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Spring Fling & Nic BBQ
    For all you non-Wesleyan people, Spring Fling is the day after Spring semester classes end, and they have all these musicians come and play on Foss Hill, and basically the entire student body gets plastered. So this years performers, were, drumroll please...Biz Markie & De la Soul (plus some group called Trans Am, not to mention Wesleyan's own Illegalize)!  Yeah! : P  Apparently Biz Markie played his one and only hit  "Just a Friend" TWICE (sorry I missed that).  For all you people are still clueless as to who he is, the song goes "Oh baby you...got what I need...but you say he's just a friend...."  But it was cool to see all those people out on Foss.
    Then a few days later there was a Nic BBQ, most of which I missed 'cause I was in Sci Li studying my ass off, cause I'm cool like that : )
Scott, before he shaved (you can sorta see his cool sideburns...)
Another group photo opp!
Jacob looks happy (I think he's pissed that I actually got a picture of him and not his back...see picture below right)
This is at least the second time Jacob has done this to me...and the funny thing is he's wearing the exact same shirt in the other picture of him doing this (see one of the first random photo pages)
Look at all the people on Foss!!
A semi-spontaneous picture (only Dara & Rachel are posing).  Nic BBQ,before it started to rain