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July 31, 2001

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About Essential NetTools

Essential NetTools is a set of network tools useful in diagnosing
networks and monitoring your computer's network connections. It's
a Swiss Army knife for everyone interested in a set of powerful
network tools for everyday use. It includes:

· NetStat: displays the list of your computer's inbound and
outbound network connections, including the information on open
TCP and UDP ports, IP address, and connection states. What makes
it different from other NetStat utilities is the ability to map
open ports to the owning application. (This feature is available
under Windows NT/2000/XP.)

· NBScan: a powerful and fast NetBIOS scanner. NBScan can scan a
network within a given range of IP addresses and list computers
offering NetBIOS resource-sharing service, as well as their name
tables and MAC addresses. Unlike the standard nbtstat utility
supplied with Windows, this tool provides a graphical user
interface and easy management of the lmhosts file and features
parallel scanning, which allows checking a class C network in less
than one minute. NBScan can facilitate routine tasks often carried
out by system integrators, administrators, and analysts.

· Shares: monitors and logs external connections to your
computer's shared resources, as well as provides a quick and easy
way to connect to remote resources that gives Windows 95/98 users
NT user-level connectivity features. Unlike Windows NT, Windows
95/98 has no user-level connectivity after the boot: you can
specify a password, but not a username. This tool allows you to
set both a username and a password.

· LMHosts: a convenient editor of the lmhosts file integrated with

· NAT (NetBIOS Auditing Tool): allows you to perform various
security checks on your network and/or individual computers
offering the NetBIOS file sharing service. This tool can help you
identify potential security flaws.

· RawTCP: provides you with the ability to establish low-level TCP
connections to troubleshoot different networking services.
Multi-color output and a convenient interface make it a great tool
for every network administrator or computer programmer.

· TraceRoute and Ping: these familiar utilities featuring
customizable options and a convenient results presentation allow
you to explore the Internet and troubleshoot connectivity

· NSLookup: allows you to convert IP addresses to hostnames and
vice versa, obtain aliases, and perform advanced DNS queries, such
as MX or CNAME.

· ProcMon: displays the list of running processes with full
information on the program location, manufacturer, process ID, and
the loaded modules. With this tool, you can identify hidden
applications, kill running processes, and manage the usage of your
PC's resources more effectively.

Other features include report generation in HTML, text, and comma
delimited formats; quick IP address sharing between different
tools; and a customizable interface.

System Requirements
• Pentium 75 CPU 
• Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP
• 32 MB RAM 
• 5 MB of free disk space

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