Miscellaneous: Memories of growing up in Bangalore.

This page is actually the 'Orphans' page for my photographs and as and when I find time to put the same under categories or in their respective pages, they will be kept here. I haven't had the time to do this, but will do so in the course of  the year. This page will also be used for additions found within my collections that I have scanned and kept in 'limbo'! All photographs are mine unless where specifically noted as another owner and permission given to me to use, hence you may not use any photographs on this page or within any of the Bangalorewalla pages unless with express permission from me. If you are from any local Newspaper group, permission will not be given as none of you have supported this 7th Anniversary of Bangalorewalla by publishing about it, although I sent a write-up to you all . This page and contents will keep changing from time to time. Times of India came out with a great collection of commercial info for their 6th Anniversary of their 'Bangalore Times' supplement, but there was no mention of any 'heritage' preservation personalities found on any of the pages, well how do you expect me not to give permission to use any of my material? So much for the 'fourth estate's' support for Bangalore's past.
Bangalore Times, Times Of India Supplement, 6th March 2004 , did give a small 'Q&A' write-up on me, by Sangeeta Cavale (she also did an article on me in in TOI, 1999), and I might reconsider, and give TOI permission to use my photos!!! Sad there was no contact number or address in the article, and till date 26th March 2004, nobody, I repeat nobody has contacted me to help preserve the 'Memories of Bangalore', so much for the people's love of their city, and so much for 'positive' reporting and more for 'constructive editing', I did give my contact number ( 22240145) and address during the interview.

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