Aufheben 3 (Summer 1994)

Auto-Struggles: The Developing War against the Road Monster

1. The Importance of the Car to the Modern Economy
From capital's point of view, the motor industry is both a vital element in a modern transport infrastructure, necessary for the expanded reproduction of a variety of sectors of the economy, and a locus of expansion in its own right. From the proletariat's perspective, the freedom offered by the car is merely a formal freedom; the consumer-citizen's freedom of movement has as its premise and its result the atomization and enslavement of the class in work and in leisure.

2. Against the Road/Car Empire! The Nature of the Current Struggles
Our continued reification as workers and consumers in the social car factory is always provisional and contested. Thus just as 'the biggest road-building programme since the Romans' gets into gear, so its antithesis has grown and flourished. We trace the recent history of the new anti-roads struggle and argue that a greater practical consciousness is needed of the close relation between the various anti-roads campaigns and between these campaigns other facets of the wider struggle against the capital relation.

Decadence: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? Part II
In the second instalment of this, our radical soap-opera of theoretical controversy, we critically examine three important revolutionary currents that went beyond the objectivism of orthodox Marxism - Socialism or Barberism, the Situationist International, and the Italian autonomist current, as well as attempts to reassert the orthodox line.

Review Article: Midnight Oil
In asserting the centrality of class struggle Midnight Oil is an important attempt to go beyond Lenin's theory of imperialism as a means of understanding the Gulf War. Unfortunately the inadequacy of their understanding of capitalism leads them on some bizarre theoretical wanderings in their search for an alternative.

Review: Carry on Recruiting!
'The politics and practice of the SWP negate its claim to be revolutionary'. Have Trotwatch nailed the Leninists?