Brief Info about the Photographer or who am I?
I have been working as a freelance photographer for over 8 years. Formerly of Associated Press, for whom I have freelanced in different parts of the United States, I am currently based out of Istanbul, Turkey. My work tends to be people related.

Thanks to my assignments I have travelled from funerals to carnivals, from wars to earthquakes, from the Americas to Asia, and further into Africa. I haven't been to Australia yet, but time permitting, who knows?
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I have always believed wars and humanitarian aid to be inseperable. When not IN war, we seem to be AT war with a country through several multi-national organizations which our countries are a part of. And wars do come in different forms.

As a photojournalist international conflicts and disasters are my preferred area for coverage. I strive to record the victory of life and human endurance over all the hardships. Maybe to set a record, maybe to give others hope, but in either case I always hope the raw emotion I try to record in situations like these will move masses to search for ways in which they can help to stop the sufferring.
Refugees is one example.

Sometimes my projects come to being for the sole purpose to celebrate life, and the outer limits of human determination.
DRAG does just that.
Istanbul, 12/27/99 --Prisoners meet with family members during open visits at Bakirkoy Penitentiary for Women and Children, scheduled for the holidays. (Photo by Bikem Ekberzade)
In a high tension setting it is always easy to find the raw emotion. May be that is why I like photographing wars and conflics so much. But don't get me wrong. I am not the lazy type, sometimes it is the challenge that makes it all worth while. Sometimes in a simple setting such as a panel or a speech one finds the raw emotion. It may be hidden but it sure is present. Although still on its building stages, politics should give you an idea.
Below you will find a list of my previous projects, some of my patrons, and much of my work experience set out in a generic format. It should give you a general idea of what I have done in life. When you are done browsing, let's meet at the front page so I can take you on a virtual tour of the site.
Published/Screened/On Line Work:
Drag -- A 20 minute documentary on 3 drag queens from Boston, and how they bring a fantasy alive on stage. Nominated for Dennis Kauff Awards as best social documentary, screened at the awards ceremony and as an independent work at several locations in Boston, Massachusetts.
(format: digital video)
Kosovo's Children -- A documentary work on the Kosovo crises. Published first as the cover feature in DoubleTake magazine.
(format: 35 mm, still, black and white)

Birth -- A 15 minute short film. Completed and screened in Boston.
Trip -- An 18 minute black and white short film, completed and screened in Boston.
(format for both shorts: Super 8mm)
Stills from Drag, Birth and Trip will be available soon.
Work In Progress:
Faces of AIDS -- AIDS and lives of HIV+ people
MINE-MAYIN-MINA! -- Landmines and how people whose lives have changed with the tiniest encounter
The project listed above are open to sponsors.
Honey this ain't no country club, Women doing hard time -- Photographs for Teresa Allen's book, about women in prison, scheduled to come out in 2000.
Previous Professional Experience:
Associated Press, New Orleans, LA

Associated Press, Boston, MA

Boston Phoenix, Boston, MA

Newsweek, New York, NY                                          May 1997-1998
Photography Department -- Photo Researcher
Research and aquire photographs to illustrate the articles for the weekly magazine. Edit wires, scan images, credit photos and write captions. Occasionally arrange shoots. Backup editor for Newsweek Espanol.

Cable News Network (CNN) Atlanta, GA                       January-March 1997
International Assignment Desk
Handle breaking news, research stories, verify information. Follow news wires, daily newspapers, and magazines for important developments, transcribe packages, p.a. on packages both in the field and in edit.

Cable News Network (CNN) Southeast Bureau Atlanta, GA             August 1996
Field P.A., 1996 Olympic Games
Work on live and taped assignments. Follow breaking news, i.e. Centennial park bombing. Conduct MOS.

CNN Financial Network (CNNfn), New York, NY                       Summer 1996
Assignment Desk, Business News
Work in all aspects of news coverage.

Neighborhood Network News (NNN), Boston, MA
Photographer                                      September 1994-January 1995
Film local news events, edit packages.

Milliyet Dergi Grubu
Freelance Reporter/Photographer

Yeni Yuzyil, Sabah Yayinlari
Freelance Reporter/Photographer

Oxfam America, Boston, MA
Video Unit
Log and edit on 3/4" format, Oxfam America's documentary projects.

Boston Film and Video Foundation
Provide support in planning and coordination of classes. Prepare material for students to work on. Take care of technical problems with existent equipment.
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