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January 26 - March 6

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Week 3

Virtual classrooms and other tools.

Participants will:

1.      become members of the Learning Times community (LT) and explore its features;

2.      join Jonathan Finkelstein of LTC at the Meeting Room (menu on the left) on Thursday, Feb. 12, at
16:00 - 17:00 GMT for a presentation/tour of the Elluminate vClass (virtual classroom) and its potential for language learning;

3.      join the moderators and other participants to experiment with different Wimba communication tools offered by LTC (voice and text chat, voice e-mail and voice board), including the latest feature: recording voice (chats);

4.      join Andrew Pincon at the "Webheads Room" on Sunday, Feb. 15, at 14:00 - 15:00 GMT to explore the Alado virtual classroom;

5.      be introduced to weblogs as tools for language learning and reflection;

6.      join a discussion forum ( to reflect on this week's work and application of the different tools to language learning.


    Questions of the Week:

  1. What differences are there between the LT and Alado vClass environments?

  2. Which one would you choose for your classes and why?

Letís see who can answer these questions! J

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Week 3 Threads


1.      Participants are encouraged to share their reflections and comments at all times through the group mail list or elsewhere, as requested;

2.      The moderators will create a comparison/contrast table with the reflections and feedback sent to the group.

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