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Day after day

Wishing you.






2002, November 07

Another mail.

Now I'm sure I'm reading things you didn't wrote... but I need it so much. 


2002, November 05

Your mail, saying you miss my mails.

I want so much to believe so I loose my mind


2002, June 04

Hard to believe you are so wonderful but it's true.

Thank you for let me help you again.

It's so good for me...


2002, May 13

Loved being helping you.


2002, April 25

Hope you have a nice day.


2002, April 22

You deserved it.

Now I just hope you find it sweet and believe I care about you. 


2002, April 3

Thank you so much for all the time, words and smile.


2001, August 7 

Silly question, wasn't it?

What was I expecting?

Thank you anyway for saying it was well written, but it was not what I asking for.

Well, just a bad day.


2001, April 27 

I lost my mind and told you "I love you".

Yes, I know these were not the words, but what else could I been talking about.

Oh, I gave you a lot of papper hopping you could see much more than that. 



I found you...

and this war began


Next important date?

How can I know?

It depends on you.

When will you give me the chance to be with you again? 


What should I call it?

What should I call it?

Best day of my life,

Unsafely close to fantasy,

Or just

My Goddess best gift


Thank you so much

For letting me

Share your eyes

And hear your voice

For forcing me

To love you one more time

In my hidden special way


Thank you so much

For letting me

Stare you moving

And touch the things you do

For forcing me

To laugh and help you

Making my dreams come true


What should I call it?

Maybe just “Thank you”

- - - 

Yes, thank you for letting me help you





everything4you, really...