Remember Me 2

They called her a Wanderer.

Shari Cooper is dead, the victim of a murderous attack. She is on the other side, in a place of spirits, an eternal realm of light and love. But she is given a rare offer. To return to earth without having to be reborn. Into the body of a depressed teenage girl. A transfer of souls, they call it. Shari is given the chance to be a Wanderer, and to do a great service for humanity. It is an offer she gladly accepts.

Then she is back, in a human body. Yet she does not remember being Shari Cooper. At first she recalls nothing of the afterlife. Perhaps it is just as well. Not everybody on earth welcomes Wanderers. Of the few who know of their existance, some want them dead. And others, the truly evil ones, wish them much worse than that.

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Mass Market Paperback
Published by Archway
Publication date: September 1994
Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 6.79 x 4.17
ISBN: 0671872656