts who came with storms. As a result, many bell tollers were killed by lightning.

The overall appearence of the edifice is more akin to a Babylonian Temple. Perhaps more stark with a Mideival flavor, something that would have existed prior to The Rennaissance. It was also mentioned that the large gaping hallways, particularly the ambulatory, resembled some of the scenes from the "Tomb Raider" game.

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St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

Ostentatious hypocritical opulence. Those three words aptly describe this Cathedral in the midst of the herd world. The Greek Orthodox religion was formed in the transitional period between the Greek culture and the advent of plagearist Constantine's Catholicism {literal translation: "universal", which in this Satanist's opinion, is an oxymoronic misnomer}, and the development of the Roman Catholic Church, which gleaned more of its influence from The Roman Empire, who in turn were previously heavily influenced by the Greeks. So besides travelling to Greece to admire the Parthenons and the Roman Stadium in which the Circus Maximus was held, the Greek Orthodox Church is the closest manner one may physically be in relation to that ancient culture.

Upon entering this magnificent edifice, one is taken aback by the sheer ornateness of this church, nay, cathedral, so as to ask oneself,. are they worshipping the same nazarene that allegedly preached of the heavenly virtues of charity & poverty? Each crevasse is lavishly festooned and engraved with actual gold and white marble, strewn with chandeliers of pure crystal, which according to the guide himself, at the time of placement, could have purchased 10 homes. I thought to Myself, why did they not use this money instead to feed and house the homeless? Certainly that would have been in keeping with the xian foolosophy, instead of this veritable palace of greed and pride. One of the xian tales of the nazarene storming into a church reprimanding its occupants, admonishing them for creating a den of thieves came to mind. Hypothetically, how would such an egalitarian lower-man-loving "messiah" react to a building depicting huge murals of himself and the fortune-laden architecture displaying the mythology surrounding it?

I also noticed many of the "saints" painted on the magnificently-stained glass windows seemed to have been scowling down upon Me as if disapprovingly, as I felt an initial forbidding feeling upon first entering here. Even the design of its framework is arranged in the form of a cross, and the tabernacle, facing, most predictably, the east, as is the habit of blindlight traditions, from xianity to weaka. With their God and Goddess facing down from the ceiling amidst clouded frames.

Most notable, frescoes on the rear walls display St. George "slaying" a really nicely-hewn dragon, as indicative of "good" overcoming "evil", yet in a deeper cognition, it can be recognized that perhaps this is not so, according even to their own scriptures, as Mammon is quite well seated therein. And speaking of seats, one cannot help but notice the fanciful throne flanked by two lions, upon which a Bishop sits during services, but in his absence is occupied by a golden-encrusted copy of the moldy babble.

This perusal into the fetters of modern xian representation yielded litte more than an historical, anthropological, and aesthetic observation, and confirmed the fact that not only are such palaces of perceived abstinence inconsistent with the original outmoded teachings of xianity, as the blindlight is indeed incosistent with human nature, but are in essence, multi-million dollar businesses, rather than a modest temple wherein the impoverished may seek solace. In order to purge their "souls', they pour funds into their churches attempting to deny the humanimal nature.

"Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!" Satanic Statement 9; The Satanic Bible.

Do not tempt The Devil!

An interersting occurrence relating to this parish: Rev. John S. Bakas decided to make a few comments on the "In Search Of" program a few months after My visit there, and the writing of the review. The subject of the presentation was "In Search of: The Devil" {which also featured a biography of Dr. LaVey and The Church of Satan with Magistra Barton}. Bakas was interviewed in the church calling Satan a "liar, thief, and murderer", that He promises the pleasures of the earth on one hand, but comes at a heavy price - the typical defamation made by the blindlighters. A few months after this appearence, their "St. Sophia Camp" was destroyed by a mudslide:


The Tower of Myths:More Satanic analyses on Catholicism.

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Museum of Tolerance: Simon Wiesenthal Center
9786 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90035

Draconis Blackthorne, Reviewer.

"This Must Never Happen Again"

"When a point of critical mass is reached - the point of no return - the "package" it came in will never sell any more. There will always be the cliche'd "This Must Never Happen Again". But it takes painful memories and evolutionary strangulation to focus them into an effective warning.

...The Second World War - holocausts and nuclear leavings. This must never happen again." Anton Szandor LaVey, The Devil's Notebook, pp. 94, 95.

Located specifically in Beverly Hills, this center is certainly a series of total environments for those wishing to educate themselves on the subject of The Holocaust & Third Reich according to this insititution. Upon entering, there is increased security in this time of Muslim fundie pre-occupation, and it is predicted that this place will be the event of a terrorist attack in the months to come, one way or another. Upon entering the museum, one is handed a card with a magnetic strip containing information on one particular holocaust victim, to be divulged by inserting it through a slot which produces an identification pamphlet as a souvenir.

* The Holocaust Section.
Herein, are varying tours and attractions, most notably, The Holocaust Section which comprises the Holocaust history and displays. Tourists are ushered through replicas of decimated townships of rubble and destruction, with screens above, showcasing real-life footage of the events of WW2; planes ascending and descending through smoke-filled skies like so many angels of death depositing their eggs of doom onto a hapless population below. Each consecutive set alights upon stages chronologuing the veritable evilution from the formation of The Brown Shirts, Hitler's rise to Power, the decimation of 6 million jews, and the end of the war.

* Berlin Cafe, Circa 1930's.
One set depicts an al-fresco scene in which several diners are chatting about the current political climate in Berlin at the time; some agree with Hitler's proposals, while others consider his ideologies too extreme. Stratification is evident here, as one diner sizes up another, and the fate of each type is revealed. Spotlights shine on the character-statue 'speaking' at the time. However, I would have enjoyed seeing some A.H.C.'s, but alas, a narrator and the figures must suffice for the time being.

* The Gates of Auschwitz. The most notable section are the ones towards the end of the tour, where people are given a facsimile experience of passing through the barb-wired gates of Auschwitz Death Camp with two subsequent stone hallways - one labelled "Able-Bodied", and the other "Children and Parents"}, the former which became slaves at the discernment of Dr. Joseph Mengele, while the former were executed by firing squad or gas chamber, and thus brings you to the most dramatic room, The Gas Chamber...

* The Gas Chamber.
Shaped in a rather tomb-like manner, the chamber contains a widened "coffin-shape" hexangle with imposing screens and cold, elongated stone slabs across the expanse therein, accompanied by faint blue lighting which gradually increases as the presentation climaxes, which displays the naked skeletal bodies rounded up in grotesque piles , as well as a story related of babies being thrown alive from second and third-story windows in front of many of the jewish onlookers who initially believed them to be dolls. No real shocks or surprises for this writer, as such footage is rather bland compared to much of the unediated film and photos I have witnessed. I have always had a fascination with Nazi paraphernilia, although I disagree with the racial aspect.

* Show Me your passport...
Finally, you are released to exit to next room. where many heroic and tragic tales are recounted upon plaques, including that of Schindler, who was a German Officer {who manages to save many a jew, and is regarded as a virtual saint by current Jews}, of which a film was recently made entitled "Schindler's List". And here is when one turns in the card to receive a print-out of a Holocaust survivor or the dead.

* Erzatz elitists...
Surviving this, a final hall leading to other displays of racism, primarily demonstrated from The United States, interestingly enough, considering the racial diversity, including the head-shaven Tom Metzger, David Duke, The KKK, racist skinheads, as well as black racists calling caucasians "white devils", etc.

Moving forwards to the civil rights speeches of Martin Luther King Jr., the hosings of negroes in the street, the bombing of a Baptist church, etc. Still further onward to other screens, demonstrates other various events with the narrators heard through telephone receivers.

* The Millenium Machine.
Nearby, a sound-proofed enclosed chamber called "The Millenium Machine", with a futuristic theme, inclusive of starship-like seats, and oblong tables with a set of five buttons containing "A,B,C,D,E". Participants receive a selection of films to watch, including Terrorism, the victimization of women, and a couple of others, on which the viewers are quizzed. The sound system therein is remarkable, and one can feel the bass from the outside.

* Holocaust Survivors.
There are a few other attractions as well, with probably the most remarkable being listening to an actual Holocaust survivor speak, which is undoubtably incredible therapy for themselves. Lurid descriptions are related - the stench of corpses, the smell of burning flesh, the merciless genocide and torture, the packed conditions on the death trains, the initial capture, and the clever methods and fortunate happenstances leading to their self-preservation, and the display of the number tattoo each received. Number of The Beast? Holocaust = Apocalypse? Hitler = The Antichrist? Prophesy = Cyclical historical trends relating the same general scenarios in differing cultural contexts.

Though the time was ripe for a Dictator with promises of deliverance from impoverishment and the restoration of national pride, Adolf Hitler imposed his presence upon the world and scratched an indelible infamous mark on history, fashioning his own vision into reality, fulfilling his proclamations to the fullest. Unfortunately, that vision became marred by an imbalanced perception of generalization imposed upon a race of people who did not deserve such treatment. Such is the act of scapegoating. Indeed, the greatest of evils was done in the name of good.

As a side note, on this day, a new section was to be introduced, so a couple of the herd's pedantic icons were present - "Billy Crystal" and "Kareem Abdul Jabbar" {the only interest would be to listen to any stories Jabbar may have relating to his acting encounters with Master Bruce Lee from "Enter The Dragon"}.

Overall, an intriguing perusal into one of history's darkest chapters, contemplated in an interactive experience which causes more of an imprint in the populace.

"After an inferior man has been taught a doctrine of superiority, he will remain as inferior as he was before his lesson. He will merely assume himself to be superior, and attempt to employ his recently assumed tactics against his own kind, whom he will then consider his inferiors. With each inferior man enjoying what he considers his unique role, the entire bunch will be reduced to a pack of strutting, foppish, self-centered monkeys gamboling about on an island of ignorance. There they will play their games under the supervision of their keeper, who was and will always be a superior man." - Anton Szandor LaVey; p. 143, The Devil's Notebook.

The Tower of Myths:More Satanic analyses on Judeism.

Table of Contents

Hsi Lai Temple

Touted as the largest and most elaborate Buddhist Temple in The United States, I attest that it must be so. The temple is set high upon a hill, seemingly wrapped up in another dimension as the edifice arises from the fetters of nature, as if from the earth itself. If one is a "gamer", that immediate impression divulged may be that of the set of "Mortal Kombat" come to life - quite an impressive site. The atmosphere becomes quite placid in stark dichotemy to the teeming drone-life of the herd world. One passes the thresh-hold guarded by two gargoyles which would look very elegant at a proposed "satanic church" as well. Within the place opens up like a veritable lotus blossom, projecting the impression of a palace - I noticed this temple's courtyard mirrors the "City of Heaven" occupied by The Emperor in China.

* Bodhisattva Hall
The first entrance leads to a hall through two huge elaborately decorated double-doors which lead into a chamber for the honoring of dead ancestors. Incense and yarrow stocks permeate therein, benevolently overlooked by large Buddha statues.

* The Courtyard
The Courtyard is a vast expanse of blocks made to represent the "journey of the soul", as one is to traverse it from the center upwards as the maximum ideal of symbolic enlightenment, which further leads to stairs {sort of a "stairway to the 7 heavens"; as Buddhists believe in seven heavens, as well as 7 Hells}, which leads to the main worship hall; and as a sensitive, I admit that I did feel a resistance to My presence attempting to keep Me therefrom for some reason - I recall also experiencing a similar stimuli when an acquaintance and I visited an erstwhile "occult shoppe" once, and apparently, someone in the rear of the store was performing a white-light rite of some sort, as I know a Satanist can feel that sickly energy which inspires disgust at all the whining, begging ill-nature of blindlight "white magic", accompanied with what has been termed "church stink", that is, frankincense and myrrh, and various other sickeningly-sweet and flowery odors like petchouli, which smells like cat urine to Me.

* Museum
The most remarkable section I found in Hsi Lai Temple was a gallery containing many interesting relics, including a most intriguing statue positioned at the entrance, named "Kuan Kung", the Chinese God of War once a mighty mortal warrior, "canonized" unto divinity as his exploits yielded mighty victories. He is thickly-built, wearing armor displaying The Dragon; he is in this representation, completely red, with fierce eyes, inward-slanting eyebrows, with a long goatee, the tip which he holds in his left hand is fashioned in the symbol of The Cornu, with his other hand wielding a great Dragon axe.

This in turn was an evocation for Me, for in My formative years, I spent much of My time in a dichotemy of Catholic & Private Schools, and the world of Martial Arts, surrounded in Eastern Culture; I became the empasse / empath between them both. East meets West.

Inside, many religious baubles including statues, mortar & pistels, myopic literature and artwork, brilliant dragons marvellously displayed, a ceremonial drum, and a shrine including a kneeling rest, candles, incense, and a reclining statue of the Buddha. It coud just as easily have been a shrine to Catholicism's Mary Goddess with very minor modifications.

* Arhats' Garden
Outside this gallery, one notices a lovely garden, called "Arhats' Garden" containing eighteen statues amidst lush vegitation, waterfalls, streams, cascading rocks, interdispersed with these said "arhats" statues which are said to represent the absence of self, which I find to be absurd, but this is the crux of Buddhism's belief-system, to become nothing in order to be part of everything, as it were, and the reprehensible belief that "life is suffering" {which would be an ideal in an impoverished culture where poverty and suffering is the norm, with such a philosophy being a placebo, that the masses may be content with their meager lot}, but what the Buddhist religion fails to comprehend is that in all of its appreciation of nature, they fail to recognize human nature. Another point in Buddhism is to empty the mind in order to perceive the patterns of life, acieved through meditation. A Satanic Meditation, on the other hand, would be more akin to filling the mind and placing situations in mental order, to focus upon one's goals, in order to achieve them more directly. A wonderful Satanic Meditation would be in the composition of the ritual parchment and the emotional projection during ritual.

Also thereabouts, one has the option to ring a bell for a small donation while making a wish. Speaking of wish, there is actually a "wishing pond" in front of the Arhats, in which coins are tossed.

* Tea House, Reading / Conference Room
There is also a reading room, and most delightfully, a Tea House in whcih one may sip tea with friends and mates.

* Gift Shop
Finally, down below and to the side of the temple, a gift shop conmtaining many fanciful items including statuary, incense, jewelry, books, music, and even instructional videos for the budding Buddhist.

In conclusion, Hsi-Li Temple is a bit of royal China hidden away from the fetters of the city to create a total environment not many outside the culture are aware of, and serves to be an interesting excursion therefrom, with the architecture and aesthetics being the primary concern.

The Tower of Myths:More Satanic analyses on Buddhism.

Table of Contents

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