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These are a few pieces of advice (and guidelines) that our practice and experience have shown to be useful.


Subject line Attachments Sharing links Keeping track of VIP info
Effects of Time zones Tapped In chat logs Logs of BaW chats and events Shortening "looong" URLs Adding a friend in YM
Mirror site Recovering Web pages no longer available Enabling chat applet at Tapped In    


Messages A sensible rule of netiquette is to always delete all irrelevant content from the message being replied to, including the header and footer (Yahoo wording). This will also help reduce the size of the daily digests that several participants subscribe.
Subject line Change the Subject whenever you start a new topic or thread. This will help spark the participants' curiosity, help to catalogue the messages and make any searches easier.
Attached files, attachments Our YG mail/distribution list does not accept attached files, so upload all files to the FILES area (menu on the left) and include a short description of the content.
Sharing links Links to Web pages can be posted to the LINKS section (menu on the left) in the corresponding folder.You can also create a specific folder, if necessary, by clicking on Add Folder (top of the page).
Keeping track of VIP info Be sure to keep a computer file (and why not a paper backup?) of all your usernames and passwords in the different platforms and environments you register in or subscribe to. It comes in very handy!
Effects of Time zones If it isn't possible for you to attend some of the activities we have arranged for you, always look for the corresponding FILE or LINK in our YGroup
Tapped In chat logs When you're a member of Tapped In (TI), you get all the chat logs of any activity you participate in directly in you email box. How's that for convenience? :-)
Logs of BaW chats and events You will find a page with links to our chats and events at
http://www.oocities.org/bawebhead/chatlogs.html  or at our mirror site:
Shortening "looong" URLs It's called Tiny URL  http://tinyurl.com/ 
If you are sure your long url with spaces/or not works, then copy it and
paste it into the box on the front page at Tiny URL.  It will then give you a much abbreviated version of your original URL which makes it much easier to pass on to others. (Elderbob, 25Jan04).
Adding a friend in YM Find the Tools menu in the main YM window, scroll down to the Manage Friends' list - or a much simpler shortcut: ctrl +A  (Sus, 28Jan04). 
Mirror site If you have trouble opening any of our GeoCities pages, if it takes too long, or if it's inaccessible in your part of the world, go to our Site Index and click on the corresponding page of our Mirror Site: http://www.malhatlantica.pt/teresadeca/webheads/baw/index.html (Teresa, 1Feb04).
Recovering Web pages no longer available If you come across a Web page that's not working or doesn't seem to be available anymore, try the Internet Archive site. You just enter the original URL in the "Wayback Machine", click on the Take Me Back button and wait for it to check if it has something in the archive.
It's free! And most of the times we get what we were looking for.  (Lucy Mellersh, 3Feb04; completed by Teresa).
Enabling chat applet at Tapped In At the Tapped In loggin page you will find a box you need to check to enable the chat applet. Look at the screenshot I have made, it is not very clear, but the enable chat box has been framed in red:
(Daf, 5Feb04)


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Updated on Feb 29, 2004 (Daf)

Created on 12 January 2004

Teresa Almeida d'Eša


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