The tradition of the Babylonian religious system has, for the most part, replaced "the church in thy house." In the process, the organic nature of the church has been replaced by manmade institutions and organizations. This all comes from a failure to follow the simple Pauline pattern.

And are we not to follow Paul?

"Wherefore I beseech you that you, be ye followers of me" (I Corinthians 4:16).

"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ" (I Corinthians 11:1).

"Brethren, be followers together of me . . ." (Philippians 3:17).

Were not Paul and his epistles given to us for a pattern?

"Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting" (I Timothy 1:16).

The Pauline pattern has been forsaken!

Now, what shall those of us who profess to follow Paul do about this? Shall we faithfully follow Paul as he follows Christ, or shall we continue to blindly follow the traditions of men?

"Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful" (I Corinthians 4:2).

Think on these things.

Clyde Pilkington

Gladstone, VA

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