Final Friends 3: The Graduation

It was his last chance to find the answer.

The last day of school had finally arrived, six months after the homecoming dance and the ruin of a princess, and nine months after the big party and the death of an angel. It is to be a busy day; there is the graduation ceremony in the afternoon in the football stadium, and then the senior all-night party aboard a cruise ship heading to Catalina.

But for Michael Olson, it is not a time to celebrate. It is a day to finish an investigation that may cost him his life. It is also a final chance to let the girl of his dreams, Jessica Hart, know his feelings for her.

But the last day will not last long enough.

For Michael or Jessica.

The cruise ship will never reach it's destination.

The truth will turn out to be a lie.

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Mass Market Paperback
Published by Archway
Original Publication date: January 1989
Republished with horrid new cover: February 1998
Dimensions (in inches): 0.69 x 6.77 x 4.16
ISBN: 0671019279