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Hello Fellow Old Boys and Visitors, I was in luck on 14th March '98 when I went to School (reference only to St. Joseph's B.H. School, Bangalore, India) to take some photographs of the garden, especially the bright yellow tree near the front gate, when I discovered that Joe D'Mello was in the Old Boy's Association Office, which is located at the entrance on the right, below the Chapel (this is soon to be shifted, both the OBA Office and Chapel!!). Understand it was the Parlour. I took the chance of twisting his arm and pulled out a couple of photo albums, and what you see below is from that lot. Since it comes from the School, I don't think I am in trouble with Copyright, and to my surprise I did find some of my own photos that I had given the OBA some years ago, and some of the photos were taken probably before I was born!!. Have fun, I will do another "raid" when I have the time and pull out some memories for you all, but I need a favour from you all who enjoyed this lot. To please write and thank Joe at the OBA Office, for the courtesy of the photos, and I am sure if you respond, he will be on the look out for more photos to share with you all. The OBA Office has it's own direct phone line 091 80 2235506 Thanks for the encouraging support received from around the world, Ronnie.

The One and Only 'Old Faithful' Bill Fernandez, '100+'!

Glimpses of many an Old Boy's Day ... "Down Memory Lane", starts with Holy Mass, followed by the Scouts leading the Old Boys to the War Memorial for a short service, a bugle echoes the last post, then to the hoisting of the School Flag, followed by the bellowing of the School Song (except the last line when most of the guys keep mumbling ... check out the words on one of the pages of this site). Next call to Breakfast, Photograph, OBA General Body Meeting, followed by Lunch entertained with housie, sing-song, beer, briyaini (yes, even the cricket match slows down for it!), cricket match (just cannot miss Sharma moustache and bat under his arm, breeze in, swing, breeze out, beer was better!), then back home, after a few burbps, hic!!
The Traditional Breakfast! Eggs & Sausages, Coffee and an Apple!
Below, at the table in the Refectory, yours truely is the first left in the grey suit. Not the difference between the tables, what a generation can do, there are actually sausages left behind on the other table! Criminal our friends Ivan Yates and Glenn Hartley would say! Ivan and Glenn are in the left photograph above, spot the collection of plates, and you've got them, Eddie Smith and Francis Mascarenhas seemed to have retired from the competition!!

The Making of the Group Photograph!

Photographer Vs Photographed!

Now, this "Please Smile, Birdie, Flash! Puff! Bang!" contraption of G.G. Wellings (M.G. Road) has given way to a SLR, and a dry photographer, who takes a 'best-of-five'. Looking back, besides sausages and Bill's 'Excuse me', posing for a photograph used to be an event, where everyone saw and checked out about others! Kappie with his lists faithfully sent around on writing boards, with pens tied with string, returned with the papers, board and string, pens?! Then after all this effort, there is a lot of reshuffling to the frustration of the photographer and the one writing the names, till finally the names are dumped with a note 'too many names to be printed' Ha!! THey still have it wrong, making us all stand facing the sun, squinting and cursing!!

OBA Day photographs, above taken in front of the School many years ago, but now the trellis is not there, and below in front of the games field, below the Chapel.

  • Entrance stone between the gates
  • Corridor near Physics Lab entrance
  • Chemistry Lab (Once the den of Alvy, now David Chatterjee prowls around it!
  • Outside view of the Primary 'A' Section from the toilets! (No comments!)
  • St. Joseph's B.H. School Garden (Check this out)

A Freddy Dias Collection!

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