The Bright Boy
Please, read these simple rules carefully

I believe it's obvious that this is a place to those who are fans of Detective Robert Goren.
Well, you're here, so you're a fan, right?
Now, if you wanna become a member of this fanlisting and share with us your appreciation to this terrific character, you must follow these rules:

1- You have to be a fan of Det. Robert Goren (obvious!)
2- You don't need to have a website to join but if you do have a site, you must put a member plaque or a text link up on a visible page of your site linking to here, no exceptions. Don't you wanna show the world how much you appreciate him?
3- Do not direct link to the buttons you'll find here. Save them on your own server and link it back to
Don't steal it from here. If you're a fan of such a cop, you're not supposed to do something against the law, okay?
4- You must fill out the form completely, with a valid mail address. You MUST submit your
name, country and e-mail address. Applications without these 3 items will be deleted, and if you don't have a website, please put N/A.
5- WARNING! No anti/bashing/porn/racist sites will be added. Neither offensive material. What does it mean? No illegal material of any kind in your website.
If your email or site has changed, please email me to let me know the new one and update on the site.
6- Submit your real name. If you wanna be listed on the site with a nickname, please add
aka your nick when filling on the form.
7- Do not submit a webpage if it's not up and running. No hiatus, please.
8- You'll have a week to get the code up and add it to your site. Remember, I'll be checking.
9- If you'll follow these rules, I'll be adding you to our list of members on my next update (and it doesn't take long).
10- One more thing, just to be sure you read these rules correctly, where it says: Bobby belongs to who? type: "nobody but himself".
11- I'll be nice and email you to let  you know when I add you to this list. Stay tuned.

Well, I guess that's all. Any other rules that I forgot should be common sense.
Did you read the rules carefully? Did you understand them? Do you agree with them?
Then pick up a
code and join.
Have Fun!

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