Wellington Street: Bangalore, Photographs

John Aquino last trip to his grandmothers house

Growing up in Richmond Town, on a road called Rose Lane, one came across many interesting happenings. The town in the early '50's was made up of Anglo-Indians and one particular well known Muslim family called Mirza, who was said to have owned over 30 houses in the town.!! I was pretty sure of that, as the old gentleman, bent with age, always in spotless white kurta, and accompanied by a lovely short lady with extremely vibrant red hair lived on Wellington Street in an old house that had a back entrance on Clapham street opposite the late Miss. G. Flannigan's place. He, I understand was related to the Dewan of Mysore, and so had lot of wealth.

Richmond town was famous for the Sunday auctions help on Wellington street by late Mr. Ince and late Mr. Chester Allen (who also conducted an auction on MG Road, behind Thomas Cooke building), and on Alexander street by Ronald Pacheco ( who lives in retirement at daCosta Square today). The auction was a fun thing if you were 'not' buying and only came for 'time pass', but many I am sure went back bidding for something they would never use in their lives, like my wife did, but it was all in the spirit, and one really enjoyed the adrenaline of the bidding!! In the early days of my marriage, this Sunday ritual was  the 'time pass' till the kids came and the journey to the auction became an ordeal instead of being entertainment, but now and then we did make it to one. Ronald Pacheco survived his father the Doctor, and the house was sold and so did end the auction business.

If you enter Wellington street from Richmond Road, you presently find Koshy's 'Automatic' Bakery, then a large compound with an old bungalow called 'Marie Villa', used to be owned by Mrs. Mersh, later by her daughter Mrs. Aquino. One of the sons, John was  in Bangalore lately in 2003, and I was able to get some shots of the house (front elevated view , side view , rear view - the trellis door has a family story that the grandmother killed a cobra with a hockey stick when she was around 18 yrs old, and the broke the wood which till date was never repaired. A real pioneering woman!!) . The other brothers Brian and Marcus used to keep in touch with me on the net ( check out the St. Joseph's OBA page of mine ). Next door one finds the Mascarenhas house ( this is where the auctions used to take place, evangelist Fritz lives here). This is twin to the Aquino house, of course it has been modified a little!! Opposite these houses (where stands SS Mansion) was a row of rooms, part of a cottage in the cut away section of the Richmond House compound. The Hofflands (Christopher) and O'neil lived. The Aswanis (Lal, Mohan , Roop) lived in the next house after Leonard Lane cross (where today the dilapidated Post Office is located), with  the Mirza' s following. Opposite we used to have late Mr. Keys' Guest House, and Cheerful Lodge (today a beehive of flats called Wellington Apartments) where the Furnels (Police Inspector, Denzil, Glen) lived in the side cottage, forgot who lived in the main house. I remember that there used to be a very tasty rose apple tree.. Bang opposite was the Pillay's (Winston 'Winkie' & Christopher)   and late Mr. & Mr. Longsworth (who used to run a private taxi service to go to Mysore for sight seeing) lived. Further down, after Serpentine Street cross, one came across  Nigley, Martin, Moore (Werner, I used to live behind to this house which was next to the Richmond Institute, and has become part of Frank Anthony's Junior School), Dalby, Dass (Jayraj, aka Mr.Bond!!!) , Wyse, Webster, Mirza again, and opposite was Richmond Institute.
I think the Fords and Boyers lived after Alexender Street cross, with the Briggs (late Chippy of the Devil Beats, Shirley Fitzgerald), next came the D'souza's (Mario , Bruno used to be a good musician), then Machado (late Loy of my band Axis, Renee) Dacosta (Vivian, Dereck, now this house has been demolished), Lewis (Camlin Chicken fame), and ending up into the Baptist Bible College. (Some of this info you may have already come across under "People" , in my earlier pages of Bangalorewalla). Today there are very few houses left and so far I have managed to get shots of 3 of the 6 old houses  standing. Bruno D'souza's (Gussy's friend) house and next door Rashid's who used to be our neighbour on Rose Lane (having a shop on Alexender Street called Rashids, the back wall was our house) is pending. Building my site is so personalized it sometimes reminds me of the computer game called 'Simcity' , where all the players on the field are real people who lived in Richmond Town at some stage. As and when I get the photos, I will link them to this page.

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