Blacksheep Kermit's Flame
UKC registered English Shepherd 
Born 4/3/06 out of Blacksheep Lady, sired by Cimarron Red Rooster
Affectionately dubbed "Miss Piggy" for her habit of sleeping in the foodpans when she was a chubby  baby, our little Piggy has matured into a lovely and accomplished young lady. She was an exceptionally easy pup to raise, observant and eager to please, quick to learn and enforce our rules, a natural farm manager.

Deeply bonded, a soft-natured,  affectionate, "velcro" family dog with a moderate energy level, she is super-biddable and a pleasure to live and work with. Also bold, dominant and tough as nails when the job calls for it, a cat-quick, hard-hitting heeler with enough grit  to work mules, sticks with a job til it's *done*

This is truly the "one dog that can do it all" type of English Shepherd, and one we're very proud to call our own!
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Piggy 8 mo