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Post photos to Participants' folder Adding info to a YG Database  Organizing photos in a photo album Saving chatlogs automatically in YM.


Below you will find helpful hints given by participants on how to do different things:

Post a message to our YG You can post in two ways:
a. From your own e-mail account, sending messages to: or just by replying the messages you receive.
b. From our yahoo group. Go to the group at this url: , then on the menu on the left, click on Post, there you only need to write the subject of the message and then compose it. Do not forget to click on "SEND" (at the bottom).
A tip: if you are sending long messages, it is better to compose them in Word and then just copy and paste. (Dafne, 6Jan04)
Make a photo small to send to Yahoo Groups Well, in Yahoo Groups you do not need to make photos smaller to send them, The Group makes 2 or 3 different sizes for your pics. They have to be in jpg or gif format, though. (you can change the format of a picture in Paint, by "saving as.....")

If you want to make your photo smaller, you need to have a photo editor. Microsoft Photo editor can do that very easily. It is free and downloadable. If you want to make thumbnails, there is an application called Easy Thumbnails (also free) which is great and easy to deal with. (Dafne, 6Jan04)
Move photos in Yahoo Groups (need owner or moderator privileges) check the box next to the photo and then click on "MOVE" on the right. You will get to a page with the list of all the folders available check the folder you want to move the photo to, click on "MOVE" again, and that's it!
(Dafne, 6Jan 04)
Post photos to YG. Click on "Photos" (menu on the left), then on "Add Photo" and upload your pic.
(Dafne, 6Jan04)
REPLYing in Yahoo Groups To answer Eva's question (22Jan04)

Most discussion groups, not only YG, are set up to reply to the whole
group. It makes sense as it's a discussion group, right? If it was hard
to reply it would deter people from doing so. However that's one reason
you have to be careful. . .If you want to reply to just the person who sent the mail, you need to copy their mail address from the "From" line of the discussion group mail and open a new mail and put it in the "To" line.   (Thanks, Janina! 22Jan04)

During the process of creating a YG you will be asked
whether you want members to reply to all or reply only to
the sender as default.
I've cut and pasted below YG instructions on that subject.  (Thanks, Van! 22Jan04)

"Reply to All
When a member replies to a message, that reply can be sent to all the group members. This is the most convenient method for group communication. If you think your group members will want their replies to automatically go to the entire group, select the "reply to all" option. This will set the default action, but members can still change the "reply to" address on individual messages.
Reply to Sender
When a member replies to a message, that reply can be sent to only to the person who sent the original message. If your group's topic is sensitive, and you think members may want to reply to each other privately, select the "reply to sender" option. This will set the default action, but members can still change the "reply to" address on individual messages."

Yahoo mail settings If you prefer to read once a day instead of having many mails, you can change your personal settings inside Yahoo to receive Daily digest mails.  (Sus, 24Jan04)

In answer to Luisa's question (26Jan04)

If you go to the BaW [YG] website, and click on the "Members" link on the left, then find the page with your own listing, you can click on "Edit my Membership" on the upper right hand side of the screen and change your option to "Daily Digest." This should help you manage your time.   (David Brown, 26Jan04)

Adding a friend in YM Find the Tools menu in the main window, scroll down to the Manage Friends' list - or a much simpler shortcut: ctrl +A  (Sus, 28Jan04)
Posting a LINK in YG To answer Leah's question (29Jan04)

Go to the Becoming a Webhead [YG] Homepage. Click on Links and then choose the folders where you want to post. Then just click on Add a Bookmark and fill in the information. If you have a series of links that do not fit anywhere, open a new folder, give it a name or category and add the bookmarks inside.  (Bee, 29Jan04)

Adding info to a YG Database table - Click on "Database" (menu on the left of our YG)
- Click on the link (e.g "Session with Michael Coghlan at YM")
- Click on "Add Record" (top left corner)
- Add the required information
- Click on "Save Record"
Saving chatlogs automatically in YM. For those who would like to keep a record of their chats at YM, I have a page with step by step illustrated instructions on how to set your messenger to automatically save your conversations. Check it out: (Daf, 31Jan04).
Looking for lost files on your hard disk I downloaded the 'condensed participant guide' from our website, but can't see it on my desktop. Where can I find this in my computer? Thanks in advance for help!
          Leah-not-afraid-to-ask in Nagoya

If you do not know where you have saved a document (this has happened to me many times) go to "Start" then to "Search", then "Files/Folders", write the name of the document or something similar, click on search, and you will get a list of all the files with similar names or just the wanted document if the name is complete, and you can open it from there (click on the document) and be sure to check where it is located on your computer. (Daf, 12Feb04)

Inserting images in blogs or Web pages Does anyone know how to post pictures (upload pictures) to blogger? I've started using blogger but it looks very sterile. (Gary 14Feb04).

As I've just discovered how to insert pictures in Blogger let me
share my new knowledge :-)
First: you need to upload your picture to the Internet. I have an account at school and I upload my photos there. They have their internet address then, sth like:
Second: You insert a link to the picture in your "Post" area in Blogger. The link goes wherever you want the picture to appear.
<img src="">
Agata (14Feb04).

Getting Images on the Web (for free) ... unfortunately I [don't] know how to upload my pictures to the internet. I would love your advice. (Kate, 19Feb04).

In Geocities: Go to
Enter your Yahoo ID and password
On the next page, click on "File Manager" ( left upper corner).
On the next page, click on "Open File Manager" (written inside a
On the next page (the file manager), click on "upload files" (right
upper corner, below a menu that says "HTML editor").
On the next page, you will see "Easy Upload" and this message:

"Transfer files from your computer to your main directory with this simple tool. First click on Browse... to select files [on your hard disk, CD or
floppy], then click Upload Files.
Note: File names cannot contain spaces. The total upload can be up to 5MB.
Your images should be in .jpg or .gif format.

Once you get the message that your files have been successfully uploaded, go back to the files manager (click on that option), and then you will have all your uploaded files there. To get the url to your image, click on "view" next to the image (on the right), and you will see your image and will have the url on your browser. Copy it, and then you can use it to upload your pictures to your blogs.

The process is similar in Tripod and Bravenet. Once you know how to do it in one, it is easier to transfer your knowledge to new situations ;-)
Daf, (19Feb04).

Joining Learning Times To join

1. Go to
2. Click "Become a Member" (left side)
3. Click the "Join" button
4. Follow "Option A" -- enter yoru email address, and "Continue".
Complete the next screen to set up your username/password. You'll be all set.

Please write if you need any further assistance.

See you inside the community. :)
Jonathan (21Feb04)
Organizing photos in a photo album From Ismail to Kate Dodge (23Feb04)

I found
this amazing easy-to-use software "Web Album Generator":
<>. It is designed to allow you to use your
saved photos and organize them in a photo Album, write some titles
and comments about each, and then save them in a web template. You can customerize the way it is going to be and the number of photos per page. At the end, it will save your photos again (should be a new blank folder for each album). The outcome of this process are four components:

- a new photo folder with the same size
- a new photo folder as sumbnails
- an index page
- a template page

All you have to do is to save each album in a new folder. After you
finish, create a new main page as the one I did and make links to
each separate album
. I would not recommend that you try to change
the name of the page, just organize them into folders and keep them.
You will have many (index) pages in this case, but it is ok, the
browser will differenciate among them acoording to each link.


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