Angel source was established in 1996. In the beginning, we were primary grade players. The reasons to gather together just we love to talk same topic "Stereo".

We share how to listen a good stereo, and how to play stereo. Finally we start to learn how to re-assemble a stereo. We learn why to change the material; how to put the space, etc., every single changed will influence the voice. Specially the different material of wire. That¡¦s why we started to analyze wire material until now. 

General speaking, it is not a good performance to use only a simple wire material to assemble a whole set stereo. More than one or two sets with same material, it becomes worse than before. For most professional players, so they believe that only chosen pure wire material is expensive but worthy.

Currently we are a 12 person team work company. We have more than 20 years experienced musicians and tuners to be our power support. Best service and high quality with good price is our key point. Therefore, we insist to use "pure wire" is only the best choice. Owing to reduce the cost, we do not make big commercial advertisements, or extravagant packaging.

We use the best quality product such as; pure silver, non-oxygenated copper and rare expensive metal thing.

Signal line RCA & Speaker line plus using 60% of red copper.

Power line plus using Hospital rank.

When you listen, your can feel the voice full of solid, and all image, voice come together into your mind.

Every single detail of drum best are so powerful to hit deeply into your heart.