everything4you - 2002, June
everything4you, my best nightmare

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Still dreaming

after all this time





My heaven?

My heaven?
It's the warm of your shoulder
And the smell of your skin
Places and perfumes I do love
Even I don't recognize them from here

My heaven?
It's each move of your lips
Or the cool of your breath
Too close to this my own hole
Where I watch myself fading

My heaven?
Seems to be close to your heart
Just a few steps from here
Same distance from the hell
Your silence means to me

My heaven?
No, no, no…
It's not you
Because you,
You became my hell
My heaven?
I don't know anymore 
The way back there





Just cry

Sometimes I wish

I could stop time

And get a little bit just for me

With nobody else around

Asking why or what’s wrong with me

I wish I could just close my eyes

And cry

Not because regrets I may feel

Or because those I can’t make happy

Not for all the battles lost

Or any dream I feel I’m loosing


I just wish I could cry

Not even thinking why

- - - 

I know what you are thinking..., 

but sometimes it goes all wrong 

and cry is all I need.



You got something special

I know there's a lot
Of beautiful women
With unbelievable eyes
And bodies men love to see
A lot of women
So bright
And with so much love to share

I know all that 
And so many other things
I've been using 
To persuade me for so long

But you,
You got something special
Somewhat I do try
But I'm not able to express
You got something
That makes you the only one
My heart does wish
And my eyes can see

- - - 

What can I do?

That's the way it is...




everything4you, really...