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The Sir Thomas Beecham Society is devoted to commemorating and promoting the music-making and work of its namesake, and of his contemporaries. This is accomplished mainly through our journal, Le Grand Baton (the nickname conductor Pierre Monteux fondly gave to Sir Thomas), which appears on an irregular basis and features discographies, articles on performers and commentary on music in the first half of the 20th century.

[photo: cover of Discography]A major goal of the Beecham Society was realized in late 1997 with the publication of

Sir Thomas Beecham:
A Discography
By Michael Gray

which is a complete revision of the author's 1979 centenary discography. We feel that a society devoted to Sir Thomas can render no greater service to his memory than by keeping accurate information about his recordings before the public. We are grateful to the Mr. Gray for allowing the Society to publish his work. Copies remain available from the Editor of Le Grand Baton at a cost of $30 (U.S.), post paid. For further details, contact Joseph G. Ayers by e-mail or at the postal address below.

Membership Information

Dues are $20.00 (U.S.) per year (surface mail) or $25 (airmail, overseas).

 Editorial contributions, requests for back issues and all matters pertaining to Le Grand Baton should be addressed to:

         The Sir Thomas Beecham Society
         Editor, Le Grand Baton
         85 Morningside Drive
         Falling Waters, WV 25419  USA
Members in the U.K. may avoid the cost of international money order by paying dues in the amount of 12.50 Pounds Sterling (15.50 Pounds Air Mail) to:
         Mr. Robin Howard
         New Timbers, 8 Upfield
         Croyden, Surrey, CR0 5DP
Le Grand Baton

Present and past issues of our Journal are available for purchase.
Members receive current issues as part of their membership.

Our current Issue
Le Grand Baton No. 74
(58 pages)
Beethoven -- The Revolutionary,
by Robin Howard
Sir Thomas Beecham's Contract Negotiations, 1941-1959,
by David Patmore
Who was Caroline Hatchard?
Beecham or Toscanini>,
by Desmond Shawe-Taylor
Sir Thomas Beecham and the Royal Festival Hall,
by Denham V. Ford
Jack's Wax Finds New Stacks
The Tales of Hoffmann
Two Beecham Treasure Troves,
by Brendan Wehrung
How to Save and Restore the Records You Love,
by Joe Ayers
The Glorious Collation of Maggie Teyte's Recordings
Record Reviews by Jack Noble
Le Grand Baton No.74

Le Grand Baton No. 73
(46 pages)
Beecham on Mozart, remarks delivered at the 
University of Illinois Mozart Festival, 1956
Elgar's Enigma Solved! 
by Denis Stevens
Sir Thomas Beecham Live 
by Robert Giddings
Richard Wagner, Protean Genius
by Robin Howard
Beecham: The perfect Wagnerite 
by Jack Douglas
The Faust Legend and some of its progeny 
by Joe Ayers
Beecham's Three Fausts 
by Joe Ayers
A New Cottage Industry (do-it-yourself reissues)
Alfred Cortot and a short Cortot Discography
Le Grand BatonNo.73

Le Grand Baton No. 72
(62 pages)
Are Musicians Quite Human? 
An Evening with Klaus G. Roy
Beecham - An Artist Before All Else
by Martin Cooper
Beecham - The Enigma
by Robin Howard
EMI, Sir Thomas Beecham, and the formation 
of the London Philharmonic Orchestra
by David Patmore
Who was Lord Berners?
by Joe Ayers
Feodor Chaliapin, Bass of the Century
Chaliapin as I knew him
by Fred Gaisberg
Sir Thomas and Mr. Beecham
by Neville Cardus
Le Grand Baton No. 72

Le Grand Baton No. 71
(56 pages)
2000 and Counting
by Joe Ayers
Classical Music - Dead Man Walking?
by DAvid Patrick Stearns
Beecham and Barbirolli
by Robin Howard
Beecham's Russo-Italian Warhorse
by Denis Stevens
An Evening with Louis Lane 
Beecham in Seattle
by Herbert Lindenberger
Beecham: Reluctant Beethovenian?
by Jack Douglas
Martin Milner, 1928 - 2000
Wanda Landowska 
Joe Ayers
And so am I going on...Wanda Landowska
by Robert Sabin
Landowska Discography
The Gramophone Debates (on Beecham)
Le Grand Baton No. 71

Le Grand Baton No. 70
(44 pages)
The Beecham Experience
by Robin Howard
Beecham and Richard Strauss
by Jack Douglas
Beecham and Messiah
by Denham V. Ford
At the hands of the mighty
by Gordon Epperson
Ataulfo Argenta, 1913-1958
by Alan Sanders
An Argenta Discography
by Nathan E. Brown
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Rachmaninoff on CDs
by Brendan Wehrung
The Forrester Foofaraw
Le Grand Baton No. 70

Le Grand Baton No. 69
(32 pages)
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 1945-1998
by Denham V. Ford
Reminisceneces of a Symphony Musician
by Harry Barnoff
Beecham and Sibelius
by Jack Douglas
Playing Records "Straight" Won't Do It
by Stanley Stone
Sir Malcolm Arnold
By Joe Ayers
On Discovering Naxos
by Jack Nobles
Recording with Sir Thomas
by Maureen Forrester
Le Grand Baton No. 69

Le Grand Baton No. 68
(30 pages)
Contributions to the Early Music Movement
by Sir Thomas Beecham, Baronet, C.H.
by Denis Stevens
Beecham and Berlioz: a Performance History
by Jack Douglas
Sir Thomas Beecham Has His Say
ny Rose Haylbut
Musings on Marketing
by Don Vroon
Tarbrush or Whitebush?
by Kenneth DeKay
Oskar Fried
by Bill Flowers
Le Grand Baton No. 68

The following back issues of Le Grand Baton are still available in limited quantity:
(please order by number from the Editor)

 SIR EUGÉNE GOOSSENS (40 pages, Number 67)

 Eugene Goossens III was one of the Great Hopes of British composition in the first decades of this century, but while his music has not been forgotten, it as a conductor that he is remembered today. This issue includes a biography, articles by people who knew Goossens and an extensive discography.

 30th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE (60 pages, Number 66)

 Includes a number of articles taken from the earliest issue of Le Grand Baton, a list of society LP issues, and an appreciation and discography for soprano Maggie Teyte.

 WILHELM FURTWAENGLER (70 pages, Number 65)

 Germany's greatest conductor is honored with an extensive biography, appreciation and reprint of John Hunt's latest discography (fourth Edition of The Furtwaengler Sound). Also, reviews of compact discs from EMI's "Beecham Edition" and an article on "Musical Families" who played under Beecham's direction.

 SUPER SHOWMAN (36 pages, Number 64)

 A mostly-Beecham issue, but including articles on Ethel Smythe, Havergal Brian, the Maharajah of Mysore, Nicholas Medtner, and an inquiry as to who today's great conductors are by John Holmes

 A small number of some earlier issues also remain; again, contact the Editor for details.

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