The following list quickly describes each program on the disk.
If you don't understand it, don't use it. Quite a few weren't
necessary but were put on to be ready for any situation.
Use /? to learn command line options for most;

50.COM - Sets the screen to 50-line mode (convenient).
AEFDISK.EXE - FDisk replacement.
ATTRIB.EXE - Change file attributes.
AUTOEXEC.BAT - Automatically executed batch file for boot-up.
BCOPY.COM - Copy a file in the background.
BOOTSECT.BAK - The backed up boot sector - compared to original.
CHKMEM.COM - Checks for suspicious memory usage; stealth virii.
CLEAR.COM - Clears the screen (good for messed up modes/colors).
CLOAKING.EXE - Stores drivers in EMS/XMS to lower low memory usage.
CMOSPWD.EXE - Can reset the bios/get cmos password
COMMAND.COM - Command interpreter.
CONFIG.SYS - Startup device driver loader.
CTMOUSE.COM - Universal mouse driver.
D.EXE - You still use "dir"?
DEBUG.EXE - Microsoft's DEBUG.EXE.
DELTREE.EXE - Delete a directory and all sub-directories.
DEVICE.COM - Load a specified device driver on command line.
DZ.COM - Divide overflow error corrector.
EDIT.EXE - MS-Dos file editor.
EMM386.EXE - EMS memory manager by Microsoft.
ESCAPE.EXE - Abort from crashes/programs with F12.
FCSH.COM - Doskey replacement.
FIX27.COM - Quite often saves memory for tsrs loaded.
FORMAT.COM - Formats a disk for DOS use.
FP.SYS - Scans for lost partitions/assigns drive letters.
HIMEM.SYS - Himem XMS device driver.
IO.SYS - The heart of ms-dos7; the kernel.
KEYBUF.COM - Expands keyboard buffer size.
KEYRATE.COM - Sets the key-speeds.
KILLER.EXE - Abort to dos on invalid opcodes. (less freezing)
LCOPY.EXE - XCOPY replacement with LFN support in DOS.
MD5SUM.EXE - Calculates the MD5 hashes.
MD5_FIC1.BAK - Stored MD5 hashes for all required boot-up files.
MD5_FIC2.BAK - MD5 hashes for checking on ramdisk.
MEM.EXE - MS-DOS's mem reporting tool.
MSCDEX.EXE - Mscdex.exe replacement, saves mem.
MSDOS.SYS - Dos "registry".
NO.COM - Exclude files for a particular command.
NTFSDOS.EXE - Driver to "see" NTFS drives.
PART.EXE - Partition Manager
PERUSE.COM - Lets you scroll back with the scroll lock key.
PRESIZER.EXE - Resize/Move partitions.
PROTECT.COM - Write/Read Warn/Protect any drive.
PROVIEW.EXE - Edit your physical disks and memory.
QEMM386.SYS - A memory manager.
QVIEW.EXE - A good hex editor.
REALDEAL.COM - Secure deletion TSR.
RECOVER.EXE - Recovers physical sectors.
SCANDISK.EXE - Microsoft drive "repair" utility.
SCOUR.COM - Security; overwrites past file eof's and free space.
SEARCH.COM - Search for a text string in file(s)/subdir(s).
SETVER.EXE - Make older/newer programs compatible.
SHSUCDX.EXE - Mscdex.exe replacement, saves mem.
SMARTDRV.EXE - Smartdrive; caching utility.
SRCBOOT.COM - Save/Restore/Check the boot record.
SRCFAT.COM - Save/Restore/Check the Fat Table(s).
SRCMBR.COM - Save/Restore/Check the MBR.
SWEEP.COM - Runs a specified command in all subdirectories.
SYS.COM - Copy system files/boot record for booting.
TOUCH.COM - Sets file date/time.
UMBPCI.SYS - Hardware UMB provider.
UNDELETE.COM - UnErases files from FAT partitions.
UNIVBE.EXE - Universal display driver.
VIDE-CDD.SYS - Universal cd-rom driver.
VIDRAM.COM - Increase conventional memory. (but lose VGA)
VPAGE.COM - Saves/Restores video ram into file/page.
WIPE.COM - Overwrites a drive.
XMSDSK.EXE - Loads an XMS ramdisk.
XTLINK.COM - Access drives over a serial/parallel cable.
ZENO.EXE - Speeds up text display.