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January 26 - March 6

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Week 4

Building an online presence: Creation of Web pages and use of images

Participants will:

  1. join Barbara Dieu at Tapped In on Monday, February 16, at 22:00 - 23:00 GMT for a chat on the use of blogs in language learning;


  2. join Arnold Mühren at the Alado Room on Saturday, February 21, at 16:00 - 17:00 GMT for a chat on the use of a/synchronous tools in online tutoring;

  3. explore different Web hosts (GeoCities, Tripod, Bravenet) and choose the one they seem to feel more comfortable with;

    a.    plan the content and layout of their first (?) Homepage;

    b.    create their first simple Web page - enhance it with an image or photo;

    c.    send the URL to the list and ask for impressions and feedback;

    d.    create a link to their Homepage in the Links section of the BaW YGroup;

    e.    enhance your plan and create a couple of other Web pages with links to one another;

  4. participate in our BaW blog about the advantages/disadvantages of blogging in EFL/ESL and uses that it can be put to;

  5. explore blogger sites (Blogger, Blogspot, SchoolBlogs, Xanga.com) and, if you so wish, create your own. If you do, let the group know the URL so that everybody can take a look and post comments. Vance Stevens has created a page with a tutorial: "How to create a BLOG using Blogger".  Check it out!!


NOTE: Look for a complete list of free and paid hosting services in the LINKS section of our Yahoo Group.

          Questions of the week:

.           1.  In the Web editor you selected:
                    a. How do you create a link to a different spot on the same page/document?
                    b. How do you create a link to another page/document?

.           2.  What HTML tag is used to make "bold" letters?

Let’s see who can answer these questions! J

Suggested readings

Week 4 Threads

Please contact the group list or any of the moderators (at the emails below) if you have any problems.

VIP(oint): While creating Web pages and blogs, participants are encouraged to:

1.      share experiences and reflections at all times, and

2.      think about and discuss the potential of  blogs, Web pages or Web-page creation for the EFL/ESL teaching and learning process (how can they be used? for what purpose? at what level?) and send their comments to the group mail list.

Dafne    Teresa    Susanne    Maria

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