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January 26 - March 6

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Week 2

Synchronous communication tools: Tapped In, Yahoo Messenger, MSN.

Participants will:

1.      download and install Yahoo Messenger (YM) and MSN Messenger (MSN), if they haven't done so yet; then,

a.      create a Friend (buddy) List (YM) / Contacts (MSN) using the participants' Yahoo and MSN IDs available at our Community page; and,

b.      explore these tools and their features, including voice chat, by joining any of the moderators and other participants for chats or conferences (group chats), and reflect on their potential in TEFL/TESL;

2.      join Michael Coghlan at Yahoo Messenger on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 22:00 - 23:00 GMT for a chat on the use of voice communication tools;

3.      join BJ Berquist, the most knowledgeable and discrete helpdesk we have met, for a tour of Tapped In on

a.      Thursday, Feb. 5,  at 22:00 - 23:00 GMT, or

b.      Sunday, February 8, at Noon (12:00) GMT;

4.      have the opportunity to get an office at TI, where they can meet with peers and students. We suggest that you start inviting other participants and the moderators for chats at your offices.

        Questions of the week:

a.      How do you start a conference at Yahoo Messenger?

b.      How do you save your chatlogs to your hard drive at YM?

c.       How do you display your picture on MSN?

d.      How do you create a passageway (shortcut) to another office at Tapped In? Letís see who can answer these questions! J

Suggested readings

  Please contact the group list or any of the moderators (at the emails below) if you have any problems.

VIP(oint): While exploring these synchronous communication tools, participants are encouraged to:

1.      share experiences and reflections at all times, and

2.      think about and discuss the potential of text chat for the EFL/ESL teaching and learning process (how can it be used? for what purpose? at what level?) and send their comments to the group mail list.

Advice: In your Bookmarks or Favorites, open a Becoming a Webhead (BaW) folder with any number of subfolders to keep relevant and useful links for quick reference. Well-organized bookmarks are extremely helpful and save a lot of time!

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