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Participant Information Introduction

Jean Michel Chaupart


Yahoo ID: jchaupart

Consultant for distance education with Corporación AVANCE (a NGU for educational purposes in Colombia).

I am french but I am living in Colombia since 1971 where I have been a professor at the Universidad Industrial de Santander, in Bucaramanga (northeast colombia). I taught french; I trained professors to teach at the distance, and I experienced with CMC tools with teachers and students. Now I am retired. I joined this group because I know of the TREMENDOUS QUALITIES of our 4 female tutors using CMC tools in education, and specially for foreign languages learning/teaching. I have some practice with some of these tools but I want to share with the other "webheads students" and to follow the orientations of our 4 tutors. I hope to get more practice with CMC tools and look at the different experiences with these tools in education. I welcome all the colleagues who will be sharing with all of us during the following weeks and I am available if I can be of any help about what I know and I have practiced in Colombia. Salutations depuis la Colombie; Saludos desde Colombia; Greetings from Colombia.

Maria Teresa Ciaffaroni


Yahoo ID: tciaffaroni

Teacher of English in a state secondary school for business and ICT called "Lucio Lombardo Radice"but I've also got some experience as teacher trainer and material writer. I have delivered presentation dealing with technology at TESOL italy and a few other specialised conventions.

I'm Italian and I live and work in Rome. I've been teaching English for quite a few years and I feel convinced technology in general and the Internet  in particular have a lot to offer to EFL learning/teaching. For this reason I started both to use and do research on this field some time ago. Last year I attended a course on Multimedia and the New Technology for Language Teaching at NILE - Norwich institute for Language Education. I also attended a post graduate online course at the University of Florence on Techniques and Methods of Online Education. Both courses proved worth their while and I learned  a lot. I also experimented extensively with both synchronous and asynchronous tools. I've published a couple of articles and reviews on web based activities for EFL and I'm currently involved in drafting an article dealing with virtual communities.While I was doing research for my article I came across Webheads in Action and its manyfold outcomes. I learned quite a few things just browsing what members of the group have produced and  I thought i could get much more from direct contact with them, so I applied for memebership. I joined your group mainly because I'd like to experience online interaction with EFL teachers from all over the world and I wish I'll be able to share ideas and experiences with other people who feel confident with technology for language learning. Well, that's more or less my profile. I think I will have the chance to add on it  during the course. Thank you for your kind attention. I just can't wait for the course to start. All the best

David Brown


Yahoo ID: dabmar40

 Graduate student at California State University, Long Beach. Earned a B.A. there in 1997, as well as a Graduate Certificate in TESL in 2000. Have taught online courses in
both TOEFL Preparation and Business English at English for Internet, using the Yahoo Groups page as a platform:

I live in Long Beach, California (the home of TESOL 2004). For the last few years I've been taking graduate classes in both English and Linguistics, but in the Spring 2004 semester I will begin the M.A. program in Educational Technology. I need all of the help that I can get; that's why I've joined this group. I have a California Adult Teaching Credential with qualifications in ESL, English, and Spanish. I also have a Certificate in Teaching Business English from the London Chamber of Commerce Industry Examinations Board. I've been tutoring EFL students at Dave's ESL Cafe Help Center for four years. You might notice my obvious old age in the photo on my Yahoo profile and ask, "What took him so long?" Here's the answer. I was a professional actor for twenty  years (a tough way to make a living) and a radio announcer for ten years.I'm looking forward to the start of the course. I have a lot to learn. Peace,

João Fernandes


Yahoo ID: johnnybeja.

I'm an English and German teacher in a  State School.
I am also currently working with adults in their quest to learn english, as well as younger students that age from 13 to 18.
I have two sites on the net; one personal and the other for my students, which can be found at

I live in Beja, a small town in Portugal. I have had some courses in technology instruments which have enabled me to keep my site up to date whenever possible.
At the moment I am starting my post graduate course in educational communication and multimedia.
I joined the group to try and become more aware and active in the groups' activities, although I have been kind of "in" the group for some time.
I hope to give more and also receive more by joining the activities planned for this specific group. Well that is all, I think,  Take care,

Antonia Melvin


Yahoo ID: antoniamelvin142

I work in a British/International school, teaching English as a second language and Theory of Knowledge, an analytical discipline through which our older students are encouraged to develop critical thinking.

I first got to know about Webheads-in-Action when I participated in a workshop presented by  Teresa at a conference for English as a second language teachers in Portugal.  I found this workshop one of the most inspiring but also practical at the conference although due to various pressures I haven't until now been able to consider seriously putting the time into learning the skills to which this wonderful workshop introduced the participants. I had become interested for quite a while in ICT as a vehicle and support towards developing literacy, learning English and similar skills. I've just finished a distance learning MA in education where during the last two modules I focussed upon teaching and learning with ICT. Nevertheless I am a slow learner and my own ICT skills are sadly lacking; I have a butterfly memory and more goodwill and enthusiasm than secure knowledge regarding providing for the students the personalised online learning laboratory that I dream of being able to facilitate. The technical problems relating to using ICT in my teaching are numerous, however I still feel that the freedom and the scope afforded by using ICT as an educational environment completely outnumber the problems. Although sure that I shall certainly be one of webheads slowest progressing participants, I am entirely excited about trying to acquire the ability to interact in online learning communities and to be able to offer support and facilitation towards learning this way to my students. I am very much looking forward also to making new online friends  although certainly somewhat in awe of the wonderful profiles of all my fellow 'new webheads' who I'm sure will be a fascinating bunch to get to know and with whom to work.

Barbara Dieu (Bee)


Yahoo ID: bdieu2001

She presently teaches at the Lycée Pasteur, a Franco-Brazilian secondary school in Sao Paulo but she also taught adults at a language school for many years before that. This is her Web site She coordinates the Foreign Language Department at the Lycée Pasteur, a Franco-Brazilian secondary school in Sao Paulo, belongs to the ICT committee and represents This is Our Time project for French and Portuguese speaking countries . She is responsible for organizing the Time Classroom Twinning Activity for different schools around the world and co-hosting the Euro Language Forum at Tapped In. She is among the finalists of the 2003 GSN Online Shared Learning Award

I'm Barbara Dieu, or just Bee from São Paulo, Brazil. I have been an EFL teacher for 30 years. When I see the number and imagine the stretch of time it represents, it seems like eternity and people must think I am a real dinosaur...However, deep in my heart, every time I step into a classroom I have that heartbeat and expectation I felt on my first day and I am never bored. I presently teach at the Lycée Pasteur, a Franco-Brazilian secondary school in Sao Paulo but I also taught adults at a language school for many years before that. I decided to stay in secondary education because I can better follow and understand the process of learning, which fascinates me. Being in contact with young people is also very stimulating as it challenges you to reformulate your ideas and makes you more open to change and creativity.
I have been experimenting with these new techologies and tools since 1997 and am very interested in how they foster collaborative work
among educators and students. In all I have done until now, I am mostly self-taught and this is why I enrolled in this course. I know how to make things work almost instinctively  but would need to pair
my thoughts to the actions I perform and transform them into words  so as to effectively teach others. I believe my 4 tutors are the best people to help me in this endeavour. I would also like to share with you what I have done until now, interact, exchange ideas will all involved so we can all learn, become richer and more creativeafter these sessions.
Looking forward to it!

Eva Wilden


Yahoo ID: evawilden

I'm working as a research assistant at the Univerity of
Kassel, Germany, in EFL teacher training. I'm also preparing a doctoral thesis on online intercultural teacher training


I'm very much looking forward to participating in the Webheads Workshop! I haven't got as much experience in TEFL as some of the dinosaurs in this group :-) but I do have some experience in using asynchronous and synchronous tools for educational purposes and I'm looking forward to learning more about this over the next few weeks.
I joined the workshop since I've always wanted to participate in an online course as a student, to see and feel the whole thing from the other side. So far I've mainly been involved on the teacher or researcher side but I think it's invaluable to have experiences as an online learner yourself to be a good online teacher.
I especially look forward to the sessions on synchronous tools, foremost those using voice, since I want to use such a tool for my dissertation project.
Thanks a bunch!
Viele Grüße aus Kassel

Leah Ann Sullivan

(from the USA, in Japan)

Yahoo ID: imaike2004

American EFL teacher living in Japan. Over the next few
months, I'm finishing up my Master's degree in TESOL
with an on-line university.

This looks like an exciting on-line class, from the looks of the syllabus, profiles and posted messages. Though I've been studying on line for almost three years, my web skills are still limited to e-mail and very limited search engine use. Quite honestly, I still have reservations about the on-line experience (versus face-to-face interaction), especially concerning teaching. Yet, I keep trying to make it a human environment. I'm interested in the use of the web for interactive EFL teaching. My current job (in a kindergarten, high school and language school) doesn't offer any hands-on possibility for CALL, but I'm working on some future dreams. My bachelor's degree is in film animation, and I hope to someday combine EFL and language arts with teaching animation to young learners. The web would provide an opportunity to do this in an intercultural context. I'm looking forward to opening my eyes to some new ways of thinking over this short course! See you on line!

Vanderlei de Souza (Van)

Yahoo ID: vansouza2

I am an EFL Teacher and I work for Faculdade de Tecnologia de Indaiatuba - SP - Brasil. Nowadays, I am about to start my doctoral studies at USP - Universidade de São Paulo.

 During the workshop I hope to make new friends, exchange ideas and work collaboratively. Of course, I also want to learn more about CMC and share my
experiences in this field using online environments known as MOOs (Multiple User Dimensions Object Oriented).
Regards from Brazil

Irshat Madyarov

(from Russia, in the USA)

Yahoo ID: irshat

I'm finishing MA in TESOL at West Virginia Unvirsity.I'm also a teaching assistant in an Intensive English program.

My name is Irshat Madyarov. i'm finishing MA in TESOL at West Virginia Unvirsity (originally i'm from Russia). I'm also a teaching assistant in the Intensive English program at our university where i've been trying to involve
computer-based instruction for the last a year and a half. btw, the syllabus does look promising. Looking forward to the beginning of the course.

Neny Isharyanti

(From Indonesia, in the USA)

YahooID: neny_priyanto

I'm attending Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, USA in MA program in TESL/Applied Linguistics with specialization in CALL, with funding from the Fulbright scholarship program. I trained EFL teachers at the English department of Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga

I hope everyone is as eager as me to start our session :). Originally I'm from Indonesia. I am hoping to finish my study in Summer 2005 and heading back to Indonesia to apply what I have learned. Or, if there is any funding available, I would love to continue to PhD program in CALL. I have heard about the webheads ever since I joined Tapped In when I was still in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the time difference made it difficult for me to join the online discussion. I found web is a tool full with potentials for EFL learning, although it frustrated me to find sceptism from my colleagues when I revealed the potentials of the Web for teaching. As internet connection in Indonesia is slow and expensive, their sceptism is understable. Through the EVonline I wish to learn more about various tools for EFL learning as well as the possibility and obstacles in applying those tools especially in the context of a third world country, just like Indonesia. Of course, meeting new friends online is always another rewarding experience!

Robert Brannan (elderbob)


Yahoo ID: elderbobcoach

I started a business a few years ago to serve the baby boomer generations and that became the name of the business I am also a glass blower Charter member of an organization called Coachville. I am working toward a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from the University of Texas at Brownsville, and a Masters in Urban Affairs/Public Administration at the University of Texas at Arlington.

I am not really that "elder" (I am 56), but I started a business a few years ago to serve the baby boomer generations and that became the name of the business. The institution where I work, I like to call "home". I have been known to teach tele-classes in my pajamas. I guess you can tell that I am not webcam equipped yet, and frankly have some hesitancy in using one.  In fact, it may well be that the internet and such technology are precisely the tools that let me do so much in such a short space of time. I am also interested in educational Film, DVD, and CD production and have taken classes in all of them. Finally, and above all else.I AM RETIRED. I worked for over 26 years as a Nursing Home inspector /consultant/ trainer for the State of Texas. I have three children who are usually on their own, three grand- children and one great grandchild. Why I joined the group? I am very interested in learning what you know. I have read a good deal of the background of this group and am impressed with the scope of the group and the tools that you all seem to be using. I believe that education is a field that is always important and that most governmental entities have failed to encourage adult and on-going education. I think people of my age group want to know more and want to explore new ways to get that information. I am not an English instructor. I think this looks like a really exciting group and hope you will accept me as collaborator and cohort. Thanks again for letting me in the door, I hope I can server the group proudly, and now.let's get on with the learnin'.

Renata Suzuki

(from Scotland, in Japan)

Yahoo ID: grankageva

I work at a high school in Japan. 


I teach (explore) EFL with my students. I hope to get better at all things computer related and find out new ways of working with my students. I have a wee webpage at courtesy of yellow dragon.

Sara Martín


Yahoo ID: saramardi1972

I'm a Secondary School teacher in Canary Islands, Spain.

I work at a touristic area so we have students from 32 different nationalities at our school, where I'm also Head of
Studies.I teach English to students between 14 and 18, and apart from that I
devote most of my time to creating interactive materials and toteacher training.
I've joined this group because I'm always interested in meeting and learning from other colleagues, sharing experiences and ideas.
I'm highly interested in everything connected with web design and creating online interactive materials for students.

Charles Kelly

( in Japan)

Yahoo ID: ck_in_nagoya_japan

Aichi Institute of Technology (In Toyota, Japan -- Just outside of Nagoya)

My main job is teaching English. I also put things on my own website at In addition to that I work with and .

I joined this group to keep up with things and see what others are doing.
My personal home page is at

Jacira Meyerink

(New Zealand)

Yahoo ID: jacira_meyerink

I am a Primary School teacher and I teach at two schools.  One school has a total of 17 students between the ages of 5 and 13, I teach across the curriculum.The second school has 600 students. This is a large private school. At the latter I am the IT/Technology teacher.

I live in beautiful and momentarily very hot New Zealand. Last year I started taking papers towards a Graduate Diploma for Information Technology in Education. This year I am planning to finish this and adding an endorsement in online learning. I have finished one paper towards this:"developing an Online Course". I created a German course using Frontpage and WebCt. I am very interested in furthering my knowledge in this area. I would like to learn about the different tools I can use to set up language courses. I speak four languages myself: German, Dutch, English and French.
I have been a full time online student for 3 years doing my teaching degree online through Massey University. I can identify with many positives and negatives students encounter in an online learning environment.
I am looking forward to this workshop as I can believe it will put me in the right direction. Unfortunately the time difference between EST and GMT means that I will not be able to attend many chat sessions but where possible I will attend.

Kyi Shwin


I'm a lecturer from Yangon University, Myanmar. It's in SouthEast Asia. I'm doing my doctoral thesis on Networked Based Language Teahing.

I'm very serious to enroll your session of becoming a webhead. Can I be a guest to the session? Can I participate in the chat sessions? I would also like to know how I can enroll without using geocities.
As an introduction I would like to tell every member of the group that at the other corner the world there are some people who are very hardworking and laborious. But, unfortunately, they < not me alone> are digitally divided for various reasons. I'm working for them.

Janina Tubby

(from England, in Japan)

Yahoo ID: janinaumds

I teach Internet and Business at University (in English), work as a medical rewriter at a university hospital, and do curriculum design and teacher training at my 4 year old daughter's international

I'm a bit of a Jack of All Trades as I teach Internet and Business at University (in English), work as a medical rewriter at a university hospital, and do curriculum design and teacher training at my 4 year old daughter's international kindergarten. I met some of you in last year's sessions where I really learned a lot. Thanks to those responsible, some of whom are here. As a result of the sessions, I took a masters level online course at an award winning university, but honestly felt it was all a bit of a let down after the really interactive and productive sessions I'd had here. Excitedly looking forward to getting started.

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith


Yahoo ID: ehansonsmi

California State University, Sacramento (professor emeritus) and Computers for Education (my own ed tech consulting company). I consult with schools and institutions on uses of technology for teaching English, and I train teachers in educational technology uses and opportunities in presentations at conferences workshops on site, and through online courses. (Have laptop, will travel!) 

Why I joined this group: I couldn't resist after seeing some dear cyber buddies from the Webheads who are running this group, and after meeting some newcomers online at the Tapped In chat this past Sunday. There are also some very cool people, like Charles Kelly, who signed on. Most of all, I expect I'll learn a lot about how to run such an online course just by sitting in--the organization is most impressive.
Check out my Website, which has links to some of my books and papers: I am also working on a Yahoo Group as a place for the content I developed a number of years ago as "Constructing the Paragraph," a tutorial in academic composition: (it's a work in progress, so be patient).

Luísa Ribeiro Rosa


Yahoo ID: luisa_rosa2003

I'm a teacher and I've been teaching English to the Air Force since 1982.

Do you know why I am in the Air Force? Just because of Teresa Almeida d'Eça. She is a very good friend of mine and she was the one who then told me about the possibility of "joining" the Air Force. She has already left it, and I'm still here. So, now you understand why I'm interested in joining this group. Teresa has always been so enthusiastic about the webheads, that you have to try. I hope I won't let you down!

Ann Dello Iacono


Yahoo ID: annitaly65

I teach EFL both one-to-one in my home and for a private language school in the province of Florence.

I am an American living in Italy. In 2001 I was awarded the "Teaching Business English" certificate after having completed a teacher training course at the British Institute of Florence. I joined this group as I am interested in learning how to use the Web as a tool in my teaching.

Lola Grau




Yahoo ID: lolamijares

I have been a primary teacher for 17 years. I work in a service teaching training Centre since 1997 as a teacher trainer.


I'm Spanish and I live in Valencia, an eastern city close to the Mediterranean sea. . . I have been experimenting with ICT since 1997 and like Barbara, I'm interested in how ICT improve cooperative work among teachers and students.
I've been organizing and tutoring distance learning courses for language teachers with my workmate, Amparo Calpe (who is enrolled at this workshop as well).
I also collaborated with TESOL-SPAIN.
Although I have some practice with some of the tools you propose, I am highly interested in this workshop and I am sure it will be very useful for my job.

Amparo Calpe



Yahoo ID: amparocalpe

I work as a foreign languages teacher
trainer in a service teaching training Centre.

I live in Valencia (Spain). . . I taught French as a second foreign language at Secondary school for twenty years (it's the reason why my English it's not too good) and in my classes I started to use ICT a long time ago. My workmate Lola and I, we usually organize multimedia courses for foreign languages teachers it's why we are looking forward to learning a lot from all of you.


Maria da Conceição Brito


Yahoo ID: mcbrito04

I belong to the Department of Technologies in Setúbal Education College, in Portugal, where I teach technologies applied to education.


I've taken a degree in English and German Languages and Literatures. That's why I taught English for several years, before I started developing an interest for technologies, when my professional life suffered a great change.
Nowadays, I work specially with future teachers, and I do some teachers' training within the use of technologies in the process of teaching and learning languages.
I've joined this group because I'm interested in sharing experiences and ideas, as well as in doing collaborative work with colleagues from all over the world. Besides, I have a personnal reason to have chosen this particular group –as a matter of fact, I know and work for some years with one of the moderators of the group - Teresa d'Eça, and she's invited me to participate.
I hope I can share my experiences with you all and learn a great deal too.

Lucy Mellersh


Yahoo ID: mellersh

I teach English at the Volkshochschule in Munich, Germany

My areas of expertise are: teaching English to kids, pronunciation, and using the Internet as a teaching resource.
By participating in this seminar, I hope to refresh and extend my skills related to teaching with the Internet.  I originally joined the Webheads in Action group, but found that I was out of my depth so decided to take part in this seminar.
What a busy group!  I can hardly keep up.



(American in South Korea)

Yahoo ID: bithykathryn

I am an American living and teaching English for an online education company ( in Seoul, South Korea.

I recently completed my MA in TESOL and French Language and Literature at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where I also taught for two years in the Center for English as a Second Language. Until I came to Korea, all my teaching experience had been classroom-based and I had never tried to incorporate technology into my lessons. However, I really need to develop my skills and knowledge in online language teaching and learning to make my online lessons in Korea more fun and interactive for my Internet-savvy students!
Although I feel that my true passion is for classroom teaching and face-to-face human interaction, I also feel that technology and the
Internet are extremely useful tools in that learning environment as well. I also have experience as an online learner, having studied French, Spanish, Italian and Korean online. Actually, the Internet is a terrific learning medium for lifelong learners with busy schedules, and that's one of the reasons I decided to participate in this course. I am really looking forward to improving my online teaching skills and meeting new people with such a wide range of experience in language teaching/learning and technology.

Erzsebet Csibi (Babi)


Yahoo ID: ecsibi

I have been teaching English for 3 years and a bit more at University of Veszprém, Hungary. I am also a teacher trainer.

I love teaching and although I do not have a possibility to use the computer in the classroom, I am very interested in this topic.
I am also a teacher trainer and as such, I am interested in using ICT in language teaching and online courses. I have worked as a tutor at summer schools in this topic and I feel this is a field which is endless in possibilities. I have never taken part in an online course, so I am very interested in the structure, the methods and activities we are ahead of.
I also do my PhD studies at the moment, where my main field of interest is how we can introduce the use of ICT in ELT for teachers.
My website address is:

Maryanne Burgos


Yahoo ID: maryanneburgos

I retired last June from teaching ESL grades 6-12 in a suburban public school in New York State. While doing that I was also teaching graduate courses at the local state university. Presently teaching a course about using the computer with L2 learners.

I joined this group because I am presently teaching a course about using the computer with L2 learners and feel I need to learn a lot more in order to do a better job the next time I teach the course. Actually sometime in the near future I'd like to teach an online course to see how that feels. I've only taken one online course. It was with Christine Bauer Ramazani, a TESOL online course called Teaching Wriing Online. I must say that I have never been so impressed with a teacher. Besides being very knowledgeable, she was so "personable". You could even feel it through "cyberspace." If I do teach an online course sometime, I hope to emulate her!

Josefin Bergenholtz.


Yahoo ID:josefinbergenholtz

I am a teacher of music and English (secondary school. Has mainly taught English and computer to adults (in Sweden and Vietnam).

Presently, I´m working part-time as a computer teacher and am also finishing my master´s thesis. I´m doing an applied thesis in the field of CALL (computer-assisted language learning), by drawing on research within SLA and collaborating with a woman who has studied computational linguistics/Natural Language Processing. The master´s programme I have attended, ICT and learning, is at the IT University in Gothenburg, Sweden ( It has been a while since a taught English, but I expect I will again soon and I am of course very interested in the present and future use and possibilities with enhancing learning with different "ICT tools.

Laure Hauwaert


Yahoo ID: laurehauwaert

I am a language teacher in a French "collège" in Toulon. I have been teaching English for the past five years, mainly to French teenagers (age 11-16). This year, I am also teaching French to migrant students, and I am part of an experimental distant/on-line project called "Saphona", that links teachers in Toulon and Nice to students in isolated schools.

Before teaching in France, I completed a Master's Degree of Bilingual Education in Lehigh University, Pa, where I took several courses in Ed Tech.
I have decided to join this group after reading Barbara Dieu's message on e-teach, for I am always willing to learn more about teaching with the web... It's broad, but it summarizes more or less all my expectations

Jane Petring


Yahoo ID is want2no7

I teach English in a French college (they're called cegeps in Quebec- post-secondary, pre- university age).


I teach ESL near Montreal, in Quebec where the wind chill factor is now somewhere around 40 degrees on the wrong side of zero (at this point Celsius = Fahrenheit). I'm jealous of you folks in southern France and sunny Brazil! I'm looking for more ideas and innovations for our multi-media labs. One of my colleagues developed a very nice website called ESL Blues which is a series of grammar exercises --each exercise has a different format, so if you don't like one, try another. The Double Quizzes are particularly interesting for higher level students. The website is
I've lived in Denmark and France and taught in West Africa, China and ex-Yugoslavia in former lives. I signed up for webheads a week ago but had been so busy this week that I didn't have a chance to check in until last night. I spent three hours reading the 158 email messages waiting for me--My first question is: is there an easier way to organize the incoming mail so that I don't have to click on each message individually?


Fiona Lawtie


Yahoo ID: flawtie

I work as an ESL teacher at the British Council, Caracas, Venezuela. I teach mainly general English classes to adults of all levels, and ocassionally YL's and teens as well.


I use a variety of Call activities in my class room
already, but am still a little unsure of using chat,
and blogs effectively in the classroom and haven't even touched upon webcam's.... I am not a techie person by nature, I use it everyday
in my life because it is useful but not because I am crazy about using computers or gadgets....but I realize the importantance of uniting technology and language learning in a realistic and authentic way for the benefit of my learners and for this reason I want to learn more so I can help my students be better prepared for all their linguistic needs in the future....which I believe will very often include using technology such as computer conferencing etc...
Look forward to interacting with you


Greg Kaminski


 Yahoo ID: gkam04

I work at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon.  I taught ESL in a former life for about 16 years, including higher ed. institutions in Poland, Sweden, and Ohio, but the bulk of it was at Lewis & Clark College in Portland.  (Yes, I worked with Michael Krauss there, one of the facilitators in the upcoming weeks.)

A number of years ago I joined Portland Community College, where I've been working with faculty to implement various instructional technology tools to support their courses, including classroom and distance courses. This includes instructors from a multitude of disciplines, including ESL and foreign languages. I also taught an online course in basic web page design using FrontPage for a few terms last year.
I'm interested in this workshop because you're introducing a number of tools that I haven't worked with before, e.g. WIMBA. I like to explore new ideas and tools to consider how other instructors I work with might be able to use them. Eventually, I hope that a few of the ESL instructors I work with will be interested in joining this group. Another reason I'm eager to join this group is the wide diversity of people involved, and the high degree of interaction evident so far. I'm happy to see that the participants are from all over the world. (even though it means that the first chat is at 4:00 a.m. ;-) (I'm glad to see that the chats are archived!)


Anna Koorey


Yahoo ID: aas56

I'm an ESL teacher at the Adult Migrant English Service in Sydney, Australia

For the last few years I've been teaching English with computers, as well as training teachers in doing so. I've joined this group to learn more about using the Web for collaborative and constructivist teaching. I expect to increase my repertoire of web activities for teaching and share them with other teachers.

Bruce Moon



Yahoo ID is bruceilp

I am an adult ESL teacher for two school districts in Sacramento, CA and teach three beginning classes. One class is largely hispanic, and the other two are made up mostly Slavic refugees (largely Moldovan). I am also in a master's in educational technology program at California State University, Sacramento. Here are some of personal sites:<p><a<p><a
I started most of these when I was working in a job that gave me lots of free time and computer access. Now I have neither and  I now have no time to keep them updated.

I received my M.A. in TESOL from there  [CSU] in 1999, but this is the first year I have used my degree so I feel like I am starting from ground zero. TESOL and technology combine two of my key interests so this group looked interesting. I have been on the Internet since 1993 (we had a foreign exchange student from Chile whose mom worked for the Universidad de Concepcion and said we could communicate with her via "la red"; it took a while to realize that the local CSUNEt connection I had as a teacher led to "la red".) However, there are so many technologies out there is so much to learn! I've been experimenting with open source programs like Moodle, phpNuke, and Movable Type blogs for the last several months and finally have a class with access to the 'Net.


Raymond Crooke


Yahoo ID: rayyoong

I taught in Australian secondary schools for 25 years - English, ESL and Maths - then spent nine years teaching English in Singapore and Brunei. After spending the whole of last year travelling, I am back in Melbourne, Australia and currently doing sessional work at Monash University English Language Centre.

I have often used computers as part of my teaching, and have programmed software for some of my classes, but I have never yet had the opportunity to use the Internet as a teaching tool. Schools always seem to be just about to introduce it around the time my contract ends.
I am always interested in broadening my teaching repertoire and was very pleased when I was told about this course a couple of days ago. It is the first time I have taken an online course and I look forward to learning from the very experienced people in this group.

Alison Driver

(In Italy)

Yahoo ID: alison_italy

I teach in Rome for the British Council.

I have been living here for over 10 years and love
As well as being a teacher, I am also a teacher-trainer in ICT and have just finished a course on Moderating online. It was so interesting that I have jumped at this opportunity to learn some more about being a Webhead. I hope to be able to participate fully in the course, but I have to say that I imagine most of my contributions shall be made at the weekend, as I have a pretty full week of work - who doesn't!
Well, I am looking forward to the group chat on Sunday - speak to youall then!

William Percy. (Will)

(from Britain, in Japan)

Yahoo ID: wildone2jp

I run a small English school with my wife. Our students are mostly children aged 5 to 13 but I also have some classes for college students and other adults. In addition, I teach twice a week at a localkindergarten.

I'm British and live in Mito which is about 100 km north east of Tokyo. I have been here for the past 13 years.As yet, I don't use computers in the classroom, but I want to build experience in as many related areas in readiness for that day. Checking back with the requirements for this introduction......... I joined because Week 4 of the syllabus caught my eye in particular - the bit about building a web presence. I would like to set up a website for my school and I welcome all the advice I can get on the matter.

Karen Murray


Yahoo ID: ksmurray

I am teaching an academic prep ESL class for the first time this semester at a community college in Maryland. I have been teaching adults (basic skills, ESL, and college developmental) for the last 33 years, but have become TESOL certified only this past summer at Columbia U.


I live in Pennsylvania with my husband. Our 3 sons are grown and gone, and we have finally settled down after 24 years of a transient lifestyle. Although we loved everywhere we lived all over the world, settling down is nice. We are tucked into our “cottage” in the mountains. Thankfully, our sons have all located on the east coast as well. Even though I have all the academics and experience, I am still so very concerned about meeting the needs of my very diverse and highly motivated ESL students! I am hoping that this course will provide me with the computer skills that will allow me to create some alternative methods and materials for my students. I love using the computers in my developmental English classes. I teach the students how to use Internet/email for researching, writing and sending papers. The computer is a great tool for editing their work. I look forward to working with you in this course.

Carlos Lizárraga


Yahoo ID: chass2k2000

I have been an EFL Teacher for 25 years and a Teacher Trainer for 15 in Mexico City for different language schools. And the last 15 years I have working for a private institute called Centro Universitario Angloamericano mainly working with young adults and adults.I am an Academic Advisor for The General Academic Department (Research and Development and training of in-service teachers). I am also involved in the up-dating and general design of our Teacher's Diploma Course Program.

My main interests are the theoretical foundations and implementations of new methodologies and paradigms (the core of ours is constructivism and cognitivism) and technology. Unfortunately, I am not currently teaching - I just finished giving a TDC last year, because I wanted to test the new material we developed- but, I am very interested in this project because I feel that it will have a very positive impact on further developments in my department.This is the first time I take an on- line course and am looking forward to it.
Thanks again and very nice "ciber" meeting you all

Leandra Kennedy


Yahoo ID: ldkenn

I am an ESL teacher at a service employees union (SEIU) in Washington, DC. I have been a part-time ESL teacher for about 9 years, but have recently explored making it a full-time build my credentials, I am also pursuing a MA in Adult Education and Distance Learning with the University of Phoenix Online.

I joined Webheads to learn more about how to collaborate with other teachers and to learn the dynamics of teaching online. I am excited about this sounds like we can all learn from one another, and pick up some great pointers. I look forward to the next 6 weeks.

Agata Zieba-Warcholak


Yahoo ID

I am a chemist and an ESL teacher. I teach mainly adults at beginner and pre-intermediate level.

I got fascinated by CALL when I was doing my postgraduate studies in ICT in ELT. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing.

Gabriela Henriques


Yahoo ID: ghenriques2004

I've been teaching English to 10 - 15 year students for over 20 years.

During this time I'vetried different paths, always keeping in mind that success depends on motivating pupils to work with as much pleasure as possible. I believe that the web gives us the opportunity  to enrich our teaching broadening pupils minds. But although having this belief  so far I haven't dared (I still don't trust my abilities in this area) to implement this type of work with students. Teresa has been encouraging me and with her help here I am trying to learn more with you all.

Darcy Christianson


Yahoo ID: darcychristianson

I'm an ESL teacher.I have been teaching and
tutoring ESL for the past ten years.  My most recent employemnt has been teaching ESL in the Adult Education Department at Truman
College, Chicago Illinois. 

I have been quite involved with various aspects of computer assisted language learning for ESL students in the past 5-6 years.  I¡¦m always interested in learning more about technology, so decided to participate in the ¡§Becoming a webhead¡¨ session. I am also currently enrolled in an online degree program, so am quite busy with working on the computer.  I do hope to keep up with the session though!
It's great to be participating with all of you.


Michael Ivy (Mike)


Yahoo ID: Michaelivy

I am a colleague of Alison's (Alison_italy) at the BritishCouncil in Rome.

I have experienced the evolution of C.A.L.L., starting with the BBC Microcomputer and the educational software written for it, through the advent of the IBM- compatible PC, the development of multimedia, local area networking and the Internet. I not only used various programs running on the old BBC Microcomputers but also wrote programs in BBC Basic including a notice board and a Reading Maze system, inspired by Mario Rinvolucri's "Mazes". I have also used wordprocessors, spreadsheets, databases, and concordancers in C.A.L.L. With Internet, I have organised keypal projects between my classes at the British Council Naples and classes in other British Councils or language schools. I am also running a Web Page project, putting my students' writing and artwork online. It is called The MetroPages and can be seen at I have some experience of chat and messaging, and with Webquests. However I have almost no experience of MUDs and MOOs, nor, in the classroom, with speech in chat rooms. At the British Council we operate behind a firewall which prevents us from using these resources.  With all the progress we [BC] have made, I feel we still haven't quite bridged a gap that remains between the technology and its application in the classroom. It is with this gap in mind that I have joined this group. I would like to understand better how to integrate ICT with classroom practice. While teenage students are enthusiastic computer users, adults are often less so, as they use computers all day for work and do not want to sit in front of another computer when they come to the British Council. How, then, can one persuade such students that C.A.L.L. is an invaluable resource rather than a waste of time? This is one basic question I would like to be able to answer, at least partly, through participation in this group.

 Judith Johnson

(in Japan)

Yahoo ID: johnson_yamaguchi

I'm a full-time professor in the Faculty of Engineering at a Japanese national university. 

My fields of specialization are Teacher
Education,Curriculum Development, and Applied Linguistics. In addition to teaching a variety of courses in English (Social Issues, Ethics for Engineers, English language skills for Engineers, etc.) I contribute to curriculum revision, develop new courses, write instructional materials, and offer Faculty Development courses for Professors of Engineering courses who wish to improve their teaching skills.
Also, I'm an educational consultant to schools (K-12) who would like to improve the education they are providing students. I'm planning to create distance learning courses for teachers in isolated areas.
The skills in using the Web that I can acquire will enhance my ability to guide and motivate learners.  I'm looking forward to meeting and learning a lot from members who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. 

Susan Burg

(From USA in Italy)

Yahoo ID: smokolo

I teach English. Presently I am at the Università degli Studi di Firenze where I work at Formatore Multimediale, this is where Italians can do online degrees and learn computer tecniques. 

I am from Chicago but have been living in Florence, Italy since 1978 where I teach English. Presently I am at the Università degli Studi di Firenze. My task is to teach them language online and of course in traditional classrooms. Last year I took one of their post- graduate online courses, Metodi e Techiche della Formazione in Rete, (teaching and planning distance courses) which was fascinating and helpful but I need to learn more about creating my own onlinecourses. Looking forward to another learning experience.

Philip Franklin

(in Turkey)

Yahoo ID: phil3ip

I'm the Assistant Coordinator of the English Preparatory Program at Fatih University in Istanbul, Turkey.  These days I'm involved with curriculum revision, instructional technology, and leading the way towards more active learning.

I joined this group because I know I will need the stimulation of a group of interested colleagues and the rigor of a class schedule if I am to make the time to master all the web skills I've been playing around with. The group also comes highly recommended by my old icq-friend, Fernanda Rodrigues

Sarath Seneviratne

(Sri Lanka, in USA)

Yahoo ID: bunchi4s

A semi retired education administrator from Sri Lanka. Presently doing a Masters in Education in USA.

I am interested in the net and its possibilities for education, and thus my interest in this group. I once wrote "...that computers are yet unrefined, and the use of them needs specialised knowledge.One does not think twice when driving a car, a computer should be the same...the next decade should see such developments taking place".
That was 10 years ago. and change has indeed taken place, and I would love to see what possibilities are now available and how peoples imagination has stretched those possibilities. I love travelling, reading and teaching, am not a English Teacher, (English is my second language), but teach my subjects in English, as I am a sort of a roving teacher, with a diverse student population.


Jenny Marshall

(New Zealand)

Yahoo ID: realtangobabe

Teaching at a language institute run by the University of Waikato. I teach IELTS preparation courses as well as General and Academic English courses to mainly mainland Chinese students.

I was just about to drop out of this group being completely overwhelmed by the volume of emails... until I saw Agata, Babi and Bee talking about meeting up online to talk in Polish and i decided there was no way I could miss out on that as it would give me the chance not only to practise my Polish but find out what it's like to use the internet as a language learner. I come from New Zealand but spent 5 years teaching English in a private language school in Wroclaw, Poland. I have been back in New Zealand for two years. I did a couple of online courses through this forum last year and really enjoyed them and was able to share what i learnt with my colleagues at work as well as run some training seminars for teachers in Auckland. I haven't been brave enough yet to use icq or other online chatting forums so am looking forward to this opportunity as long as I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to take part.

Elaine Avery


Yahoo ID: elaine8171

I am in the Ed.M. program for TESOL at the University of Buffalo in New York State.

Although I have tutored adult ESL learners for a number of years, this is my first opportunity to obtain education/training in the field and hopefully, make it my career.   One of my classes this semester focuses on how to implement technology in the language classroom.  I wanted to take that class and be a part of these sessions because technology, particularly the Internet, holds out so many possibilities for language learners and is developing so quickly – I need help catching up.  I want to find out more about what’s out there and how to make use of what’s available for both my own education and that of my students.

Kathryn Dodge (Kate)

(from the USA, in Tanzania)


Yahoo ID: katedodge2002

I am currently teaching EC3 (5yr olds) at the International School of Tanganyka in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


I am originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan. This is my 8th year of teaching. I have taught 1st and 3rd grades in Michigan, 7th grade Science in Chicago, IL., and 1st grade at the TEDA International School, Tianjin in Tianjin China.
I am still asking myself why I joined up for this class... No, seriously, I think it is really important to educate ourselves in all the possibilities the web has to offer. I am looking forward to becoming a webhead!

Audrey Cermak



Yahoo ID: pleiadz65

I have taught ESL part-time at Nashville State Technical Community College for the past five years.


I am very interested in technology and computers and in using them to improve language learning. My bachelor's degree is in Linguistics from the University of Illinois and I am currently taking my last course for a master's degree in Adult Education (Distance Learning) from the University of Phoenix Online.
I was fortunate to discover the Webheads thanks to one of my former teachers who has an "office" at Tapped In and recommended that I look for ESL professionals in the DE (distance education) field. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone. I'm also hoping that I can join my students in some online activities with some of the other participants' students in the future.


Evangelitsa Pappas

(from Australia, in Canada)

Yahoo ID:evangelitsa_pappas

I work at the University College of the Cariboo (Kamloops, Canada), in the ESL Language Lab (EAP Program)

We will soon be in the process of switching from analog to digital labs & I want to learn as much as I can about integrating computers into the classroom. Even though I'm somewhat of a newbie, I learn fast :-) I'm originally from Australia, but moved here 20 years ago, where I now live with my husband & 3 children.

David Cousens

(in Portugal)

Yahoo ID: davidcousens

I work at an International School in Portugal where I teach Computer Science as well as Design & Technology. I'm also the ICT coordinator for the Secondary Section of the school and "look after" the school web site

I'm very interested in the areas of language (in general) and language teaching/learning (many years ago I qualified as a TEFL teacher).
I hope that through bwh I can become more familiar with the opportunities offered by the 'net for enhancing our own and our students' learning experience.
Although I work with computers a lot I'm a complete dinosaur when it comes to on-line communication environments. Definitely a newbie, constantly shifting between stunned amazement and total confusion!

Susan Esnawy

(in Egypt)


Yahoo ID: sesnawy

I teach Academic English to freshman students at the American university in Cairo, Egypt

I have been interested in using computers and the Internet in teaching English
for quite some time now. I participated online as part of the audience in a
Webheads session that was part of the EV of TESOL 2002 and wanted to join then
but could not. I am familiar with MOO, webquests and some other online
I joined Baw because I want to become more familiar with web based activities,
especially interactive ones, and to create a web page. I also want to become
part of your community.

Isabel Pérez Tórrez


Yahoo ID: ipt22

I teach English in a secondary school in Málaga, that's in South Spain. I also teach in a virtual learning course to develop vocabulary at Granada University, there we use WebCT and we teach online.


I should have introduced myself some days ago, but I spent my time completing the survey and reading a lot of messages. I'm really impressed by the people participating in this workshop.
I think I like learning more than teaching; at the moment I'm working on my PhD about Webquests and reading online.
I have very little time left, but I like being in touch with people that share my interests, and that's the main reason to join this group. I hope to be able to meet you at some of the chats. As to my interests, apart from Webquests, what I like most is designing materials, in fact if I could choose profession now, I would like to be an instructional web designer, that's all for me ;-)

Teri Wertman


Yahoo ID: efltw

I am graduates with an M. Ed. in ESL, December 2003. I teach ESL for corporate and private clients and for free to community member so that everyone has an opportunity to prosper.

I am Teri Wertman from Michigan, USA. Call me Teri. I have been working one afternoon a week since January 2003 while I attended university. I have been successful at getting my students to talk but I need them to read and write more. I think online is the way to do it since they have access to computers at work and at home.

Susana Trabaldo


Yahoo ID: sustra04

I have been teaching EFL for about thirty years and now I am a teacher trainer at the Teachers' Training Instituteat the National Technological University. I want to share my work on on-line ELT professional development at 

I am writing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My subjects have to do with techonology applied to ELT and I am very interested in e-learning, autonomous learning, collaborative work, virtual learning environments. The use of CMC is one of the most exciting opportunities that language teaching and learning have had and I do not want to miss any chance to try and learn about them.
I am sorry for my late introduction ... I have a lot of work these days when we are getting ready for the new academic year, which is starting in fifteen days.  I am developing a virtual school of languages which will be launched in a month's time (the website has not been uploaded yet ! I am working hard on it! )
I love the way in which this is organized and I want to thank the moderators for their work.

Boyd Davis


Yahoo ID: boydhdavis

Boyd Davis is Cone Professor at UNCC, and coordinates Applied Linguistics. Principal investigator for Project More, Dr. Davis works with teachers to assess their classroom needs and helps them develop successful ways to instruct their ELL and at-risk students. Project MORE is at

I'm particularly interested in seeing how something this rich can operate online. I've delivered coursework from NCarolina in several different online situations including asynchronous web-based text and realtime 2-way video. I'm just now beginning to go through the messages. I have a picture at our website for Project MORE, which we're re-designing this month, so I welcome your suggestions for its improvement

Fernanda Rodrigues


Yahoo ID: mfr2000pt

I'm a EFL teacher in a secondary school in Setúbal, Portugal. Escola Secundária Sebastião da Gama

I've been teaching for 31 years and since 1989 I have been involved in national projects for the use of ICT in education, like MINERVA, Nónio Século XXI, Internet na Escola and Prof2000.
I hope to learn a lot more with this session and bring my students to use some of the tools we are going to try.

Doris Molero


Yahoo ID: doris3m

I'm an EFL teacher.I teach at Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin in Maracaibo, my hometown.

I've been teaching for 14 years now. I'm interested in learning about new ways to use new technologies in the English classroom. This is the first time I join an on line session. I've been lurking for years and this is the very first time I dare to participate. Thank you for this opportunity, I'm sure this will be a great experience.

Mell Aird


Yahoo ID: teacher_melanie

i'm currently working in montreal, canada, after
5 years in slovakia and south korea.  i teach classes f2f and on the phone.

would love to find some ways to help my students use english outside the classroom--most of them can use the net.
i'm also working through an MA-TESL with the U of Birmingham, and since there is not much for CALL in the course, i'd like to learn a bit more on my own.  i'm looking to work in the middle east after graduation, and many of the postings seem to require CALL. i may be a bit of a lurker; since i have a paper due soon, and a module on grammar to finish, i won't be as talkative as i would like
to be on a forum.

Buthaina Al Othman


Yahoo ID: Buthaina_3

To have an idea bout how I became a Webhead, in addition to my on-going learning experience with Webheads, kindly go to this URL:

EFL Home in Kuwait:

Dear BaW Moderators, and all other Participants,Congratulations on such a great work you all have been doing on thisworkshop.At last, I managed to find sometimes to check things and
read BaW threads; it is rerally facinating and indeed very impressive.
I hope to become more involved in this group, soon, to shareknowledge with you all, and learn from and with you, for sure.I am glad to be here at BaW and so eager to meet with you all live
online, soon.

Gary Carkin



Yahoo ID: garycarkin

I am a professor of TESOL at the Center for Language Education at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.
I teach high intermediate classes in our Intensive English Program and Methodology and Pronunciation Techniques in our graduate TEFL

I've just joined up (a little late!).
I've been lurking in the background and just couldn't stay away.
Hope I can catch up from here. I need this and all your good advice. What a group!!
My special interest is in the use of drama in English language teaching. Right now I'm working on a sabbatical project that takes me away to different sites from time to time, hence my hesitancy in joining the group. But I have said, "What the heck..If they accept me, I'll get in there and slug it out with the technology and put something in my brain that I can use now and in the future!"
I WAS accepted, so here I am to work on weblogs and web pages that I need to support my sabbatical project and to sop up everything I can in the short time remaining.
Btw, my sabbatical project is to "observe, notate, and record (in writing and photos)what is happening in the world of drama in English language teaching in various places in the world." So far, I've visited projects in England, Poland, and the Slovak Republic. If YOU have a drama in language teaching project going, please let me know as I would love to visit and record yours.
I feel honored to be a particiapnt in this group and look forward to participating with ZEST!

Karen García


Yahoo ID: lajaulavira

I am a freelancer educational consultant based in Western Massachusetts and San Juan Puerto Rico.

Greetings webheads.... I finally make it into the posting scene so here it goes. For some months now I have been subscribed to the  and although somewhat overwhelmed, I am excited with the activity and hope to become involved further. I've been trying to develop the use of this technology virtually through and I look forward into its evolution and your help.

Yahoo ID: krauss454

I am an ESL instructor at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I also conduct face to face and online training in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning).

I will be leading a chat for this group on Monday 2/23 related to Web-based resources for creating online learning activities. 
From the looks of it, this EVOnline session has been very lively so far and I look forward to spending time with you.

Ismail Fayed

(From Egypt,
in Saudi Arabia)

Yahoo ID: ismailfayed

EFL Instructor and CALL Coordinator at the Arab Open University (AOU). works as an EFL Instructor and CALL Coordinator at the Arab Open University (AOU) in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia.

Recently, I have developed the intensive English language program CALL project web site for the AOU in KSA. I worked as a Program Specialist and Web Coordinator for a USAID EFL teacher -training funded project, the Integrated English Language Program, in Egypt. In addition, I served as the membership coordinator of the EgyptTesol's Educational Technology Special Interest Group (Ed. Tech. SIG) in Egypt. I have good experience in the fields of EFL resources and publications and teacher training. I have participated in a two web projects last year with two groups of students as a coach. For the first participation, I received the Best Achievement Honorary Award for coaching a group of students in developing an educational web site; English Techno-Nile in the international web quest ThinkQuest Internet Challenge 2001in Cairo. For the second, I received the winning Gold Award for developing Cultural Insight, another educational project in the international ThinkQuest Africa 2003 web quest in Botswana.

Dot MacKenzie

(British, in Kuwait)

Yahoo ID: dottuta

Working in the Faculty of Science in Kuwait University for the last 10 years. Currently, I am teaching in the Faculty of Business Administration.

I have been a member of webheads for at least a year, and have learnt a lot by reading the chatlogs, following the course, and playing around with some of the software.
I had terrible problems with hackers last year and could not easily take part in some of the sessions, or download software, but I follow what is going on.
I am interested in everything that you are doing, and think BAW and WIA are great groups, even if I do not contribute very much to the groups.
I have used blogging with my students, both to send out up to date information about their courses, and to get the students to blog too.
Thank you, everybody, for spending so much time on developing learning resources, and making the world such a small place. When I joined WIA, I really had the feeling that the world is a global village

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