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This page will be forever "under construction"; in the meantime you will find something about my personal hobbies such as old computers and motorbikes. I also like to use modern computers, but only when they are running some sort of UNIX Operational System (Linux for instance). That doesn't mean that I can't use Microsoft's products, but that I won't contribute to increase Bill Gates' personal fortune by giving him money when paying licenses for that crap OS. Anyway, I still use Microsoft's products at work... It's OK; since I use a computer all day long I'd be very stressed if I had to use the same OS at work and at home. I'd rather get stressed at work using Windows and get relaxed at home using Linux :-)


My name is Claudio Carlquist, and I was born in Lorena, Sao Paulo State in Brasil (I'd rather using the word "Brasil" instead of "Brazil" when referring to my country; it's because I learnt that one should write anything as in official way, unless it's referred to yourself - so, my country's name is "Brasil" and not "Brazil"). I'm an Electronic and Telecom Engineer, graduated in July/1992 by INATEL and formerly an Electronic Technician graduated by COTEC in Guaratingueta'. Nowadays I'm working for Ericsson Services in Brasil, under the department that is responsible for the whole Latin America when dealing with Wireless, Datacom, Transmission and Switching Systems. When not traveling "for profit", I enjoy traveling for fun, usually to anyplace outside Sao Paulo. I don't consider living in a so crowded and polluted city a nice experience. And besides, the traffic sucks... I've lost all my driving pleasure after a few years living there. So, whenever possible I'm driving back to the country side for a nice barbecue with my friends in Cachoeira Paulista :-)

In a brief, I usually follow the K.I.S.S. approach in everything - "Keep It Simple, Stupid"! We define ourselves by the simple way we live our lives. Life would be just perfect if I could carry all my stuff to somewhere in the middle of the jungle and live there with some fast satellite connection to the Internet!

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