Solutions for Yugov Engine

Ideas and Solutions for the Yugov Engine!

You don't have laps....?


After the World event in Spain, we have test with success a idea give by Brian Turner to our friend Gordon Yeldham.
The problem of laps that many time the Yugov suffer is because the crankcase is to big and the transfers are to deep, also the exhaust big and that doesn't help. For that reason Brian analysis of Yugov engine prove to be correct!
The Yugov engine is with no doubt the more noisy engine follow by Lerner, and after, Profi !
We believe that is not because of more rpm's, but due to an exhaust to large!
The principal idea is to vaporize the fuel through the cylinder transfers and not allow the presence of fuel in drops! Based on that we feel the need to increase the crankcase fuel pre-compression. So we can not have deep transfers as well as improve the angle of fuel injection in the cylinder. So we tested an idea.
The solution prove to be very good, in 2 engines we had before with problems of laps.
The Yugov engine is capable of great performances, however many times we get a point that between 30 , 31 laps the engine was strong and fast, then when we ask for 2 , 3 laps more,..... the speed drops 1 sec and with a bad setting ....!
We find that we must remove also compression for the engine get a setting to finish a race. Many times because of that, we damage internal parts , mostly the pin!
After we test this solution the engine becomes very easy to set , the  accuracy of the needle now is more precise (many times open or not, does not provide any change in the setting), and the compression does not depends so much of the needle to get laps and setting, and vice versa. (we know that only a few mechanics. know what this means). One of the things that we find in Profi is that the compression to make laps is not connected to the needle! Also in Lerner although not so evident! The Lerner is more close to Yugov on this matter, maybe because the exhaust is to large at the moment, however in Lerner we find he gets 34 laps all the time!!
Below some pictures of we have done.
We have use Pattex only to test but you can use better material to do that nevertheless, this prove to be a good solution!
Only need a small quantity, and if not correct the quantity , you need to remove until find the correct point.
Attention , of course that some engines will need different amount of material in the channels, that is because Victor as different transfers solutions during the Years!
Also maybe the last versions don't need in the booster (Transfer opposite to the exhaust).
You will find that this great idea provide by Brian Turner, seems to be a great solution !!!
Many thanks to Brian! Also to Gordon, and to Taffy Bollon!

Nice tests to all Yougov users