Blacksheep Rowdy Yates

Blacksheep Rowdy Yates is from the SC Chesney line of English Shepherds. His granddam, Chesney's Lilly of the Valley, and aunt, Chesney's Trillium, are AWFA registered so have webpages at the American Working Farmcollie Association website as well.

Rowdy is a young dog, won't turn two 'til Jan, but has proven himself an excellent stockdog and "backwatcher", indispensible on the farm already, and I'll be sending in his AWFA application soon (just need to get around to doing the paperwork ;-)

Yesterday I was walking our mustang filly toward the barn on a line when one of the other horses in the pasture suddenly came thundering up behind us, she started to jump around, jerking me hither and yon, and for a moment I was sure I'd be in the middle of a trainwreck and injured, but by the time I turned around, Rowdy (who'd been off tagging along after my 11yo as she did other chores, he's been taught to stay out from underfoot when I'm handling horses) was on his way to my rescue, and he handily headed off the aggressor and kept her off us, allowing me to calm the filly and regain control, till we were safely in the barn. He's also a wonderful babysitter, protective and will stick with the younger kids when they are out on the property playing or exploring the woods.

Our Rowdy has proven himself many times over as a cool and capable farmhand and as a calm and loving companion and protector of my young children.

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