Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 10:44:27 -0700
From: ("Ernest Hancock")
Subject: Re: maybe you can answer this email jason wrote ernie
To: ("Jason Auvenshine")


Eric's side of the story is different of course.

Basically, Eric said that when the deputy saw that he had a holstered 6 gun on he freaked and drew on him without warning and probably by accident fired off a round. Eric, instinctively drew his weapon and ran behind his car firing into the sir to keep the deputy down while he ran into the desert.

Eric's claim was that he didn't fire even near the officer. Eric claims that the officer then took a weapon after Eric. left and fired it into his own car to simulate a gun fight in which he was a tarket. The claim of WACO style detroying and tampering of evidence abounded. Since his mother didn't wish to proceed with the attorney (Marc Victor) that we were fortunate enough to get for free (just happened he was doin some Yavapai court appointed stuff at the time and got sent the case). She didn't like him for some reason and selected a series of other firms 4-5 changes and a $100 thousand plus later they lost. What was of interest to me was that I testified on his behalf as a character witness for his release while the trial went on (he was released on bail). I testified that the events as described by the officer were in direct violation of everything that Eric has fought and stood for and that the courts in Yavapai now from personal experience that he is a peaceful fighter of tyranny and uses the courts instead of a gun. The County Attorney took this part of the case on himself and tried to make a big deal out of the fact that Eric refuses to get a driver's license. I responded that I knew that and so does this court due to his peaceful use of it in advocating his right not to have to have one to travel etc etc etc.

You see, Eric and his stable ols fashoned family are the kinda people that you make movies about. They dn't mess with anyone but will not bend either. They have been the target of the local law enforcement for their open activism on many many issues. The character and past conduct of the officer involved was not allowed in Eric's defense. His personel records were ordered by the court and the county attorney's office went all the way to the Az Supreme Court to have them sealed form the case. The officer then claimed disability from stress and left the force. Starting to see a pattern? The fact that the offier had just had a full blown argument in the sheriff's office before he hit the road and that his reputation was very bad was not allowed in the case.

When I testified on behalf of Eric's character before about 15+ armed deputies in the courtroom I made it clear that Eric never had any intention of harming the officer, he just wanted to get away from a deadly threat. When asked how I knew this I said, "Because the deputy is still alive".

They had no more questions for me.

Eric has won every shooting competition we've ever had and practices all of the time. I knew that they knew this also. I could see the support for the deputies version going from their eyes and this is why they had to control what was presented to the jury the way they did.

The most unfortunate thing that came out of this whole thing is the perception of some that when faced with a simular circumstance of having your life unjustifiably in mortal danger, it is far more in your best interest to use deadly force. Because if you ever draw yor sword on the King's men you are going down no matter what it takes and you are far better off with only your version of the story available. I understand these thoughts and hope I am clever enough to avoid such circumstances. But they are more common everyday with more law enforcement that are becoming more insulated from the population and more dangerous with each moment that passes.

It is my fear that things are avout to get much worse before they get better. This why I have taken such an out front position on all of my stances and the methods I choose to fight the bad guys,... it's safer for all concerned. But they pushed one too many of Ben Martin's buttons didn't they? And that was a very bad idea.


P.S. In a matter of weeks or months Dean Pleasant will be getting out of prison (Viper Team). Another victim of the war on freedom using any means required. I look forward to the party :)


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>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 02:04:01 -0000
>Subject: [lpaz-discuss] Eric Boudette
>At the last ALP GovCom meeting, there was some discussion of Eric
>Boudette's situation. This discussion rang a bell with me, because
>it sounded similar to a situation that came up in a conversation I
>had last year with my brother, who is a cop up in Prescott. My
>brother is in town this weekend so I asked hi if the guy he had told
>me about last year was named Eric Boudette. He confirmed that it
>was. I proceeded to get him to retell his understanding of things
>since he is currently of the opinion -- no surprise -- that Eric
>deserved what he got (17 years in prison).
>This is the way my brother tells the story: Officer stops Eric.
>Eric gets out of his car and proceeds toward the officer with a
>visible (but not drawn) weapon. Officer tells Eric to stop and get
>back in his car. Eric continues to advace, so the officer pulls his
>gun. Eric then pulls his gun and fires at the officer.
>Is this factually correct?
>Were there any other important factors left out?
>If it is essentially correct, why do people feel that Eric was
>unjustly persecuted?
>I'm curious because my brother is making the usual derogatory
>references to militia groups and "patriot" groups and using Eric as
>an example of why they're evil.
>--Jason Auvenshine
>"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
>when the government fears the people, there is liberty "
> Thomas Jefferson

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