Satan's Scroll book reviews by Draconis Blackthorne
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The Satanic Scriptures
by Peter H. Gilmore

The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore Written in a style reminscent of a symphony of words resonating with notes in our own minds, this landmark tome includes all those essays printed in The Black Flame which I have had the pleasure to follow all these years, and to have it all in this concise tome is a wonderful compendium to treasure.

I was fortunate to receive The Slipcase edition lavishly embossed with The Baphomet on the front, and the brimstone symbol on the back, emblazoned in silver, glistening majestically in the candlelight, as a veritable Luciferian beacon of undefiled wisdom in the darkness. Being a bibliophile, I also had to possess the hardback version which rests comfortably in My Library, both od which are destined to become heirlooms in The Blackthorne Lair. And so it shall be for the forthcoming paperback version as well, to be released for this October of XLII A.S. by Scapegoat Publishing.

Graciously attached to the spine is no less than a black silken ribbon to act as bookmark, that one may not miss a single paragraph of valuable gnosis herein.

Subject matter covers everything from Satanic Aesthetics, music, personality types, to the fascism question, eugenics, a tribute to Dr. LaVey, time travel, to never-before released potent rituals only previously privy to Church of Satan Hierarchy of passion, compassion, and potency, including The Satanic Wedding Rite, the Funeral rite, and The powerful Rite of Ragnarok; plus so much more.

The book cover itself features Magus Gilmore's rendition of The Sabbatic Baphomet of Mendes, seated imperiously in the vastness of space, serving as a worthy frame to exhault this archetypal daemonic deity representative of carnal joy and might. Marvelously detailed and invoking the element of strength and Lust, the portrait will no doubt find itself within many a diabolical Inner Sanctum. On the back of the cover itself is a classic photograph of Magus Gilmore himself, the black flame burning from behind that noble gaze.

Now accompanying The Satanic Bible by Our Founder, The Satanic Scriptures easily takes its place besides Dr. LaVey's literary masterpieces, complimenting them quite well. The Satanic Scriptures is optimum in both quality of content and materials used, which could be no less to preserve the wisdom of the High Priest.

Bearing The Devil's Mark
By Matt G. Paradise

Bearing The Devil's Mark by Matt G. ParadiseA splendid collection of Magister Paradise's essays accumulated from Not Like Most magazine, The Black Flame, and other sources, demonstrating his wit, wisdom, and experiences both in the "inner circle", and world abroad. Subjects range from misanthropic social commentary to multimedia reviews, relationships, aesthetics, racialism, technology, blindlight foolosophies, and even includes a Walpurgisnacht ritual!

Concluding with a bang with the Appendix section, including an interview, Satanism faq, suggested reading, and quite remarkably, The Mail Bag! Like the segment concluding The Church of Satan book by Magistra Blanche Barton, the former lists a series of humorous correspondences from the various poseurs, the would-be spoon-fed, hypocritical christians, and ignoramuses alike.

Greatly complimenting the contents within, gracing the cover of the tome is photography wrought by Witch Melanie Laetitia Mantis, of Magister Diabolus Rex's admirable sculptural art entitled Sigil of Apocalypse.

Overall, the book flows gracefully from one subject covered by a series of essays to another, providing concentrated contemplation for the elitist misanthrope. Bearing The Devil's Mark receives the Devil's Seal of Approval.

As an extra special addition, Magister Paradise was gracious enough to provide his own "Devil's Mark" to My edition.

Essays In Satanism by James D. Sass
Essays In Satanism
{By James D. Sass; 385 pages. The Devil's Bookshelf}

In this substantial text which absolutely lives up to its name, one is treated to the multidimensional writings of Magister James Sass, with topics ranging from his experiences and observations on the mean streets, tales from the Satanic Panic, literature recommendations, as well as combat techniques, home security, notable associations, Magic, academia, animals, politics, aesthetics, herd trends, all with an enjoyably steely, cynical, misanthropic sense of black humor.

With a Foreword by High Priest Gilmore and an Afterword by Magistra Peggy Nadramia, Essays In Satanism is a wonderful collection of Satanic thoughts from a third-side perspective which goes for the throat of the matter and straight to the point!

INFERNALIA: The Writings of Michael Rose
Infernalia: The Writings of Michael Rose
{XLIV A.S. By Michael Rose. 155 pp.}

A treasure trove of Satanic thought from Magister Michael Rose is contained in this 155 page text, compiled from From The Pit, The Black Flame, The Black Pun-kin, and other esteemed Satanic publications.

Subjects covered are myriad - from politics {from a Third-Side perspective}, cinema {from the devilish to the Vampiric}, dealing with the herd {amusingly relatable misanthropic observations}, Greater Magic {interesting psychological concepts for metaphorical contemplation}, the Satanic Panic {undefiled analysis of all those misconceived notions & paranoia-mongering invented by christian propagandists}, hallmark holidays {with their arcane and current derivations}, and even the ancient philosophers, plus much more.

With a Foreword by The High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore, and emblazoned with The Baphomet sigil on blackground, bestows it a sinister presentation complimenting one's diabolical bibliographic collection, both in content and aesthetic. Essential reading for The Satanist to ponder.

* Available in both Hard Cover & Soft Cover.

Not Like Most 17
XLIII - XLIV. Purging Talon Publishing

Not Like Most 17In this edition, On The Infernal Front contains the latest evilutions occurring within The Infernal Empire, from the superb bibliography unleashed within "The Year of Satanic Literature", The Satanic Calendar, to several musical manifestations, including The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVey, the pleasing continuance of Radio Free Satan, and the stimulating resurgence of Satanism Today.

Also introducing the issue is a touching eulogy for Warlock Crowclaws by Bill M., describing Shawn's irrefutable impact on the 'Witch City', the realization of himself as a Satanist, which proved to be a veritable zeitgeist in its transformation.

A favored piece herein is Reverend Moore's haunting tales of his experiences living in Horrorweird land {and the San Fernando Valley in Los Diablos, which this reviewer can relate to}, the many interesting synchronicities associated with Ed Wood, and his and Priestess Sinnz's compelling friendship with legendary screen maven Maila "Vampira" Nurmi.

Magister Sprague posits critical analysis on pretentious internet behavior in The Awkward Road To Satanism. Intellectual Black Holes abound! It bears restating to the sincerely interested, that before engaging in educated conversations about Satanism, the pre-requisite is to read and study The Satanic Bible first.

Next we are treated to Satanism and Atheism, from Magister Svengali. Indeed, Satanism begins with Atheism. Following is another treat - this one from Magister Paradise's book Bearing The Devil's Mark, with an excerpt from the chapter entitled "Further Evidence of The Satanic Age", both of which I heartily agree with.

The Mediabolica section features many reviews by several authors on a variety of multimedia sources, inclusive of Year XLII's splendid literary proliferation. Magister Paradise also graciously reviews The Devil's Diary Issues 9-12, among other remarkable publications.

Also of note, the inclusion of a great interview conducted by Tekku with Warlocks Menta and Asec Zonei, discussing all the intriguing elements which went into the creation of The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVey CD, followed by a personal relation of Colonel Akula's activities in the great outdoors. Salaciously metaphorical fiction jolts the senses in "Big Bertha's Mystic Striptease", while Magister Paulis realistically dissects the societal notion that one's career also be a pleasure, which apparently seems to be less often than so {if it is, that is wonderful, and why not strive to make it so? Knowing oneself honestly and pursuing one's passions are the key to materializing that pleasant situation; however, the herd are often deluded into considering it so when it is not, and thus, remain enslaved, where they belong}. Also included is an amusing parody ad for "Stay Brite" toothpaste by Rev. Mealie, featuring an array of distinctive dental patients. {"Breath... Taste... Teeth...!"}

Highly recommended, Not Like Most remains a most entertaining and pleasing publication, inspiring mental gratification and carnal contemplation.

Two Horns Up!

Not Like Most
Volume 16: Special 6/6/06 Satanic High Mass Issue

NLM 16With fantastic photography by Daark, and experience relations from various outstanding members and The Magestri, including Magus Gilmore, HPs Nadramia, Rev. Moore, and Magister Lang, this elegant issue of Not Like Most is a magnificent overview of the 6/6/06 High Mass in The City of Dark Angels / Los Diablos, the first ever since those Magical events within the legendary halls of The Black House.

Also included are several essays on aesthetics {Magister Paradise, Col. Akula}, music {Maestro Le'rue Delashay}, social darwinism {Leviathan XIII}, Satanic Witchery {Dixie Rose}, an undefiled historical perspective {Magister Herbert Paulis}, a piece on the Satanic religion {Bill M.}, erotic photography from Rik Garret, multimedia reviews {including The Devil's Diary}, and an interview with our very own Reverend James Mitchell, the 'Sinister Minister' of TNA Wrestling, manager of the monster known as 'Abyss'.

NLM 16 takes its honored place in Church of Satan history, and remains a veritable memento vivendi in The Blackthorne Lair, and was an empowering pleasure to have been a part of.

Hail The Church of Satan!
Table of Contents
S Magazine
{Volume 3, 2007. Published by editors Priestess Kim Rice and Witch Josephine Seven}

None other than Minnie Castavet graces the cover of issue 3 of S magazine, a really wonderful Satanic lifestyle journal, and in full color, no less, in vivid laser-print quality. I particularly enjoy the Satanic Homemaker of the Year contest with some of My favorite fetishistic women {I wonder if Samantha Stevens was also in the running?}.

Herein is filled with many imaginative recipes for various dark cuisines, to gardening, total environments, pets, incense-making and historicity, makeup tips, an interview with a lounge act, incisive essays on technology {by this author} and philosophical contemplation, and the hilarious mailbag section! Plus much more in this elegant and generous 66 page comb-bound compendium.

S Magazine is a veritable 'Satanic Martha Stewart' publication optimally recommended for all things dealing with The Satanist's Lair. Indeed, the very fact that this publication even exists is further testament that we are absolutely in full 'swing' within The Age of Fire.

[ S Magazine ]

The Ninth Gate 2
The Ninth Gate II
{Walpurgisnacht XLII A.S.}

The Ninth Gate opens with pieces on Baphomet by Warlock Corvis Nocturnum, 'Satanic Altar Tools' by Bill M., followed by interviews with Black Metal band Shroud, and Dark Horizon Records company owner Typhus; there are art gallery features by artists Storm and Strephon Taylor; a pleasing spotlight on a deliciously-exquisite {brunette in this expose'} fetish model Bianca Beauchamp; a focus on publisher Old Nick Magazine; the gates close with salaciously-thoughtful essay 'The Intrinsic Decadence' by Mikael Walach, an analysis on the innate Satanic drive towards erotica.

Also included are Multimedia reviews on Magus Gilmore's superlative Threnody For Humanity CD, and book reviews of Lucifer Rising and Lords of Chaos.

Additionally, there are sinister product referrals to Scapegoat Publishing, Radio Free Satan, the fine arts and crafts of Blackthorne Productions, Femaledictions, Le'Rue Delashay, Artistic Devil, Diabolic Publications, Headless Historicals, and Monolith Graphics featuring the splendid musick of Nox Arcana, and more.

With shadowy cover art featuring Warlock Nocturnum's rendition of Warlock Netherworld's Baphomet design, The Ninth Gate unleashes yet another plethora of highly recommended infernal delights.

The Ninth Gate
{#3 Halloween XLII A.S.}

The Ninth GateThis issue is a veritable tribute to Vlad Tepes, containing all things about The Impaler and the Vampiric genre, from artistry {the portrait of Vlad and the historical observation on the Voivod’s artistic representations by Warlock Nocturnum}, to statuary, jewelry, photography, poetry, music, intriguing film reviews, salacious gothic fetish models, to hypothetical statements, several interviews with proprietors {Nightshade, Vampire Wear}, authors {Michelle Belanger}, musicians {Anders Manga, Theatres Des Vampires, Soulfyre}, models {Devil Doll, Don Hendrie}, a black earth relation of The Dracula Tour {highly recommended}, delicious Vampire Wine, a biographical essay on Tepes by Warlock Nocturnum, and even a fictional interview with the man himself!

Most notable in My estimation is the compelling statement from Vlad The Just by Magister Lang {suitable for framing, in My opinion}, with splendid photographs of Lang's Vlad statue from Magus Gilmore, as well as an interview with Magister Lang.

For those who appreciate the darkly opulent eroticism of Vampira, Morticia Addams, Elvira, and Lily Munster, we have succulent fetish models richly spicing up the issue throughout {Devil Doll, Red Vamp, Vampire Wear}. The delightfully gloomy photography of Madame Webb, inclusive of somber natural locations, and Victorian total environments with their living and ever-living inhabitants.

With a slick magazine presentation filled to the brim within its 66+ pages, also included are elegant advertisements to the fine products of Scapegoat Publishing, Femaledictions, Headless Historicals, Nox Arcana, and Le'Rue Delashay.

The Ninth Gate is a publication that The Addams Family and The Munsters would subscribe to, and with an uplifted glass of black flame absinthe, is an absolute pleasure for The Blackthorne Manor to possess.


The Ninth Gate 4
Lilith Issue, 68 pp., Walpurgisnacht XLIII A.S.

The Ninth Gate 4With a rendition of this succulent Dark Goddess embraced by the sinister serpent in the 'Garden of Eden' transformed into a veritable Garden of carnal delights by Warlock Nocturnum on the cover, The Ninth Gate 4 celebrates the Lilithian influence throughout an amalgam of cultures, introduced with an essay of same, including an array of interviews with various lovely incarnations of her form with the marvelously morbid dolls of Headless Historicals' Reverend Shiva Rodriguez, Dark Candles' Priestess Helena, the literary entrepreneurship of Diabolic Publications' Witch Scarlet Norton, the enchanting olfactory indulgences of Femaledictions' Witch Sara Rung including an in-store visitation, the unique apparel creations of Dark Queen, an Interview and photo shoot with Harp musician "High Priestess", and a spotlight on model Eden; following are extensive multimedia reviews by this writer and others; concluded by a poem to this lustful archetypal current by Michelle Belanger.

Filled with slick photographs and artistry, The Ninth Gate 4 is a fitting tributary compendium to "Adam's first wife who taught him the ropes". Great reading and contemplation in this Walpurgisnacht season.

Infernus VIII, Spring Equinox XLIII A.S.
I n f e r n u s
{V. VIII, Spring Equinox XLIII A.S., 24 pp.}

"The Voice of Satanism in Portugal."

From Satan's Helloutro, who also brought us the Portuguese translation of The Satanic Bible, comes Infernus magazine, a beautifully-done Portuguese Satanic publication featuring essays on Carducci {including his distinguished poem Inno A Satana}, Atheism fundamentals, Surrealism, remarkable cover art "Don't Fear" by Simon, an art piece by D. Blackthorne, an interview with band Teatro Satanico {"Satanic Theater"}, aesthetic individualism, an analysis of amateur painting styles, plus much more.

Being that Satanism spans all languages and cultures worldwide {also see The Infernal Names as an indication}, one can truly appreciate this international expression of our philosophy. Well done!

Hail Satan!

Motel Bizarre
Tales and Horrid Scenes from No-Tell Motels
by Stephanie Crabe / Christopher Mealie

Motel Bizarre by Stephanie CrabeI recently received the limited and autographed 'pillowcase' edition of this book in the post, and once again, I Am very pleased with the quality from Scapegoat Publishing. Accompanied by a glossy photograph of the lovely author, a poolside scene arrayed with whoopie cushions; the snug pillowcase seems a remnant of these cross country roadside adventures.

In many senses, the motel room is a stage for the practice of many a forbidden fetish, to exercise all those desires in secret. A veritable covert rendezvous for quick, cheap, and oft-times twisted gratification. Throughout the book, it seems the so-called "seven deadly sins" are displayed.

I commend Mr. Mealie's sublime use of metaphor in the introduction in describing the underbelly of this section of hidden Americana. Also included is a history of the Motel-hotel institution, like looking into a trash culture human cage, with an anthropological perspective, from seedy scenes and environments, demonstrating crime, prostitution, homicide, suicide, compulsive activities, and its unsavory denizens in a lambent photographic style, truly illuminating the psychological core of these characters, from bank robbers to pimps, whores, and strippers, to serial killers, rapists, inferior white-trash neo-nazi posers, to desperate loners, cheating spouses, and housewives seeking cheap thrills.

Motel Bizarre is an amusing pictorial sociological study in deviance, flashing a spotlight into these dismal neon-speckled taboo dens of baseness, where the iniquities of the human animal prevail without reproach, so long as the room is paid for the night.

The Addams Family 2009 Calendar
{XLIV A.S. Pomegranate Communications; Tee & Charles Addams Foundation}

Addams Family '09 CalendarThe perfect accent to one's haunted Lair the year through to record those diabolic dates we hold special. Follow the delightful antics of this relatable archetypal family with these classic panels accompanied with wickedly witty captions sure to illicit a chortle from time to time.

Spawned from the shadowy recesses of Charles Addams' imagination, and based upon observations of lambent traits in certain exceptional individuals, The Addams Family premiered in The New Yorker in 1933, creating these magnificently gloomy inspirational illustrations which have graced the dark subconscious ever since, rendering forth our kind in many respects, and will continue to amuse unto timelessness, with a particular sense of aknowledgement.

Having appreciated The Addams Family for as long as recollection, I can attest to the exquisite quality of this publication from Pomegranate, presenting these darksome gems in an elegant presentation, worthy to grace One's Lair.

Born of The Night
2008 c.e. Gothic Fantasy Calendar
Born of The Night 2008 CalendarMonolith Graphics

A splendid collection of Gothic images rendered by Joseph Vargo, features full page glossy prints of these marvelously gloomy portraits birthed from the dark subconscious. Dates detail infamous events and individuals of grim historical note with a marble background and glowing numerals, also illustrating moon phases, seasonal equinoxes, solstices, and even astrological signs, if so inclined. Of course, at any point herein one may etch their own events of significance, and it is even better if one possesses a certain sigil stamp to accentuate them as desired.

This '2008' edition includes supplementary inlets per month as well, providing even more aesthetic gratification to compliment one's observance and overall Lair.

Filled with phantoms, demons, vampires, gargoyles, strange creatures, wraiths, Sorcerers and Witches, the Born of The Night Calendar is sure to delight the senses for monthly Halloweens throughout the year.

Giger Calendar 2009 c.e.
{XLIV A.S. Morpheus Gallery}

Upon glossy black thick-stock paper serving as veritable parchments igniting sensory saturation in a ritual of aesthetic contemplation, the beautiful Hell of Giger's vision emerges into the pleasantly gratified multi-dimensional planes of consciousness to compliment subterranian lairs of purest darkness, offering skeletal keys to the infernal abyss within, in darkest reflections sublime.

Filled with potently inspirational quotes from Einstein to Emerson, Picasso, Oscar Wilde to Carl Sagan and others; nefarious historical and notable nativity dates throughout, one is enthusiastically drawn into this grim world of nightmarish creatures, sinister sexuality, bio-mechanical configurations and dreamlike alienesque landscapes, all of which culminate into a glorious masterpiece, merging and stimulating cerebral hemispheric evolution.

Giger Calendar XLIII A.S.

  • Dune 1: Work #289.
  • Landscape 25: Work #230.
  • Spacetrip II: Work #403.
  • Man With Helmet: Work #366.
  • Passage 13: Work #170.
  • Kofferbaby.
  • Magma IV: Work #578.
  • Karavane {with Martin Schwarz}.
  • Mordor: Work #279.
  • Behemoth: Work #257.
  • ELP II: Work #218.
  • Passage Temple Death: Work #263.
    Giger Calendar 2008 c.e.
    Morpheus Gallery

    Giger Calendar 2008 c.e.Dare you venture into Giger's Satanic World of nether-wordly creatures and Hellish landscapes? A place which brings comfort and inspiration, familiarity and contemplation... plunge the depths of The Abyss, open the gates to the dark subconscious and dwell in twelve supreme months of infernal meditation upon these legendary masterpieces.

    * Contents:

    Untitled {For Graw}, ELP II, Hieroglyphics {Work No. 385} [1], LI Sculpt, Birthmachine [2], Monsters of Rock [3], Magus [4], Landscape XXIII, Tourist VII [5], SIL {Detail} [6], Passagen, Aleph [7].

    The glossy black Giger Calendar also includes special notes of observation, infamous dates and individuals of remembrance, a biography including a diabolically-stylized portrait of The Artist, photos of the Giger Bar & Museum H.R. Giger in Switzerland, along with monthly quotes from historical artists, writers, philosophers, and occultists.

    Giger has the amazing capability to interpret mythological concepts in his own lambent artistic style, utilizing tradition, imagination, and improvisation to manifest a unique iconoclastic vision. It is truly a pleasure to display this veritable portfolio in The Blackthorne Lair.

    * Here I shall describe some of the more remarkable presentations from this edition in My estimation:

    [1] In Egyptian metaphorical mythology, Nuit provides the framework of the universe, with a pharaoh ascending into the ether, accompanied by the egg of transformation / regeneration.
    [2] A clever depiction of both insemination via this phallic metal instrument / chamber of lust, combined with a likely depiction of the birth canal. Read: "Love Gun".
    [3] A more or less 'untraditional' work by Giger, employing vibrant color combinations into an amalgam of amorphous images, faces and forms.
    [4] A definite top favorite. depicting an adept and his thought forms, detailing highly symbolically descriptive processes of Magical practice.
    [5] Some of his more bio-mechanic work, featuring android-like creatures out for a perusal.
    [6] A dream-like morbid lady in metallic skeletal bio-mechanoid motif.
    [7] Carries an encompassing erotic element with yoni and lingam displayed within the menagerie, seemingly signifying sexual magic.

    Topless Witches Calendar XLIV
    {Details: Coil binding, full color, photo stock, horizontal page presentation}

    "If you're going to be a sinner, be the best sinner on the block!" ~ Dr. LaVey.

    Topless Witches CalendarPerfect timing! This Friday the 13th has proven to be most fortunate, indeed!

    Slick, classy photographs grace the senses for twelve splendid months of viewing and appreciating the erotic beauty of these buxom vixens in all their {partial} glory! Also features the photographic talents of Magister Christopher Mealie, Warlock Byrd, Joel Gausten, and courtesy of proprietor Mr. Slesk, let these enchantresses weave their sensual spell for gratifying contemplation.

    Witches featured are: Shannon Gardner {January}, Jezahell van Horn {February}, Samantha {March}, Nina {April}, Melissa Byrd {May}, Freya {June}, Maqlu {July}, Arden Davies {August}, Deathdolly {September}, Muse {October}, Marilyn Mansfield {November}, Carina {December}.

    Plenty of room to list dates of personal significance, to keep one abreast of events. Perhaps there will be another version of this calendar wherein these and others may display further choice assets.

    Remember, take that which tempts whenever you can, and Sin well!

    The Devil in The Penthouse
    {XLIV A.S. Review of Penthouse October '09 issue}

    "Take that which tempts whenever you can!" - Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible.

    FEATURE: Devil’s Advocate - Inside the Church of Satan where sin is a sacrament and all manner of sexual activity in sanctified. By Bob Johnson

    Penthouse XLIVIt seems most appropriate that our esteemed organization is featured in the October issue of Penthouse in this ninth year c.e. After all, The Church of Satan has duly been the subject of salacious publications in our history, like Hustler and Nude Living {see The Mephistophelian Midway}, among several others, and it is always a pleasure to gratify the intellect as well as the libido.

    Herein, we see a magnificent illustration by Coop generously gracing the article's introduction, demonstrating a devilish gentleman in the midst of ritual with a writhing buxom vixen upon the Altar {which in itself would be a most desirable acquisition!}.

    Conducted by Magister Bob Johnson {Old Nick}, interviewees accordingly discuss Satanic sexuality, and fetishes, with participants including Magus Gilmore, couples Magister Lang & Magistra DeMagis, Magister Coop & Ruby, Bryan Moore & Heather Saenz {Arkham Studios}, Christopher Mealie & Stephanie Crabe, Lex Frost, and Corvis Nocturnum, each with intriguing relations and personal dispositions, overall revealing that Satanists are honest with our carnal indulgences, at one with our carnal nature, welcoming mutual pleasures whenever desired.

    Speaking of buxom vixens, also included is a panel featuring a provocative teaser-interview and titillating photo of the voluptuous Marilyn Mansfield:

  • Sex & The Satanic Model. Quite the pleasingly risqué reward on both counts!

    Overall, this issue in particular is an absolute must for collectors of Church of Satan history, which will easily prove to be a collector's edition; and otherwise those who appreciate intellectual contemplation to accompany one's sensual fare.

    Of course, besides the seductively-rousing spectacles throughout, Penthouse also contains various other articles of interest:

    • "Halloween Howl - The hottest costumes for this year’s parties" by Christine Colby. Looking for sexy fetishistic outfits? Shop the Halloween aisles! For use all year 'round!

    • "Hot for Words - If more English teachers looked like this, we’d all have Ph.D.’s in literature" by Marina Orlova. Hot for teacher! Makes the learning process even more interesting! Will you be asked to stay after class? Extra-curricular activity, indeed!

    • "The Fursuit of Happiness - A Neverland-like utopia for adults who don’t want to grow up" by Harmon Leon. An amusing spotlight on a silly subculture.

    • "Bedtime Stories - 'Dirty Sexy Money,' erotic fiction from Life on Top" by Clara Darling. Mammon in the bedroom! She loves the scent of musk and money!

    • ...and of course, The infamous Penthouse Forum!

    Left-Handed Greetings
    {XLIV A.S. Greeting cards by Art On You Studios. $16.66}

    While enjoying the diabolically-empowering atmosphere of Walpurgis, what did the Hellbox yield, but a complimentary Walpurgisnacht gift to last for seasons to come. A package from Art On You Studios containing postcards for several major 'unholydays", accompanied by several other items of infernal interest, which are much appreciated, including a T-Shirt stating "WW[LaVey]D?"displaying the likeness of Dr. LaVey {interesting notion that I had recently contemplated acquiring this jovial shirt}, several stickers {including the LaVey design, "Hail Thyself!", and "I [heart Frankenstein]"}, along with some nice slick business cards. Just some of the many artful products by Satanic Artist Storm.

    Card contents: Walpurgisnacht, Halloween, Yule, remmus solstice, Autumn & Spring Equinoxes, and of course, the Highest of High Holiday, One's Birthday.


    Left-Handed Greetings Walpurgisnacht: Features a rendition of La Danse du Sabbat by Gustave Dore from Histoire de la Magie (1884) by P. Christian.

    Halloween: Features a very turn of the 19th century impression depiction of The Devil emerging from behind a Jack O' Lantern by a black candle crowned skull while a contemplative moon gazes down upon the festive scene.

    Yule: A Krampus / "Satan Claus" -like figure with a lovely devil girl welcome you to warm yourself by the hellfire, in a cozy environment filled with evocative items.

    Birthday: Some elements of celebration greet the birthday boy or girl with a rose indicative of romantic indulgence.

    Spring Equinox: A natural scene includes a scowling sun, tree, and Baphomet, featuring an appropriately misanthropic quote from Ernest Hemingway.

    Fall Equinox: Bountiful well-wishes meet the senses in this pleasant scene of Baphomet sprouting an autumnal tree.

    remmus Solstice: A grinning demonic tiki carries off a willing vixen on the shores of a Polynesian Paradise at sunset.

    Plenty of room on the back to personalize your message complete with Old Nick for stamp placement. Memento Mori & Mr. Slithersworth decorate the box cover itself.

    Overall, a very nice presentation accentuating the primary product, a series of colored sketches displaying great imagination and thoughtful greetings with a specific concentration on several of the sentiments and aesthetics of Our Kind. A great idea indeed!

    Words From The Third Side by Joel Gausten
    Words From The Third Side by Joel Gausten
    {XLIV A.S. Gausten Books. 84pp. Slick stylish cover}

    As a man of many hats, Joel Gausten offers relations on his eclectic experiences in various professional genres, and as a musician and promoter in the gritty underworld of the Punk scene, on both coasts; as well as relationship and psychological manipulation tips in the business world; along with psycho-sexual advice gleaned from experience on the dynamics of Dominance & submission. The latter subject is covered extensively, inclusive of a guest essay by Gausten's lovely paramour, Shannon Gardner; She a Witch and he a Warlock in the notorious Church of Satan.

    Spanning several years as a journalist for a Poker magazine and various Rock 'n' Roll publications, the writing style flows easily with entertaining content for a delightful afternoon of salacious contemplation.

    Click or Treat!
    The Best of Halloween and Horror on The Internet
    By Rich Gray

    Click or Treat!An extensive compendium of Halloween and otherwise Horror resources on the net.

    Many subjects to choose from within this nefarious genre from artistry, to literature, poetry, music, holiday history, superstitions, character origins, psychodrama, multimedia, recipes, online goody recommendations, and costumed fun-eral.

    The Shadowmantium is mentioned with a favorable review on page 80 in this entertaining and informative book by Rich Gray, wherein a plethora of links, commentary, recommendations, and descriptions are provided in this ultimate source of Horror and Halloween-related websites:

    "Do your tastes tend more towards the hard-core Satanic? Swing by Draconis Blackthorne's site, where you'll find a lot of his Satanism-inspired artwork, in addition to a lot of Satanic text and links to - what else? Satanism resources."

    Read by flickering screen and candle light in the gloom of your haunted room, and allow your imagination to transport you to arcane realms for amusement and fright!

    Sophia Bestiae
    Edward O'Toole

    Sophia Bestiae"Here is an unusual tome which sets out to prove that the God of the “Holy” scriptures is malevolent, alien to those of European ethnic origin, neither omnipresent nor omnipotent, and may have been in fact an alien visitor who harassed the primitive Israelites into subjugation and worship. Also posited is that the hero of Genesis is The Serpent, and that the true Satan—the adversary of God—is Man. O’Toole quotes from biblical passages to provide evidence for his theories and even presents one of the Gnostic texts discovered in Nag Hammadi as an alternative, and God-damning, creation myth. Ultimately he arrives at the position we Satanists advocate, that of the self as the only proper God in one’s life.

    Click on the cover above for ordering information and for forums for discussion of this author’s thinking on art, religion, literature, “The Gothic,” and the occult." - Magus Gilmore.

    * Contains a reference to Satanic Numerology by Draconis Blackthorne, affirming 9 as a proposed Number of Satan {also see The Unknown Known by Magus LaVey; The Satanic Rituals}.

    There are absolutely ironic and metaphorical elements in the analysis of both of the following stories, "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and "The Rocking Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence, which provide profound implications and considerations to the morale.:
    Young Goodman Brown
    By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Young Goodman Brown is an intriguing short story about a young Puritan man existing in a self-righteous miasma who discovers the true motivations behind the hypocritical facade of the towns people surrounding him.

    On All Hallow's Eve, he must leave his wife "Faith" {recognized as symbolic of his own allegorical belief}behind to venture into the vast untamed wilderness {represents the dark subconscious, akin to "The Great Abyss"} amidst wild beasts and savage Indians*. He eventually holds concert with The Devil {perhaps representative of his own guilty conscience within the Judeo-Christian myth's paradigm} in the forest, where The Devil attempts to persuade him to The Sabbath, but Brown is determined to remain in the good graces of his "God", upholding the perceived honor of his ancestors - yet to his horror, discovers and witnesses that the very same men and women he admires most in the past and present for their piety, are themselves in league with Lucifer, and have been for centuries.

    For instance, the elderly Goody Cloyse {she who had schooled him in catechism, now considering him a "silly fellow"}, an apparently staunch Puritan matriarch, appears in the forest to inform his "worship" [sic] that her broom has disappeared despite her knowledge of the ingredients to make the broom fly, including "baby fat", as is the classic claim born of hysteric legendry, as invented by various dramatic writers and Christian propagandists of the time. The Infernal Gentleman graciously lends her His own serpentine staff to usher her forth safely into the night to the ceremonial grounds.

    Traveling on, Goodman Brown witnesses clergyman Deacon Gookin he admired so well, riding his horse astride with The Prince of Darkness, salaciously laughing it up about the night;s initiate, a nubile young lady. To his horror, he later realizes that she who is to be initiated is his precious wife Faith, as is made evident in one maddening sequence, in which he tears violently through the forest lamenting his apparent loss, subsequently finding falling pink ribbons {representing "purity" and innocence"; translate: ignorance}. His visage ironically resembles that of a fearsome beast {see Satanic Statement #7}, more terrible than those who inhabit the woods, as he comes closer to himself as the beast in man.

    As if in a dream, he finds his way to The Sabbath, where Satan appears in a plume of sulphurous flame amidst an Altar and arc of rock, calling forth the converts**.

    Before him, Brown recognizes prominent persons of all pursuations of good and ill-repute celebrating the diabolic mass together. During His Sinister Sermon, Satan recognizes the true nature of man is that of 'evil', no matter how much one tries to deny it, offering historical proof of such. Brown's delusions are shattered, awakening the next morning, as if his eyes were finally opened to the undefiled truth.

    Consequently, Young Goodman Brown refused to acknowledge man's true selfish nature, thus becoming paranoid and fearful, suspicious and muttering.


    Whether or not the events occurred is not as important as the consideration of the effect it had on the protagonist, establishing that the antagonist frequently causes a change for the better, as he/she/it forces the pretentious so-called 'righteous' to face themselves in all of their repressive false sanctimony.

    * Indians were considered literal 'devils' by early English-American settlers because of their natural and perceived exotic customs.
    ** Comparable to a butterfly bursting from its cocoon of fleshly ignorance unto the raptures of The Devil's carnal delights.

    The Rocking Horse Winner
    by D.H. Lawrence

    The Rocking Horse Winner is truly a tragic tale about a boy whose golden heart and gift for clairvoyance ultimately led to his demise, because of excessive, counter-productive greed and confusion besetting his mother, who adhered to a misunderstanding of the application of motivational greed, as opposed to an unbalanced obsession. Love and luck were equated according to the amount of money in the coffers.

    By a series of prognostications, the boy did bring the precious cash forth, all the while rocking violently on his magical rocking horse, which was actually a tool of mediation and focus for him to assuage the winning horse in the day's race. He was eventually driven insane by the a-dolt's pre-occupation until his demise.

    Ironically, in one scene, his mother admonished him to cast away his childish ways, when she herself did not realize her own compulsion.


    In both accounts, 'supernatural' elements were used to exemplify the inner turmoil contained within the characters' own imbalanced psyches, diverting blame onto others which should have gone to themselves, to tragic results.

    Collective morale of the stories: Self-realization, balanced values, honesty with oneself and cared-for others will yield productive results, and serve as a vehicle for true enlightenment.

    The Most Dangerous Game
    by Richard Connell

    {Note: Count Zaroff is not to be confused with Sir Basil Zaharoff, although the author may have been influenced by his exploits.}

    "Do Not Kill Non-Human Animals Unless Attacked Or For Your Food." - Anton Szandor LaVey, 7th Rule of The Earth.

    I found Count Zaroff to be interesting because of his pernicious proclivity to hunt humans, which harks back to the predatory nature of the predatory human beast, and may be a statement to the repression in a civilized society of the dark side of the psyche, which may be why there is such a fascination in western society with horror movies and novels - that is, the spectacle of blood-letting. In Western culture, the Judiciary process and law and order proclaims to guarentee that a criminal will be punished, and the scales of jurisprudence will be balanced in the end, or at least that would be the professed ideal, but not necessarily the reality.

    In other countries, vigilanteism is enforced while cloaked in fundamentalist religious jargon. With this mentality, the people are only following so-called "holy law", which was invented by other humans in the name of some delusional concept of a god-construct, to regulate their behavior, and as such, are mere puppets to another's will.

    While vigilanteism can be very effective, in that it removes destructive organisms, attaining immediate justice, thus fascillitating closure, it also serves as a preventative measure to potential criminals, as the crime rate in third-world countries tends to be quite low in comparison to other nations. It forces people to seriously think twice before committing a crime.

    On par with Lex Talionis, and in the spirit of The Circus Maximus, I think it would be perfectly acceptable to hunt criminals in this manner, those who deserve punishment, even by members of a family whom they have perpetrated a crime against. Equipping them will all manner of weaponry to gain justice. Given an opportunity to elude, until eventually meeting with a justified fate.

    These events could be televised via pay-per-view options, with proceeds directed into law enforcement and reperations to the families, while also providing a deterrent and a lesson in cause & effect. Thus may it provide with a more civil society with this lethal potential.

    Count Zaroff owned his own island where he could do as he pleased, from constructing his own laws, and be the arbiter of the destiny of those present thereon. He certainly knew the terrain and any hiding spots there may be, thus granting him the advantage in every instance of the hunt. Although there may have been another reason for this deadly game. He was a sadist at heart, seemingly deriving more pleasure in the psychological torture inflicted upon his prey than to match wits with the quarry. He did, however, offer his victims the opportunity of a slim chance to defeat him, which may have spoken to his subconscious proclivities, or perhaps he was just being a good sport about it. A true Sadist would already realize and have orchestrated an end result, instead of allowing that possibility. In My opinion, being that the island was his Lair, he had every right.

    I believe the very act of hunting without necessity, that is to say, hunting not for defensive purposes for oneself and loved ones, or for food, but only as a sort of so-called "sport", lends to the observation that there are unresolved, deep-seated issues of control, perhaps compensating for a feeling of helplessness and/or failure in other venues of existence. For by considering other species of animals "inferior", would then provide a convenient justification for homicide and genocide, as well as a false supplement to an already impoverished ego {See Satanic Statement 7}. On a human scale, let stratification take its course, for egalitarianism only works once, to determine where people place themselves according to their ability, and where they progress according to merit.

    Count Zaroff is ultimately an archetypally-romanticized character and trait representing the shadow side of the human psyche too often denied, to often under-estimated, and under-stimulated, which only speaks to the necessity of its symbolic existence. It represents primordial fears of the dark, the forbidden, and the fascinating. The experience of natural emotions such as hatred, anger, greed, and lust. To harness this awesome potential force towards constructive ends when reasonably applied, through balanced expressions in The Arts, can produce magnificent plays, films, music, and literature, or it can prove to be a section in ourselves most choose not to see, yet its repressive denial will only yield to an imbalanced monster. The Key: make the inner monster work for you.

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