This page contains reviews of Christopher Pike's books. To post your own review, please visit my forum.

Be warned however, that many of these reviews do contain spoilers, so if you haven't read the book, it may ruin it for you. You've been warned!

Bury Me Deep
Chain Letter
Chain Letter 2
The Cold One
Die Softly
The Eternal Enemy
Execution Of Innocence
Fall Into Darkness
Final Friends 1
Final Friends 3
Gimme A Kiss
The Grave
The Hollow Skull
The Immortal
Last Act
Last Vampire
Last Vampire 2
Last Vampire 4
Last Vampire 5
Last Vampire 6
The Listeners
The Lost Mind
Magic Fire
The Midnight Club
Remember Me
Remember Me 3
Road To Nowhere
The Season of Passage
Scavenger Hunt
See You Later
Slumber Party
The Star Group
The Starlight Crystal
The Tachyon Web
The Visitor
The Wicked Heart
Whisper Of Death

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