See You Later

He fell in love with the right girl at the wrong time.

Mark has just graduated from high achool and has just fallen in love for the first time. The girl's name is Becky. Unfortunately for Mark, Becky has a boyfriend. Mark tries his best, but is unable to win Becky for himself.

Then Mark meets a young couple: Vincent and Kara. Both look extremely familiar to him, although he could swear he's never seen them before. They quickly become good friends. Kara does not want Mark to give up on Becky. In fact, Kara is obsessed that Mark and Becky get together. Kara comes up with an elaborate scheme to break up Becky and her boyfriend. Mark thinks the scheme cruel. He tries to stop Kara. He doesn't succeed. Suddenly, Becky is a free woman, and Mark can't help but ask her out on a date.

Then things start to get very strange. An evil man appears out of nowhere. Somebody is kidnapped. Somebody is tortured. Kara knows what is happening, but she refuses to talk. She has a good reason not to talk. For nobody would believe the story she has to tell.

But in the end, Mark does believe her, when all he loves appears to be lost, and the world stands on the verge of destruction.

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Mass Market Paperback
Published by Archway
Published: August 1990
Republished with horrible new cover: April 1998
Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 6.72 x 4.14
ISBN: 0671020250