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January 26 - March 6

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Week 6

Wrap-up: Conclusions and reflections. Becoming a member of the WiA CoP.


Participants will:

1.   join Webheads in Action (WiA) coordinator, Vance Stevens, at Tapped In on Monday, Mar. 1, at 12.00 (noon) GMT for a chat on commnity building strategies, what it means to be a WiA and what keeps us together;

2.   reflect on and write a short text about their overall impressions of this 6-week workshop, what they've achieved, and what they plan to do with their newly-acquired know-how;

3.   answer the final questionnaire;

4.   join the global community of practice Webheads in ActionJ

  Suggested readings

Please contact the group list or any of the moderators (at the emails below) if you have any problems.

VIP(oint): While creating exercises, participants are encouraged to:

1.      share experiences and reflections at all times; and

2.      think about and discuss the potential of the different tools for EFL/ESL (how can they be used? for what purpose? at what level?) and send their comments to the group mail list.

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Created on 19 November 2003

Teresa Almeida d'Eša

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