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This is a simple list of some of my links and resourses.

STU OLSEN! Fellow HAM and Jeeper. One AWESOME and detailed site. If you're in need of knowlege, start here! THAT is why he's at the top of my list.
My other page
Extreme Engineering. Home of Anthony's Budget Boost.
QUADRATEC. 4x4 parts.
JEEP TECH A so-so page. Good for new-comers to the Jeep world.
Clayton Offroad
Pearce's ZJ page. All 'round great guy. Home-built ZJ
NAGCA. North American Grand Cherokee Association Some great info here.
Pirates' Board.They can be brutal to newbies, some just harsh. But the level of information and experience is high. Take what you get with a grain of salt.
CJ Offroad BB
YJ Offroad
QRZ.... for the HAMs or those interested
Valdosta Amateur Raio Club, Valdosta, GA
Moss Motors. MG/JAG/Triumph parts suppliers
Jeeps 4 Ever

Suzuki Sites


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Drop me a line and let me know who you are. If you have ANY 4wd or MGB site, I'll link it here!! Pass the word and tell your fellow Jeepers. Put "JEEP SITE" in the title or something. :-)