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(This is the  Penciler and  Graphic Artist  Adriano Ribeiro' s Page)

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This a Frame from a Animation 3D created by Anim8or and Terragen, it was finished it in the program After Effects, to be used into game project 3D, developed for Darkbasic

The History about Author

   Welcome to Graphic Artist Brazilian Adrian Riverlly's page. At first, we can talk about the author and his history. His real name is Adriano Ribeiro,was born in the Rio de Janeiro City, in Brazil. He had his beginning in the graphic arts, through American Hero Comics, inspiring himself on the all the types of Characters, so like this: Superman, the Amazing Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, and besides characters from Cartoons and others art comic styles, as like : Tex, Martin Mister, Justice,  PSI Force,....

    In the middle of year 1998, he did not get show his works for professional way, just only local, in the high schools and secondary schools, making researchs for students, and others school events. However, in 1999, he traveled into Pernambuco State, it was in this year that he beggan the first course of studies about Artistic and Publicity Drawer (penciler, inker, colorist...), which ended in the year 2000. He also had the first contacts with the Manga japanese style. He studied Mecanic Drawing, but it was something much different for him and for his artistic style. It was in this same period that he showed his works in a  professional perspective, in competitions were made by publishing houses, talked to professionals in the area, made submissions to Marvel and DC Comics, development of FANZINE and characters independents, painting in acrilic for people, works about education....and because the international line of business, he had been adopted the artistic codename Adrian Riverlly.

    Then, in spite of getting a negative result with his works in earlier period, he did not give up of being Artist Freelancer, and just only in the year 2001 is that he has been deepening in tecnics about penciler, inker,  to get his artistic gift be known. In the year 2003 he had an acess in the Digital Arts, through Adobe Photoshop and Flash programs. With influence from Games, 3D and 2D Animation, Anims, developed himself in this area with all the desire. Now, he has been create game projects 2D and 3D, digital arts, graphic computation, special effects, and others works where this tecnics has association. This page has the objective  of showing all the works made by Adrian Riverlly, give a help, and guide all the begginners. Nowadays, Adrian Riverlly likes to use this programs in his works and projects: Anim8or, Game maker, Cosmos Creator, Terragen, DarkBasic, Maya, Ligtwave, ZBrush, Photoshop, Gimp, Blender, Delphi GLScene, Exgen, ModelMagic 3D, After Effects, Wings 3D, 3D Canvas, RPGMaker XP, 3D GameStudio A6, Flash, CorelDraw, and others. Truly, about Graphic Arts, he does not control all these programs in total, but is trying to use, day after day, the greatest resources of each program, and maintain a preference to make somethings with one or the other, making this way that his works be a blend  of code, scripts, tecnics and  files from so many programs.

    Nowadays, Adrian Riverlly still works like a Freelancer artist and for the time being, he does not have a exclusive contract with Publishing Houses or Graphic Studios. This line of business in Brazil is still in the beggining, and is not very easy for artists get  any works.

   This is a little example about works made by Graphic Artist Adrian Riverlly, made in the middle of year 2000, thereupon the conclusion of the course of studies. It is two pages in style comic Manga Japanese, which was made in pencil, after finished in Professional Pen , and just in 2003 it was scanning, and finnaly, coloured the pages in Adobe Photoshop and Gimp. The Style tecnics used in this type of comics had been in perfecting, and the new works are much different this older. The story plot has been altered for a best view, because the original art was written in hand with Ink Pen too.






    This is an example, with  pages, in american comic style. It was made in ink, in the period of year 2000 and  it passed through same process.

Game Development in Game Maker.


Animating in the Terragen 3D.


Modeling in Anim8or


Creating games 3D and 2D in  Darkbasic.


Creating Cinematics in ModelMagic 3D


Working in many programs, as like: Maya , Anim8or and  After Effects


Effects in After Effects


Animating in Anim8or

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