Aufheben 5 (Autumn 1996)

The Class Struggles in France
Last year's social upheaval in France was one of the most significant moments in European class struggle for decades. This Editorial Introduction provides the international and historical background to our Intakes documents from the French events. We begin with the context of drives towards European integration, and then analyse the changing forms of class struggle in France in the last 50 years, including the 1986 riots, the '86-87 rail strike, the Air France rebellion in 1993, and the winter crisis of '95 itself.

Intakes: Together we can Invent a Future
Our Intakes section in this issue comprises articles and leaflets written by participants in the 1995 winter crisis and translated from French. The first six documents were mostly produced as leaflets at the time, and describe and analyse the developing criticisms and desires among sections of the movement. The remaining three pieces are articles written at the end of the wave of strikes and demonstrations, in January 1996. They reflect upon some of the radical tendencies and limits of the movement, and provide a vivid account of the solidarity, creativity and conflict experienced by rail workers and others.

Escape from the 'Law of Value'?
One of the editors of Midnight Oil replies to our critical review which appeared in Aufheben 3. In our response, we argue that the position(s) developed in Midnight Oil, and reaffirmed in the editor's reply, continue to understand the dynamic of modern capitalism simply in terms of the power of capital to (deliberately) manipulate prices to attack the working class.

Bad: The Autobiography of James Carr

Carr, a gang-member and jail-bird in 1960's California, became deeply politicized while inside but also developed a powerful critique of the nature of prisoners' struggles.

Senseless Acts of Beauty: Cultures of Resistance since the Sixties
by George McKay

We slag off an attempt by the cultural studies industry to grasp the continuity in such developments as the free festivals, anarcho-punk, and anti-roads movements.