The bird at the picture in Brazil is called ARARA. For the ancient native people it is a symble of good fortune. To ecology it became a symble of nature's preservation. For us, the presence of ARARA is a sign of life force in the air and among us, the main subject of ecology, therefore SALUTATION TO THE ARARAS!!!


Now, let us see if you are needing our activities or not. It is an opportunity to know your self and our selves both, at the same time, becoming aware of how we are to nature and the environment for the sake of the life force in all of us.

Do you have an ecological role? Do you practice any sort of physical activity, such as exercises, sport, yoga asanas, etc.? Do you do any mental exercise, as to say, concentration and meditation exercises? Do you follow any kind of emotional activity other than to love mom and daddy, friends and pets...? Do you do any emotional exercises to improve the emotional stability and heart's satisfaction? Are these exercises based up on psycho-physiological nature, or the nature of belives? Do you practice any sort of spiritual activity that brings you closer to the source of all life and promotes peace of mind with knowledge, other than religious rules?

Do you have a technical easy and practical way for these pourposes? In relation to the nature's life force in you and in the environment, do you have any sort of improvement every year? If not so, you and your environment are just half alived, at the extinction's edge! Our activities aim to heal that! We teach how to do by doing it on you on us, on birds..., nature and environment, until we are sure that all this are safe at everyone's hands. ALL THOSE WHO LIVES ARE RESPONSABLE FOR THE LIFE FORCE IN ALL!!!

Therapy at waterfall in Brazil. A natural life giving massage, fine relationship with the environment and mother nature. Pure zest to all!



We have developed our own, which are unique and the outcome of the east and west, ancient and modern, scientific and native experiences, the results are better than we spected. There are breathing exrcises for trecking among ecological places, physical exercises in interaction with the Sun, the plants, the water, earth, heat, air, stars, space and the whole of environmental life. The major point of our methods is the improvement of vitality in the organic functions and the mental framework. Relaxation and meditation techniques that reduces stress and links again man to life and nature.

Workshops and short healing programs offered at ecological spots are our way to apply all that. Small projects of ecological living places for communities and families to gather all in harmonious ways with themseves and the envirounment as well.



We are not political minded and we see that if anything pretends to become popular then, it must be placed at the top of the social pyramide first and the majority will follow. To show work done only to the needy ones is a political matter mainly. It must be for all, all those who lives has a hard and poor life in terms of vitality. The life force is one and the same in all! Both in man and in the nature's environment. The alienation and separation of man from the life force stream and the rest, as well from his fellows are the main ecological disaster and damage on our sole world!