Wood Street, "Maruti Mahal" - The end of a family house.

Maruti Mahal was one of the most elegantly designed houses of Bangalore, and unique to Richmond Town. The house had not reached it's centuary, but as the need for better conditions for the owners, it was demolished with a lot of respect, sentiments, and treated as a deceased family mamber. I was lucky to have met my friends Ohmey, Dale and Natalie Pereira from Tate lane, who knew the owners and made arrangement for me to shoot the last of the standing building. It was really a maginificant piece and espically the hall which was lit by a skylite uniquely designed surrounded by a wall painting which unfortunatly could not be saved, as it was part of the building wall.

Let me take you through the house from the gate to the terrace. You will never see this house again as a new commercial complex has come up on the same plot.