JDM and USDM Civic Chassis Codes

Chassis Motor Origin Year Vehicle
4G (1988-1991)
ED3 1.5L USDM All 4-door DX/LX
ED4 1.6L USDM All 4-door EX
ED6 1.5L USDM All 3-door Standard
ED7 1.6L USDM All 3-door Si
ED8 1.5L USDM All CRX standard / HF
ED9 1.6L USDM All CRX Si
EE2 1.5L USDM All Wagon
EE4 1.6L USDM All Wagon 4WD
EE8 B16A EDM All Civic VTi
EF1 D13B JDM All Civic 3-door/4-door
EF2 D15B JDM All Civic 3-door/4-door
EF3 ZC JDM All Civic Si 3-door/Civic Si Extra 3-door
EF5 ? JDM All Civic 4-door 4wd
EF6 D15B JDM All Civic ? / CR-X
EF7 ZC JDM All Civic ? / CR-X Si
EF9 B16A JDM All Civic SiR
5G (1992-1995)
EG1 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG1 D15B7 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol S
EG2 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG2 B16A3 USDM 1994-1995 del Sol VTEC (DOHC)
EG3 D13B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EG4 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG5 D16Z6 EDM All 3-door/4-door
EG6 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG7 D13B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EG8 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG8 D15B7 USDM All 4-door DX/LX
EG9 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/del Sol CR-X
EH1 ZC JDM All 4-door/4WD
EH2 D15B8/D15Z1/D15B7 USDM All 3-door CX/VX/DX
EH3 D16Z6 USDM 1993-1995 3-door Si
EH6 D16Z6 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol Si
EH9 D16Z6 USDM All 4-door EX
EJ1 D16Z6 USDM All 2-door EX
EJ2 D15Z1 USDM All 2-door DX
6G (1996-2000)
EG1 D16Y7 USDM 1996-1997 del Sol S (SOHC)
EG2 B16A2 USDM 1996-1997 del Sol VTEC (DOHC)
EH6 D16Y8 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol Si (SOHC)
EJ1 D16A JDM All 2-door
EJ3 ? JDM All 2-door / 4WD
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA All 2-door DX/Si
EJ6 D17A7 CANADA 2000 2-door DX-G/ 3-door CX-G
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA 1996-1998 3-door CX
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA 1999-2000 3-door CX/DX
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA 2000 3-door SE
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA All 4-door LX/EX
EJ6 D16Y7 USDM All 3-door CX/DX
EJ6 D16Y7 USDM All 4-door DX/LX
EJ6 D16Y7 USDM 1999 4-door DX-V
EJ7 D16Y5 USDM All 2-door HX (VTEC-E)
EJ8 D16Y8 CANADA All 2-door EX
EJ8 D16Y8 USDM All 2-door/4-door EX
EK2 D13B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EK3 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EK4 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door
EK5 D16A JDM All 4-door 4WD/LEV
EK8 D16A JDM All 4-door 4WD/LEV
EK9 B16B JDM All 3-door Type-R
EM1 B16A2 CANADA 1999-2000 2-door SiR
EM1 B16A2 USDM 1999-2000 2-door Si
7G (2001+)
? 1.7L USDM All 2-door DX/LX
? 1.7L USDM All 4-door DX/LX
? 1.7L USDM All 2-door HX
EM2 D17A1 USDM All 2-door/4-door EX
EP1 1.4L JDM All 3-door
EP2 1.6L JDM All 3-door
EP3 K20A3 USDM 2002+ 3-door Si
EP3 K20C1 JDM All 3-door Type-R
EU7 1.4L JDM All 5-door
EU8 1.6L JDM All 5-door

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